Real estate transfers for Oct. 27-Nov. 2, 2020

Below are real estate transfers filed at the Douglas County Clerk’s Office for Oct. 27-Nov. 2.

Tuesday, Oct. 27

Mandi L. Olberding to Katie Mortenson and Dustin Mortenson, 928 W. 14th St., Eudora.

David J. Kosinski and Martina K. Kosinski to Ryan Botts and Melissa Botts, 3519 Sweet Grass Ct., Lawrence.

Shannon Wenger and Kurtis J. Wenger to Erin R. Welsh, 1513 Acorn Ln., Eudora.

Bryan C. Hallenbeck and Nancy R. Hallenbeck and Amanda Martinac and Adam Martinac to Daoud, LLC, 2220 Vail Way, Lawrence.

William A. Brinkerhoff and Kathy L. Brinkerhoff to Chris A. LeBrun and Sally LeBrun, 1403 Davis Rd., Lawrence.

D&S Land LLC to Superior Property, LLC, Vacant Land, Rural.

Wednesday, Oct. 28

R.P.I., LLC to Lauren E. O. Klontz and Christopher W. Klontz, 4220 Wimbledon Dr., Lawrence.

RLCC, Inc. to Aaron S. Jones and Lisa R. Jones, 5202 Cedar Grove Ct., Lawrence.

Mary F. Marshall to Delbert J. Seiwald and Barbara A. Seiwald Revocable Trust, 1102 Main St., Eudora.

Casey L. Old and Kara J. Old to Angelica Lozoya and Samantha Taylor, 2608 Lazy Brook Ln., Lawrence.

Michael L. Laughlin and Rachel R. Laughlin to Casey Old and Kara Old, 5808 Simple Ln., Lawrence.

Charles E. Persinger to Donna L. White and Glenn L. White, 5901 Longleaf Cir., Lawrence.

Yankee Tank Estates LLC to High Ratl’r Ranch Partnership, LLP, 3173 Charlotte Ln., Lawrence.

Thursday, Oct. 29

Jess D. Paul, Jr. Revocable Living Trust to LJ&J Enterprises LLC, 1300 Tennessee St., Lawrence.

Christopher D. Muder and Laurie L. Muder to Gregory P. Johnson and Lisa A. Johnson, 224 N. Fall Creek Rd., Lawrence.

John Swift and Nancy I. Swift to Alonzo M. Beardshear and Rhonda J. Beardshear, 818 New York St., Lawrence.

Gregory M. Smith and Megan A. Smith to Wade A. Booth, 965 Coving Dr., Lawrence.

Taylin R. Hein and Amber C. Hein to Cameron S. Bernard and Courtney M. Bernard, 605 N. Nottingham Rd., Lawrence.

Free State Group, LLC to WDG Lawrence, LLC, 4710 Bauer Farm Dr., Lawrence.

Russell Harding and Nicole Harding to Timberidge Construction Inc., Vacant Land, Rural.

Matt Vogel and Michelle L. Vogel to Cari J. Vukelich and Steven R. Vukelich, Jr., 4125 Wimbledon Dr., Lawrence.

Russell Harding and Nicole Harding to Timberidge Construction Inc., Vacant Land, Baldwin City.

Ezell-Morgan Construction Company, Inc. to Taylin R. Hein and Amber C. Hein, 1117 Juniper Ln., Lawrence.

Victor Milad Shenouda Trust to Building Blocks Daycare Center, LLC, 711 & 713 New York St., Lawrence.

Connie L. P. Oliver Revocable Trust to Venus Proctor, 3520 W. 10th St., Lawrence.

Lee A. Crawford to David G. Soderstrom and Irene R. Soderstrom, 1708 E. 30th St., Lawrence.

Jeffrey K. Joseph and Robin P. Joseph to Stacy M. Ash, 308 N. 8th St., Lawrence.

Katelyn N. Stevenin and Harold E. Mallonee and Kathy L. Mallonee to Peter Youssoufian and Anahid Youssoufian, 1406 Marilee Dr., Lawrence.

Friday, Oct. 30

William L. Elkins and Sharon M. Elkins to Albert J. Chalmers, III and Jill L. Chalmers, 849 E. 1450 Rd., Rural.

Drippe Homes, Inc. to Robert W. Warkentine and Anne E. Warkentine, 353 N. Parker Cir., Lawrence.

Sarah M. Hoskinson and Jason P. Hoskinson to Eric C. Woolf and Briann E. Woolf, 5504 Chamney Ct., Lawrence.

Yankee Tank Estates LLC to Danny D. Purcell, 3223 Atchison Ave., Lawrence.

Christopher Haley and Taryn Haley to Eugene Breshears, 1214/1216 W 21st St., Lawrence.

Robert Backus and Michelle Mraz to Chad A. Hoffman, 121 Kentucky St., Lawrence.

Gaus Holdings, LC to Geoffrey M. Thomas and Sarah A. Thomas, 310 Woodland Pl., Lawrence.

Tucker S. Fritzel and Abbey M. Fritzel to John D. Clark and Marissa E. Clark, Vacant Land, Rural.

