Real estate transfers for March 30-April 5, 2021

Below are real estate transfers filed at the Douglas County Clerk’s Office for March 30-April 5.

Tuesday, March 30

Janice D. Beem to Sadie May, 1419 Elm St., Eudora.

Daniel E. Skinner and Barbara L. Skinner to Alexis R. Whipple and Javier U. Ortiz-Gutierrez, 4547 Larissa Dr., Lawrence.

Thomas P. Gore and Connie Gore to Joshua Gore, 1305 Kasold Dr., Lawrence.

Kaw Valley State Bank to Hoover Real Estate, L.C., 310 W. 7th St., Eudora.

Frank W. Hicks and Kathryn R. Hicks to John W. Head and Lucia S. Orth, 1544 Fountain Dr., Lawrence.

Tessica Tallman to Larry D. Jenks and Rhonda S. Magee, 2421 E. 27th Ter., Lawrence.

Catherine Y. Glass to Tara Glanton and Robert Glanton, Vacant land, Rural.

Drippe Homes, Inc. to Tessica Tallman, 2512 E. 26th Ter., Lawrence.

Tamika L. Jeffersonmedley to Beckmeisters, L.L.C., 321 Funston Ave., Lawrence.

Wednesday, March 31

Michael D. Stultz and Roberta J. Stultz to Firelake Construction, Inc., Vacant land, Rural.

Debra A. Vermillion and Theresa L. Becker to James L. Golden, 5515 Bowersock Dr., Lawrence.

Richard T. Gintowt and Jalyn Debarge to Lane Barnhart and Bailey Schneider, 1627 Cadet Ave., Lawrence.

Highland Construction, Inc. to Minnis Building & Design Co., LLC, 309 Loges Ct., Lawrence.

Alise E. Hopkins and Kyle E. Hopkins to Building Blocks Daycare, LLC, 1244 Tennessee St., Lawrence.

Tyson M. Biddle and Casey D. Biddle to Jaiseong Pi and Hyeeun G. Pi, 4208 Goldfield St., Lawrence.

Consolidated Properties, Inc. and BJ North County Medical Dental Center, LLC to Bauer Farms Apartments, LLC, 4541 Bauer Farm Dr., Lawrence.

Samir K. Baba and Brenda Birdcreek to McInteer Properties, L.C., 22315-17 E. 27th Ter.303-5 E. 27th Ter., Lawrence.

Pine Family Investments, LC to Longleaf Holdings, LLC, split, Rural.

Robert C. Love and Virginia L. Love to Clint A. Bowen and Kristie K. Bowen, Vacant land, Rural.

Thursday, April 1

Lawrence, Kansas Rentals LLC to Steven H. Lowe and Sara E. Lowe, 1946 Alabama St., Lawrence.

Jarret J. Hare and Elizabeth H. Hare to Dennis C. Hoss and Deanna K. Hoss, 4500 Bob Billings Pkwy 209, Lawrence.

Sadi Properties I, LLC to Patrick R. Leopold and Megan E. Leopold, 352 E. 12th St., Lawrence.

Jill M. LaPoint and Mark S. LaPoint to Michael A. Mehl and Cassandra R. Branin, 1600 Cog Hill Ct., Lawrence.

Rita A. Janssen and Larry A. Janssen to Andrew C. Seibert and Marie K. T. Seibert, 1885 N. 100 Rd. and Vacant land, Rural.

Grand Builders, Inc. to Kelson Bohnet, 1008 W 30th St., Lawrence.

Danny Cordova and Rebecca Cordova to Serena Willems and Jonathan Willems, 2106 E. 17th St., Lawrence.

Advance Builders, Inc. to Derek E. Stucker, 6317-19 Steeple Chase Ct., Lawrence.

Hirenkumar Patel, Shvetaben Patel, Madhuben Patel, Rameshbhai Patel to Leepolan J. Pugh and L’Tanya D. Pugh, 4708 Cherry Hills Ct., Lawrence.

George B. Davis to RHRD Investments LLC, 77-85 HWY 40, Rural.

Grand Builders, Inc. to Chase Pumford and Rachel Pumford, 1035 W. 30th Ter., Lawrence.

