Real estate transfers for Nov. 10-16, 2020

Below are real estate transfers filed at the Douglas County Clerk’s Office for Nov. 10-16.

Tuesday, Nov. 10

Marjorie Tirol-Plantz and Brian C. Plantz to City of Eudora, 1504, 1506, 1508 Elm St., Eudora.

William T. Norwood and Nicole K. Norwood to Mid-States Ventures, LLC, 1864 E. 1 Rd., Rural.

Ellis D. Bryant and Kelsey A. Bryant to Caprice Dubbert and Michael Dubbert, 1275 & 1277 E. 2100 Rd., Rural.

Larry D. Geiss and Jane A. Smith-Geiss to Richard G. Kraemer and Marty M. Kraemer, 5212 Brown Ln., Lawrence.

Kelly C. McPeak and Holly D. McPeak to Benjamin J. Caruso and Caitlin Caruso, 3908 Blazing Star Ct., Lawrence.

Daniel K. Gayler, Trustee to Michael R. Kehoe and Donna J. Kehoe, 5616 Chimney Rocks Cir., Lawrence.

Jerry Cromwell Construction, Inc. to Bradley Whitsell and Amanda Whitsell, 1620 Maple Ter., Eudora.

James C. West, Jr. and Gretchen L. West Living Trust to Ashley S. Offermann, 3715 Tucker Trail, Lawrence.

Wednesday, Nov. 11 – HOLIDAY

Thursday, Nov. 12

Veeder Homes, LLC to Kellie S. Harris, 1137 Juniper Lane, Lawrence.

David A. Pritchard and Corie C. Pritchard to Dexter A. Schnebly, Trustee and Ralphine S. Schnebly, Trustee, 331 Stratton Dr., Eudora.

Heather R. Cessna and Glenn Kammerer to Mary E. McSorley, 429 Lincoln St., Lawrence.

Kathleen H. Crisp to Jason R. Gunning and Hannah J. V. Gunning, 809 Randall Rd., Lawrence.

Patricia G. Davis to Courtney Nichols and Ryan Nichols, 103 Hillside Dr., Baldwin City.

John D. Lindenmeyer and Kari Lindenmeyer to Brian Batchelder and Anne Longhibler, 920 12th St., Baldwin City.

Rita J. Wagner to Ryan Waggoner and Lauren Cunningham, 312 Stockade St., Lawrence.

Mid-America Manufactured Housing Communities, Inc. to Eudora Farms, LLC, Vacant Land, Rural.

Drippe Homes, Inc. to Linda F. Richards and David F. Richards, 328 N. Keaton Ct., Lawrence.

Eudora Unified School District #491 to Aaron B. Cox and Angel D. Cox, 2714 S. Fir St., Eudora.

Ivy Bend, LC to Travis Leach and Tara Leach, 1008/1010 E. 27th St. and 1014/1016 E. 27th St., Lawrence.

LWH Real Estate 401K Plan to Megan McClellan, 1034 Pine St., Eudora.

Friday, Nov. 13

Brian D. Smith and Piaf F. Winter-Smith to Meghan Lamberth, 2736 Bonanza St., Lawrence.

William E. Hauber and Jackie Hauber to William B. Hauber, 3415 Sweet Grass Ct., Lawrence.

Mallard Homes, Inc. to Allison L. Sackin, 4008 Sweetclover St., Lawrence.

Christine Copp to Carolina P. Wilkin and Ryan T. Wilkin, 2712 Stratford Rd., Lawrence.

Joshua Moore and Ashley Moore to Darin E. Denning and Christine H. Denning, 1655 N. 400 Rd., Rural.

Salb Homes, LLC to Mamie E. Richardson, 2250 Lake Pointe Dr. #104, Lawrence.

Brent J. Latessa and Kara D. Latessa to Jason Wheeler and Michelle Wheeler, 2269 N. 700 Rd., Rural.

William R. Brady, Trustee and Nancy C. Brady, Trustee to Joshua McVey, 1235 Stonecreek Dr., Lawrence.

Drippe Homes, Inc. to Erin Carbrey, 406 Winnie Way, Lawrence.