Richard J. Greene and Karen A. Greene to Chet L. Batterman and Jill M. Batterman, 3811 Overland Dr., Lawrence.

John P. Olsen and Cynthia L. Olsen to Bruce J. Schumacher and Brenda A. Schumacher, 808 Andrew John Dr., Lawrence.

Drippe Homes, Inc. to Carl M. Cline and Kelly L. Cline, 417 N. Winnie Way, Lawrence.

Tyler Trigg and Anne Trigg to Shawn Jepson and Shylo Pauly-Jepson, 1110 Iowa St., Lawrence.

Amy Moses and William M. Moses to David L. Tah, 508 Bently Dr., Lawrence.

Khamphane Vilayoune to Derek E. Lee and Maegan R. Lee, 5717 Chimney Rocks Cir., Lawrence.

Phon Vilayoune and Briana Vilayoune Joint Revocable Trust to Derek E. Lee and Maegan R. Lee, 5717 Chimney Rocks Cir., Lawrence.

Garber Enterprises, Inc. to Jake Garber Construction, LLC, 3623 & 3627 Prairie Clover Ct., Lawrence.

Masako Koide and Fusaaki Koide to Dwight D. Lassen and Jeanette M. Lassen, 3724 Hartford Ave., Lawrence.

Dwight Lassen and Jeanette Lassen to Phillip C. Beets and Lynn M. Beets, 2725 Wildflower Dr., Lawrence.

Eric Spurling and Nichele Spurling to Larry Northrop, 802 E. 12th St., Eudora.

Tristan S. Bland and Ashley Bland to James A. Greeson and Amanda C. Greeson, 1003 Drum Dr., Lawrence.

Ronald B. Helmick to Matthew Gammon and Arminda Gammon, 1151 Monterey Way, Lawrence.

Suzanne C. Bidwell-Wille and Matthew A. Wille to Ryan G. Camacho and Chloe N.O. Camacho, 811 Morning Dove Ct., Lawrence.

Nancy A. Elder Revocable Trust to Nell B. Ramsey Trust, 730 New Hampshire St. Unit 4E, Lawrence.

Shaun Flynn and Tavish Flynn to Harold K. Mayes, Jr., 3916 Hollyhock Ct., Lawrence.

Jolene R. Cole to Judy L. Raney and Cheryl L. Hinshaw, 3817 Stetson Dr., Lawrence.

Anthony Wisdom to Marsha L. Lutz and Jeffery L. Edwards, 1049 Home Cir., Lawrence.

Rudy Hilliard, Jr. to Marsha L. Lutz and Jeffery L. Edwards, 1049 Home Cir., Lawrence.

James Greeson and Amanda Greeson to David Narverud and Vivian L. Narverud, 108 Tumbleweed Dr., Lawrence.

Lila R. Peters to Dennis Fraley and Susan Fraley, 3407 Seminole Dr., Lawrence.

Sandra K. Clanton to Ron Hutto and Kimberly Hutto, 2618 Jordan Ln., Lawrence.

Monday, Nov. 2

Jeffrey A. Tryon and Jerri Tryon to James R. Jarrow, 1109 W. 22nd Ter., Lawrence.

Casey Simoneau and Elise Simoneau to Joshua Lading and Kara Lading, 273 E. 550 Rd., Rural.

Cassiti Roberts and Kory Roberts and Kennedi Wright-Conklin to MG Holdings, LC, 2511 Belle Crest Dr., Lawrence.

Kevin H. Kerr and Jennifer L. Kerr to Gary C. Benton and Lori A. Benton, 3218 Huntington Rd., Lawrence.

Valeria Howland and Jayson Howland and Elizabeth Howland-Austin and Jeffrey Austin to Jeremiah K. Johnson and Michaelah R. Johnson, Vacant Land, Rural.

Lisa J. Kim-Mason to James N. Oliver and Carolyn S. Moore, 2912 Lankford Dr., Lawrence.

Salb Construction, Inc. to Randa L. Hessman and Ryan K. Hessman, 2815 Harper St., Lawrence.

William M. Paget and Deanna S. Paget to Lyle L. Gunn and Sarah J. Gunn , 3103 Longhorn Dr., Lawrence.

Stanley J. Tiemeyer and Sherill A. Tiemeyer to Bruce G. Belcher and Lorrie M. Belcher, Vacant Land, Rural.

Phillip C. Beets and Lynn M. Beets to Kimberly I.M. Beets and Andrew C. Beets, 2926 Atchison Cir., Lawrence.

Alex Bourdo and Sidney Hu to Grant Greenberg, 1701 Lake Alvamar Dr., Lawrence.

Rick Madl and Raymond Carroll and Teresa Carroll to Raymond Carroll and Teresa Carroll, Vacant Land, Rural.

Kenneth P. Kirklin and Michele H. Kirklin to Rebecca A. Wheeler, 911 8th St., Baldwin City.

Drippe Homes, Inc. to William R. Brady and Nancy C. Brady Revocable Trust, 351 N. Parker Cir., Lawrence.

Kimberley A. Haun to Timothy E. Bean and Lisa M. Kent, 910 High St., Baldwin City.