Real estate transfers for Oct. 13-19, 2020

Below are real estate transfers filed at the Douglas County Clerk’s Office for Oct. 13-19.

Tuesday, Oct. 13

Timberidge Construction Inc. to Ryan Gregory and Julie Gregory, 503 E. 12th St., Eudora.

Phyllis K. Prentice to Johnna K. Harrison and Ryan Harrison, 2908 Belle Haven Dr., Lawrence.

Katrina I. Summers to Linda Poage and LeRoy Poage, 325 W. 26th Ln., Eudora.

RSR Holdings, LLC to Heather M. Eichhorn and J. Grant Eichhorn, IV, 928 Silver Rain Rd., Lawrence.

Meagan R. Karvonen and Marlowe G. Mager to Ben A. Burghart, 161 Kasold Dr., Lawrence.

Wednesday, Oct. 14

Burgess W. Rennels, Jr. and Otho G. Rennels to Dazzle Estate Sales LLC, 446 Maine St., Lawrence.

Peter W. TenPas and Lori K. TenPas to Travis J. Narum and Melissa N. Narum, 4817 Normandy Park, Lawrence.

Jennifer McAllister and Dan Ginavan to Dina P. Evans, 309 N. Parker Cir., Lawrence.

United Enterprises LLC to Michael G. Kingsley and Gail M. Kingsley, 1000 Blk. Bluestem Dr., Baldwin City.

Brian W. Berge and Carol A. Berge to Jeromy R.D. Morris and Quinn C. Morris, 1828 Atherton Ct., Lawrence.

James R. Wildman and Jennifer J. Wildman to Scott L. Spacek, 1726 W. 25th St., Lawrence.

Douglas County Kent Trust to Brittany Benalcazar, 1703 Kent Ter., Lawrence.

Thursday, Oct. 15

Kyle L. Wright and Karlton L. Wright to Mary K. Jones and Jarrell L. Jones, 922 W. 28th St., Lawrence.

Garret R. Gerstenecker and Michaela R. Gerstenecker to Matheu Schwenk and Heather Schwenk, 2236 Melholland Rd., Lawrence.

Gena L. Akers and Timothy S. Dellett to Garret R. Gerstenecker and Michaela R. Gerstenecker, 3117 Saddlehorn Dr., Lawrence.

Dennis L. Tate and Mareta L. Tate to Ezell-Morgan Construction, Inc., 1201 Juniper Ln., Lawrence.

Kansas University Endowment Association to Evergy Kansas Central, Inc., Vacant Land, Rural.

Earl and Alice Bahnmaier Family Trust to Todd J. Pederson and Colleen S. Pederson, 811 Moundridge Dr., Lawrence.

David M.A. Cavalcanti and Ye Cao to Diane G. Myer, 3016 Havrone Way, Lawrence.

Leo K. Smith and Margo P. Smith Revocable Trust to Andrew D. Wright and Ann N. Wright, Vacant Land, Rural.

Kendra E. Noll and Kevin J. Scheier to Adam Marina, 2246 Ohio St., Lawrence.

Friday, Oct. 16

Loralea Y. Hubert and Jeremy J. Newman to Karlee J. Partain and Curtis J. Partain, 302 Montrose Cove, Eudora.

Monique A. Heriford to Monique A. Bromley, 205 E. 18th St., Lawrence.

Noel G. Celorio and Niurka S. Blanco to Shelby Rymer, 1713 Atherton Ct., Lawrence.

Becky C. Habluetzel to Jennifer A. Thomas and Ryan A. Thomas, 2505 Kensington Dr., Lawrence.

Paul A. and Claudia A. Baker Trust to Tracy Holder and Kenton Holder, 2320 Haversham Dr., Lawrence.

Tenants to Homeowners, Inc. to Chad Harper and Raven Harper, 1443 Prairie Ave. Building on Leased Land, Lawrence.

American Services, Inc. to Robert F. Hornberger and Brenda L. January, 2712 Meadow Dr., Lawrence.

Casey W. Baker to George A. Harbert and Julie A. Harbert, 2705 Wildflower Dr., Lawrence.

Jeremy McClellan and Megan M. McClellan to Abts Living Trust and Patricia A. Abts, 1317 Cherry St., Eudora.

Ronald E. Nelson and J. Eileen Nelson to Roger L. Boyd and Jan L. Boyd, 239 Elm St., Baldwin City.

Killian McCluskie and Orbano Jenbungei to Jenny Durkin, 1533 Sycamore St., Eudora.

Michael D. Hiebert to Brett LaRue, 1602 W. 25th St., Lawrence.

Diana McKee and Darin McKee to Niurka S. Blanco and Noel G. Celorio, 1420 Anthony Michael Dr., Lawrence.

Donald L. Potter and Nancy Potter to Susan A. Moore, 119 Pawnee Ave., Lawrence.

Karissa R. N. Crockett and Aaron Crockett to Grafton R. Laughlin, 1510 W. 25th Ct. F4, Lawrence.

Monday, Oct. 19

James O. Meistrell and Jennifer H. Meistrell to John Veirs and Sara M. Tipton, 3413 Tam O’Shanter Dr., Lawrence.

Noble Lawrence, LLC to Nieder KS, LLC, 3310 Nieder Rd., Lawrence.

John Evans and Janet Evans to Colin T. Roust and Amy L. Roust, 700 Prescott Dr., Lawrence.

Garber Enterprises, Inc. to Jennifer Trowbridge and Gayland Lilienkamp, 1448 Brighton Cir., Lawrence.

Keith C. Henderson and Stefanie L. Henderson to Jeremy J. Newman and Loralea Y. Hubert, 600 Durham Ct., Lawrence.

Jessica D. McMahan Irrevocable Trust to Emily W. Stewart and John T. Stewart, V, 324 Stockade St., Lawrence.

Tollefson Family Land Co., LLC to Nigel J. Lock and Sarah M. Lock, Vacant Land, Rural.

Allen G. Tollefson Living Trust and Mary M. Tollefson Living Trust to Nigel J. Lock and Sarah M. Lock, 437 N. 2190 Rd., Rural.