Real estate transfers for Sept. 29-Oct. 5, 2020

Below are real estate transfers filed at the Douglas County Clerk’s Office for Sept. 29-Oct. 5.

Tuesday, Sept. 29

Richard D. Erb and Bobbi K. Erb to Hanin Daoud, 3424 W. 24th St., Lawrence.

Jessica Maroszek to Roy J. Rossenrode and Kellie A. Rossenrode, 801 Crestline Dr., Lawrence.

Nicholas A. Brecheisen and Amanda J. Brecheisen to Ruskin P. Golden and Dawn E. Golden, 2622 Elm St., Eudora.

Robert D. Tregemba and Kelli F. Tregemba to Jana K. Issinghoff and Gregory J. Issinghoff, 1707 Burning Tree Dr., Lawrence.

William O. Haas and Sinthia M. Saunders to Jason L. Parker and Bailey L. Parker, 1311 Maple Ln., Lawrence.

William E. Fritzel Revocable Trust and And Charlene L. Fritzel Revocable Trust to Sunrise Properties, LC, 628 Vermont St., Lawrence.

Wednesday, Sept. 30

Baldwin Land Company, Inc. to Leda C. Lawrence, 100 Blk. Bluestem Dr., Baldwin City.

345 Construction Services, LLC to Margret McGee and Gary McGee, 716 Ashley Ct., Baldwin City.

Kathleen D. Krutz to Daniel S. Parish and Chancy D. Krutz, 59 Savage Ter., Eudora.

Brian K. Mott and Ashley K. Mott to Charles Drew and Zelda Crew, 2908 W. 23rd Ter., Lawrence.

Trefz-Staab Management Company, LLC to 410 Investments LLC, 1115 Elm St., Eudora.

Eastside Acquisitions, LLC to Hedge Tree, LLC, 2110, 2121, 2130 Exchange Ct., Lawrence.

Drippe Homes, Inc. to Jerrod T. Wilson and Bree Wilson, 2606 S. Fir St., Eudora.

Marshall D. Kelley Revocable Trust to Bradley C. Minnick and Heather J. Krase-Minnick, Vacant Land, Rural.

BJ North Medical Dental Center, LLC to Hedge Tree, LLC, 2115 Exchange Ct., Lawrence.

Southwind Capital, LLC to Hedge Tree, LLC, 2115 Exchange Ct., Lawrence.

Kyle Gwaltney to Shonna M. Warrington, 702 Sturbridge Ct., Lawrence.

Dina P. Evans to Jack C. Johnson and Renae W. Johnson, 2553 Arkansas St., Lawrence.

Richard A. Daigh Revocable Trust to Pamela M. Blome, 2518 W. 24th Ter., Lawrence.

Anthony S. Farrow and Katrina N. Farrow to Jennifer L. Schnitz, 1108 8th St., Baldwin City.

Kim M. Wampler-Hill to Michael D. Becker and Deborah L. Becker, 2012 Ousdahl Rd., Lawrence.

Meera, LLC to AARNA Real Estate LLC, 1010 N. 3rd St., Lawrence.

Thursday, Oct. 1

1900 & 1902 Kentucky, LLC to William O. Haas and Sinthia M. Haas, 1900 & 1902 Kentucky St., Lawrence.

Nancy A. Copp and Dennis C. Copp to Matthew F. Krische and Katherine J. Krische, 735 & 737 Alabama St., Lawrence.

Travis E. DeVader and Sarah A. DeVader to Richard A. Kraut and Karen R. C. Kraut, 1727 Lake Alvamar Dr., Lawrence.

Lisa R. Jones and Aaron S. Jones to Dustin D. and Misty D. Burr Trust, 856 E. 550 Rd., Rural.

Philip E. Bentzinger and Kari R. Bentzinger to Andrew Smith and Samantha Dopita, 2709 Blue Stem Dr., Lawrence.

Kimberly L. Steichen to Daniel B. Tabakh and Shaina S. Tabakh, 2813 Lankford Dr., Lawrence.

Chad Collins and Jessica Collins to Christopher M. Henderson, Jr. and Keeli A. Henderson, 5011 Chesbro Ct., Lawrence.

Polk Rentals, LC to BCC Investments, LLC, 401 & 401 1/2 Pleasant St., Lawrence.

Vincent E. Vannicola and Debra K. Vannicola and Phillip J. Vannicola and Gayle Vannicola and John L. Vannicola and Rebecca R. Buchanan to Bret Vannicola and Paige Vannicola, 2111 Learnard Ave., Lawrence.