Zaier Aouani to Sri Ganesha LLC, 507 Colorado St. 8, Lawrence.

Collection LLC to Zahid Karim and Raoshan Karim, 3620 Timber Ct., Lawrence.

Daniel J. Simonson and Lacey J. Hunsinger to Dane A. Murray and Natalie Murray, 302 W. 26th Ln., Eudora.

Fox Run KS LLC to GRC Fox Run, LLC and Seaside SG, LLC, 4500 Overland Dr. Bldgs., A-F, Lawrence.

Seaside SG, LLC to GRC Fox Run, LLC, 4500 Overland Dr. Bldgs., A-F, Lawrence.

Michael J. Huber and Julia Huber to Patrick Johnson and Kelsey Johnson, 3512 Fieldstone Ct., Lawrence.

Ricky J. Johnson and Gayle M. Johnson to Nicholas Larue, 2311 E. 27th Ter., Lawrence.

Friday, April 2

Rex Sutherland Trust A to Jetmore Construction LLC, 0 Hillside Dr., Baldwin City.

Stephen J. Phipps and Stacey L. Wiens to Kelli Norwood, 1424 Applegate Ct. A, Lawrence.

Garber Enterprises, Inc. to Catherine M. Boeken and Brent T. Boeken, 6204 W. 22nd Ct., Lawrence.

Daniel L. Barajas and Marren Leon-Barajas to Amy M. Vaught, 1534 Cadet Ave., Lawrence.

Camelot/Brittany Limited Partnership to BOAS FE Austin LLC, 625 Folks Rd.,34A, B104-5, C109-116, Lawrence.

Gabriel D. Dorsey and Angela M. Dorsey to Jared J. Ball and Kristan V. Ball, 117 Eisenhower St., Baldwin City.

Olu Ogunnowo and Christie Ogunnowo to Charles S. Tripler II and Allison M. Kirkpatrick, 519 Boulder St., Lawrence.

Nathaniel T. Shire and Maya Tuylieva-Shire to Three Feathers, LLC, 1527 W. 27th St., Lawrence.

Owen Lehmann to Brooke D. F.D. Cunha, 1112 E. 18th St., Lawrence.

Sean McKinney to Adam Noll and Lauren R. Brewer, 3806 W. 14th Ct., Lawrence.

Fred A. Crawshaw, Frances L. Whitesell, Ellis Whitesell, Lonnie D. Crawshaw, Jan Crawshaw, Linda R. Crawford, Paul Crawford, Eugene F. Crawshaw, Shirley Crawshaw, Elizabeth A. Drennan and Elmer Drennan to Bryce I. Miller and Lori A. Miller, 1211 Church St., Eudora.

Michael R. Bryand and Carla R. Bryand Revocable Trust to Jarred J. Ellis and Kimberly A. Ellis, 241 N. 1900 Rd., Rural.

Theresa A. Tyree to Douglas L. Tyree and Michelle R. Tyree, 9 Stevens Rd., Eudora.

Robert N. Culley and Stefanie J. Culley to Clayton L. Culley

Kristen B. Culley, 317 Stevens Rd., Baldwin City.

Monday, April 5

Donald D. Plummer to Haley A. Hanson and Clark E. Rials, Jr., 2360 Haversham Dr., Lawrence.

Land & Sky, L.C. to Larry A. Janssen and Rita A. Janssen, Vacant land, Rural.

Ali Benremouga and Hassiba Abdi to Kristen Kircher and Jordan Kircher, 116 Tumbleweed Dr., Lawrence.

Shannon W. Savoie and Amy D. Savoie to Jessica L. Vantine, 1821 Maple Ln., Lawrence.

Chris E. Piper and Kristin K. Piper to Modupe Wintoki and Oyinlola Enoch, 126 Earhart Cir., Lawrence.

Philip R. Hannon and Charlene V. Hannon to Alan E. Wright and Amy D. Wright, 1305 10th St., Lawrence.

Leroy E. Poage and Linda L. Poage to Shaun Smith and Katie L. Smith, 627 E. 980 Rd., Rural.