Jia Feng and Guoting Kang to Brad M. Lund and Amy K. Lund, 4824 W. 24th St., Lawrence.

Sunrise Capital Partners, LLC to Vertex Lawrence Portfolio, LLC, 837 Michigan St. & 660 Gateway Ct., Lawrence.

Norbert M. Grosdidier Revocable Living Trust to Chris J. Ellis and Amanda J. Ellis, Vacant Land, Rural.

Virginia G. Duffin to Cynthia Hollenbach, 4801 McCormick St., Lawrence.

Michael J. Hogan, Trustee and Genevieve Hogan, Trustee to George Thompson and AnnMarie Glodich, 1826 W. 21st Ter., Lawrence.

Kevin Forman LLC to Isaac M. Ferguson, 1414 Anthony Michael Dr., Lawrence.

Paul J. Karlin to Therese M. Vink and Richard E. Vink, 2136 N. 1150 Rd., Rural.

Bruce A. Stucky and Mary K. Stucky to Robert Halbert and Christina Halbert, 2021 E. 28th St., Lawrence.

Charles L. Kincaid and Claudia M. Kincaid to Jared D. Holmberg and Gina M. Holmberg, 1508 Alvamar Dr., Lawrence.

Jon Hobble and Christopher C. Penn to Christian T. Walter and Beth M. Walter, Vacant Land, Rural.

Michael T. Edmondson and Brett J. Mosiman and Brianna Mosiman to Joseph K. Fuller and Karen A. Fuller, 715 Maine St., Lawrence.

Tribune Grain LLC to Ian J. Campbell and Leslie E. Campbell, 1315 Westbrooke St., Lawrence.

Monday, Nov. 16

Chad Howell and Amy Howell to James E. Black, Vacant Land, Lawrence.

Carla E. Nakata to Ryan Hessman and Randa Hessman, 2529 Ponderosa Dr., Lawrence.

Edward A. Weisshaar to Alex B. Alexander and Wendy Alexander, 1013 Summerfield Way, Lawrence.

Raffaele DeVito and Myrna M. Cornett-DeVito to Carla E. Nakata, 3205 Taylor Dr., Lawrence.

Allen S. Kinsley and Stephanie A. Kinsley to Josiah Kimmig and Susanna Kimmig, 164 E. 1575 Rd., Rural.

Erich L. Timkar and Amy C. Timkar to Abigail K. Siemers and Aaron R. Siemers, 2957 Whitmore Dr., Lawrence.

Randal Carnagie and Teresa A. Carnagie and Tammy L. Hart to Say Chanthalangsy and Vando Chanthalangsy, 1002 E. 24th St., Lawrence.

Jake Garber Construction LLC to Shahnaz Farishta, 377 Prairie Clover Ct., Lawrence.

Rakesh K. Bhala and Kara W. Y. T. Bhala to David Simmons and Keri Simmons, 1435 E. 550 Rd. & Vacant Land, Rural.

Andrea R. Mushrush and Patrick Mushrush to Daniel A. Velasco, 4005 Crossgate Ct., Lawrence.

Nancy P. Parker to Brian E. Dillon and Amy E. Dillon, 212 Bramble Bend Ct., Lawrence.

James C. Skridulis to Aaron Lamble and Amber Lamble, 1013 College Blvd., Lawrence.

Mark D. Mignot, Trustee to Benson W. Smith and Sarah H. Smith, Vacant Land, Rural.

Bryan D. Woerner and Kathryn W. Danon to Jacob Holle and Courtney Chacon, 220 Kaw Ct., Lawrence.

George H. Heckman and Elizabeth A. Heckman to Savvy Boss LLC, 1141 Connecticut St., Lawrence.

Yankee Tank Estates, LLC to Bahaa Moukadam, 3169 Charlotte Ln., Lawrence.

Jon J. Thomas and Chrystal R. Neeb-Thomas to Andrea Mushrush and Patrick Mushrush , 4405 W. 24th Pl., Lawrence.

Douglas E. Billings and Brenda L. Billings to Daniel F. Almanza, 1625 Kasold Dr., Lawrence.