Cornerstone Southern Baptist Church to Redemption Hill Church, 802 W. 22nd Ter., Lawrence + Rural.

Alex B. Alexander and Wendy Alexander to Ronald F. Ramsay, 1023 Drum Dr., Lawrence.

Arlon E. Sullivan Revocable Trust to Martha J. Sullivan and Eugenia L. Bryan, 718 Sturbridge Ct., Lawrence.

Federal National Mortgage Association to Anthony J. Praderio and Melissa K. Praderio, 911 E. 2100 Rd., Rural.

Jeremiah Feurt and Nichole C. Weatherwax-Feurt to Leslie R. De Paez, 507 N. Wren Dr., Lawrence.

Shirley Sun to 81E90J, LLC, Vacant Land, Rural.

Barbara J. Gilbert to Nisha A. Fernando, 3919 Bellflower St., Lawrence.

Lori C. Rockhold and John E. Rockhold to Dustin Mortenson and Katie Mortenson, 1128 High St., Baldwin City.

Greg A. Freitag and Janis W. Freitag to Ficken Properties, LLC, 2028 N. 175 Rd. & Vacant Land, Rural.

Friday, Oct. 2

Norbert M. Grosdidier Revocable Living Trust to Keyle Bartmess, Vacant Land, Rural.

Paul M. Dorathy and Cynthia A. Dorathy to Robert R. Baldwin, Jr., 1209 Palmyra Ct., Baldwin City.

Scott C. Boultinghouse, Trustee and Anita Y. Boultinghouse, Trustee and 4746 Larkspur Circle Trust to Carolyn T. Van Petten and Edwin A. Van Petten, 4746 Larkspur Cir., Lawrence.

Baldwin Land Company, Inc. to 345 Construction Services, LLC, 1000 Blk. Ashley Ct., Baldwin City.

Richard A. Kraut and Karen R. C. Kraut to Coffee River LLC, 1715 Lake Alvamar Dr., Lawrence.

Joshua D. Thompson and Douglas S. Ireland, II to James D. Smith and Anna M. Smith-Garcia, 4540 Lili Dr., Lawrence.

Adam Minx and Rhea Minx to Colton R. Steele, 2809 Harrison Pl., Lawrence.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Andrew J. Nussbaum and Sansara M. Owens, 1903 Harper St., Lawrence.

Jason Shank and Nancy Shank to Angelia Woods, 3718 Westland Pl., Lawrence.

Shane J. Ling and Libby M. Ling to Adam Minx, 464 Meriam Ct., Lawrence.

John E. Stollberg to Roger Brown and Rhonda Brown, 3916 Dayflower Sr., Lawrence.

Eric E. Muetz and Deborah Muetz to Heather Spielmaker, 801 Locust St., Lawrence.

Cozy Flats, LLC to Sneha Ramanujam, 321 Northwood Ln., Lawrence.

Betty Hoffman to Shane J. Ling and Libby M. Ling, 1615 E. 686 Rd., Rural.

Marcus L. Forrest and Wai C. M. Forrest to Marcus L. Forrest and Wai C. M. Forrest and Lei L. K. Cheung, 1029 E. 1135 Rd. & Vacant Land, Rural.

Brice W. Farris and Lisa R. Farris to Lori Regier and Gary Regier, 1406 N. 960 Rd., Rural.

Richard W. Rodewald, Estate of to John P. Franke and Mildred E. Franke, Vacant Land, Rural.

Bobby J. Saile Revocable Trust to George L. Maxwell and Julie A. Maxwell, 245 E. 1250 Rd & Vacant Land, Rural.

Monday, Oct. 5

Prime Construction Inc. to Lisa R. Farris and Brice W. Farris, 217 Signal Ridge Dr., Baldwin City.

Richard W. Rodewald, Estate Of to Jason Wright and Kimberly Wright, Vacant Land, Rural.

Justin R. Gaut and Suzanne J. Gaut to Salah Najm, 3222 Rainier Dr., Lawrence.

Charles R. Worley and Erma L. Worley Revocable Living Trust to Paradigm Home Renovation of Kansas LLC, 212 E. 18th St., Lawrence.

David E. Boyd, Estate Of to Kevin Weiss and Janet Ramirez, 629 Arrowhead Dr., Lawrence.

Coralee A. Caillouet to John S. Garrett and Brenda R. Garrett, 1108 Jana Dr., Lawrence.