Real estate transfers for Sept. 15-21, 2020

Below are real estate transfers filed at the Douglas County Clerk’s Office for Sept. 15-21.

Tuesday, September 15

KRV Properties LLC to Scott Swienckowski and Cynthia Swienckowski, 3025 W 23rd Ter., Lawrence.

Reece E. Wiley to Rex A. Young and Sandra J. Young, 2620 W 24th Ter., Lawrence.

UMB Bank, NA, Trustee to Elly M. Claussen and Cale C. Claussen, 2763 Grand Cir., Lawrence.

John F. Kuefler and Vicki L. Kuefler to Gary A. Susott and Barbara P. Michaels, 4601 Merion Ct., Lawrence.

Kenneth G. Anderson and Joyce Anderson to Kenneth J. Anderson and Selene R. Anderson, 1505 Cadet Ave., Lawrence.

Drippe Homes, Inc. to Mark S. Algren and Kathryn A. Algren, 2512 E 26th St., Lawrence.

Mary E. Hill to Shania Lamm, 616 Durham Ct., Lawrence.

Lakshma K. Reddy to Vasanthi Duvvur, 207 Glenview Dr., Lawrence.

Wednesday, September 16

Patricia E. Cluthe Rev. Living Trust to Phillip Riedel, 4723 Moundridge Ct., Lawrence.

David N. Broyles, Trustee and Kathryn D. Broyles, Trustee to Lee Broyles, 1052 N 150 Rd., Rural.

William M. Seaver, Estate Of to Michael D. Brosseit Revocable trust, 1319 Westbrooke St., Lawrence.

Thursday, September 17

Joshua F. Davis and Cari A. Davis to Robert R. Hurst, 1113 Pennsylvania St., Lawrence.

Shane Flanagan and Kimberly Flanagan to Jason Carrillo and Amy Carrillo, 404 Terri Ct., Lawrence.

Casey Simoneau and Elise Simoneau to Kelsi Burton, 417 Washington St., Baldwin City.

Robin Lehman to Thomas Coggeshall and Merrylinn Coggeshall, 2237 Rodeo Dr., Lawrence.

Mohammad Awad to Michael R. Gutierrez, 1468 Marilee Dr., Lawrence.

Brenda R. Birdcreek and Samir K. Baba to Bryan Chalfant, 3544 Tillerman Dr., Lawrence.

Friday, September 18

James D. Norton, Jr. and Katherine A. Norton to Thomas C. Maley and Danielle M. Maley, 1571 N 400 Rd., Rural.

Kenneth E. Bohmann and Kathaleen A. Bohmann to Ryan A. Workman and Shelby A. Workman, 1016 Kathy’s Ct., Baldwin City.

Shely R. O’Laughlin and Timothy L. O’Laughlin and Angela R. Hall and Cory D. Hall to Michelle Tebo and Douglas Buescher, 3405 Sweet Grass Ct., Lawrence.

Stone Bank to 1820 MOB, LLC, 1820 W 6th St., Lawrence.

Gordon Lang and Jane H. Lang to Matthew Vogel and Michelle L. Vogel, 4500 Bob Billings Pkwy Unit 409, Lawrence.

Jason L. Roberts and Andrea Roberts to Michael L. Vinduska, 734 Ash St., Eudora.

Karen S. Kressin to Ashley Davis and Francis P. Ronan, 626 Ohio St., Lawrence.

Ron K. Young and Cheryl K. Kickhaefer to James A. Orr and Marilynn A. Orr, 977 Coving Dr., Lawrence.

Frank Angelone, Jr. and Teresa L. Angelone to Jordan A. Mayfield and Jason A. Coleman, 4704 Harvard Rd., Lawrence.

Hehojora 1 Enterprise LLC to Gupta LLC, 4100 W 6th St., Lawrence.

Drippe Homes, Inc. to Shelley A. Paasch, 320 N Parker Cir., Lawrence.

Bryan Wyatt and Julie Wyatt and Adam Parker and Jessica Parker to Derek Mitchell Jr., 208 Summertree Ln., Lawrence.

Jim D. & Catherine A. Reed Living Trust to Kenneth R. Petersen and Susan E. Petersen, 4009 Vintage Ct., Lawrence.

David Glass Investments, LLC to Six Point Properties LLC, 2201 W 25th St. Units U & V, Lawrence.

Monday, September 21

Ydoc, LLC to Susannah, Pollvogt, 2223 Tennessee St., Lawrence.

Susan Winegardner to Dean C. Gillis, 1405 Sundown Ct., Lawrence.

Joshua Barrett and Melisa Barrett to Casey Simoneau and Elise Simoneau, 273 E 550 Rd., Rural.

Philip L. Baer to Schuyler K. Lister, 435 Illinois St., Lawrence.

Schuyler K. Lister to SIMS Properties LLC, 435 Illinois St., Lawrence.

Robert Backus and Michelle Mraz to HDD of Lawrence, LLC, 1328 Ohio St., Lawrence.

Rachael E. Ulbrick to Aaron J. Rudeen, 2207 Barker Ave., Lawrence.

LaClair, LLC to Franklin H. Sutley and Elaina J. Sutley, 2000 Blk. Palmer Ct., Lawrence.

Ralph Earles and Roma J. Earles to Tommy D. Allen and Susan L. Allen, Vacant Land, Lawrence.

Mark B. Rockwell to Alec V. Zuiden and Kaitlyn Phillips, 2817 Bluestem Dr., Lawrence.

Kent W. Tebo and Vicki L. Tebo to Tomas E. O’Flannagan, 2233 Vail Way, Lawrence.

Johnithan L. Foster and Samantha Wagner to Dominique N. Scanlan and Brock A. Chart, 2605 Bonanza St., Lawrence