Real estate transfers for Sept. 22-28, 2020

Below are real estate transfers filed at the Douglas County Clerk’s Office for Sept. 22-28.

Tuesday, Sept. 22

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Jerry D. Krejci and Kelly Krejci, 2503 Alabama St., Lawrence.

Yankee Tank Estates LLC to Jeffrey J. Gassmann and Elizabeth K. Gassmann, 3221 Atchison Ave., Lawrence.

Terrance L. L’Ecuyer and Ginger L. L’Ecuyer to Timothy Durkin, 605 Acorn St. & 600 Blk. Acorn St., Eudora.

Steven K. Babb and Christa B. Babb to Brenda J. Gammill and Daniel K. Gayler, 5751 Chimney Rocks Cir., Lawrence.

Wednesday, Sept. 23

Michael I. Craig and Julie V. Craig to Cory M. Wright and Amy E. Wright, 1690 N. 790 Rd., Rural.

Highland Construction, Inc. to Teresa A. Markowitz, 314 Dean Ct., Lawrence.

Kimberly K. Teffer to Colter Palen, 1417 Oak Hill Ave., Lawrence.

Andrew P. Arnone and Maria L. Arnone to Nicola J. Howes, 1913 Camelback Dr., Lawrence.

Matthew L. Fahrenbruch and Melissa J. Fahrenbruch to William Price, 1322 Maple Ln., Lawrence.

Jason I. Carrillo and Amy S. R. Carrillo to Myriad Capital of Kansas LLC, 3615 Lakecrest Ct., Lawrence.

Thursday, Sept. 24

Teresa A. Markowitz to Michael W. Hastings and Shauna R. C. Hastings, 324 N. White Dr., Lawrence.

Brian S. Chilcoat and Kelley R. Chilcoat to Sherri L. Schwanz and Brian R. Schwanz, 2250 Lake Crest Dr. Unit 505, Lawrence.

31st & Iowa Street LLC to Rian Holdings LLC, 3131 Nieder Rd., Lawrence.

Jeffry C. Boehm and Katy J. Boehm to Mark A. Brunk, 234 Lincoln St., Baldwin City.

Merle L. Parks and Betty L. Parks to Andrew N. Jackson, 3724 Pinnacle Ct., Lawrence.

Leanne M. Bodmer and Steven E. Bodmer to Danny L. Lattin, Trustee and Ferrol J. Lattin, Trustee, 1421 Brighton Cir., Lawrence.

Sarah Dreiling and Nicholas J. Wood to William Hohmeier and Abby Hohmeier, 4729 Larkspur Cir., Lawrence.

James J. Duft and Jessica L. Kellner to Andrew Suddith and Cynthia E. Rolli, 1505 E. 1584 Rd., Rural.

Lee A. Broyles and Patti B. Harper and Jeremy L. Harper to Douglas Riat, Vacant Land, Rural.

Thomas C. Maley and Danielle M. Maley to Kurt S. Johnston and Angela D. Johnston, 454 E. 2100 Rd., Rural.

Friday, Sept. 25

Brenda R. McManness to Cicada Design, LLC, 2913, 2915, 2917 Missouri St., Lawrence.

Robert L. Wagner, Estate Of to Ranoa A. Fulghum and Richard C. Beechler, 3804 Elizabeth Ct., Lawrence.

A’Laina M. Beckwith to Gary M. Long, 320 Stockade St., Lawrence.

Remy D. Lequesne and Lydia J. Lequesne to Marie G. Brown, 1733 Vermont St., Lawrence.

Norma A. Bloom, Trustee to Ellen Kearns and Paul Punzo, 231 N. 6th St., Lawrence.

Terrance D., Graves, II and Heather F. Graves to Brian Mott and Ashley Mott, 854 E. 1259 Rd., Lawrence.

Hickory Properties, LLC to Angela Hargrove and Jamie J. Grant-Hamm, 1212 Church St., Eudora.

Victoria E. Jaskiewicz to Madilyn Jaskiewicz, 1311 Cherry St., Eudora.

Lacy M. Sestak and Joshua O. Sestak to Stanley Holder, Jr., 1009 Moundridge Dr., Lawrence.

Steven L. George to Holly Garber, 1600 Lindenwood Ln. Blk. 1, Lawrence.

Colleen Gehrke to Benjamin Elder and Laura Elder, 1179 E. 1067 Rd., Lawrence.

Aron Cromwell and Sarah Cromwell to Remy Lequesne and Lydia Lequesne, 1616 New Hampshire St., Lawrence.

Evelyn L. Kelly to Kyle L. Hayden and Katy L. Hayden, 1030 E. 1901 Rd., Rural.

800 New Hampshire, LLC to Treanor Investments, LLC, 800 New Hampshire St., Lawrence.

Rob Lang and Eula Lang to Emily White and Jose Terrazas, 1921 W. 3rd Ter., Lawrence.

Brian W. Handshy, Jr. and Andria T. Handshy to Brett D. Bias and Lauren E. Bias, 1305 Jana Dr., Lawrence.

James R. Bauer and Shelby R. Bauer to Anthony P. Arroyo and Katharine W. Arroyo, 1737 Mississippi St., Lawrence.

Casey A. McCall and Candice S. McCall to Daniel Reynolds and Katharine Reynolds, 207 Earhart Cir., Lawrence.

Harold C. Knapp, Jr. and Andrea Knapp to Linda M. Caudill, 5225 Carson Pl., Lawrence.

Monday, Sept. 28

Robert Krause and Molly Krause to James Duft and Jessica Kellner, 917 Delaware St., Lawrence.

Robert M. Scott and Carrie L. Scott to Jody L. Busch and Derek A. Busch, 124 E. 2300 Rd., Rural.

Craig Jendza and Chelsea Bowden to Monte C. Weathers and Tia R. Weathers, 501 Sierra Dr., Lawrence.

Grand Builders, Inc. to Steven R. Hewitt, 1016 W. 30th St., Lawrence.

Michael D. Stultz and Roberta J. Stultz to HRT Enterprises, LLC, 1423 E. 800 Rd., Rural.

Susan D. Brosseau and William G. Kalinich to Jenna Hopkins, 2130 Terrace Rd., Lawrence.

William W. McCauley and Gwyn E. Isenhouer to Laura E. Hochman and Samuel A. Goodell, 2613 Cranley St., Lawrence.

James R. Frink and Sharon S. Frink to Elizabeth A. Zayat and Elaine G. Jones, 803 Coving Dr., Lawrence.

David L. Burchett to Dustin Helm and Susan Helm, 1130 Acorn St., Eudora.

Wayne A. Zachary and Lorretta K. Zachary to James O’Kelly, Vacant Land, Rural.

Everett A. Moore and Leslie P. Moore to Kent M. Gibson and Kathleen M. Gibson, 222 Landon Ct., Lawrence.

Aaron Rudeen and Rachel Rudeen to Eric Yowell, 239 Arkansas St., Lawrence.

James A. Orr and Marilynn A. Orr to Evan L. Hopkins, 1671 E. 550 Rd., Rural.

James Carruth to Robert Wilson, 2925 Lawrence Ave., Lawrence.

Evan Hopkins and Emily E. Hopkins to John D. Gluckman and Margit L. Bowler, 1719 W. 9th St., Lawrence.