Real estate transfers for May 12-18, 2020

Below are real estate transfers filed at the Douglas County Clerk’s Office for May 12-18.

Tuesday, May 12

Jessica L.W. Pedersen and David J. Pedersen to Brandon R. Weckbaugh and Amanda L. Weckbaugh, 5712 Westfield Dr., Lawrence.

Aaron A. Huerter and Kristin J. Huerter to Joshua Hart and Kelly Hart, 3005 Tomahawk Dr., Lawrence.

Roger D. Whipple and Adina Whipple to Brandon T. Grammer and Laura A. Grammer, 1306 Chestnut Ln., Eudora.

Wednesday, May 13

Circle K Stores Inc. to LGP Realty Holdings LP, 1802 W. 23rd St., Lawrence.

Michael D. Durham and Sarah E. Durham to Elizabeth Grzesik and Matthew Grzesik, 1833 Delaware St., Lawrence.

Mitchell Van Erdewyk and Emily Van Erdewyk to Jocelyn D. Gunter, 1420 Lawrence Ave., Lawrence.

David Stites and Stephanie Stites to Wyatt Doornbos, 1506 Davis Rd., Lawrence.

Michelle Tevis to David S. Kass, 4301 Wimbledon Ter. Unit 8B, Lawrence.

David E. Pfeuffer and Brooke E. Pfeuffer to Robert McGuire and Kristin McGuire, 2123 E. 25th Ct., Lawrence.

Jacob D. Plegge and Michelle L. Plegge to Trevor Crow and Micah Crow, 621 E. 13th St., Eudora.

Thursday, May 14

Grand Builders, Inc. to Christopher Parsons and Rhonda Parsons, 903 W. 30th St., Lawrence.

George C. Merriam to Real Estate Refined Rentals LLC, 415 5th St., Baldwin City.

Shirley X. Zheng and Zhongquan Zheng to Sachs Real Properties, LLC, 908 Summerfield Ct., Lawrence.

Susan A. Akkerman and Jeffrey D. Akkerman to Pete James and Monica James, 2701 Maverick Ln., Lawrence.

Paula Bremer and Steven C. Bremer to Elizabeth D. Bremer, 413 Lyon St., Lawrence.

Brad W. Auchenbach and Colleen G. Auchenbach to Daniel Cooper and Kathleen Cooper, 2501 Carlton Ct., Lawrence.

Timothy J. Birdsill Estate to Timothy E. Hunsinger and Kimberly A. Hunsinger, 3608 Lakecrest Ct., Lawrence.

Friday, May 15

Shirley A. Ballard and Danny C. Ballard Sr. to Joseph M. Sullivan and Robert S. Wallace, 909/911 W. 29th Ter., Lawrence.

Julie C. Embrey to Kevin L. Ray and Emily E. Ray, 3601 West Timber Ct., Lawrence.

Brianna L. Long and Eric M. Long to Dakota W. Nipko and Hannah S. Nipko, 1010 Home Cir., Lawrence.

Hickory Properties LLC to Alexandria Rodenbeek and Troy Keith, 2421 Overlook Cir., Lawrence.

Shumaker Living Trust to Julie A. Powell and Megan A. Donner, 3723 Elizabeth Ct., Lawrence.

Terry D. Finton to Charonay Than and Jubal D. Johnson, 2622 Jordan Ln., Lawrence.

Eagle 1968, LC to Dolph C. Simons III Revocable Trust, 2021 Crossgate Dr., Lawrence.

Debra S. Pepple, Trustee to Jeremy Willmoth and Belinda Willmoth, 1536 El Dorado Dr., Lawrence.

John E. Luckie and Rebecca S. Rumptz to Santa Berlioz, 1542 Legend Trail Dr. Unit B, Lawrence.

Dusty L. Wilson and Jennifer R. Wilson to Eric M. Long and Brianna L. Long, 4300 Helianthus Dr., Lawrence.

Donna C. Ellis and Mark L. Ellis to Alan P. Grant, 607 Parkside Ct., Lawrence.

Estela A. Gavosto and Rodolfo H. Torres to Ronald Graham, 1208 Parkside Rd., Lawrence.

Langston Heights Development LLC to Alan Dannerman and Saby K. M. Chan, 6311/6313 Steeple Chase Ct., Lawrence.

Jonathan M. Herrera-Thomas and Madeline Herrera to Elisabeth Keith-Tilma and Foy E. Keith, 1301 Rhode Island St., Lawrence.

Nero Nicholas J. Family Trust to Amanda L. Mollet and Elizabeth A. Mollet, 3914 Aster St., Lawrence.

Melissa C. Sears and James A. Sears to Teresa L. Riffel and Thomas B. Nichols, 610 E. 1714 Rd., Rural.

Santa Berlioz to Jamie L. Taylor and Richard L. Taylor II, 916 Colonial Dr., Lawrence.

Monday, May 18

Andrew M. Lewis to Kevin M. Draper and Samantha A. Ellerbeck, 342 Johnson Ave., Lawrence.

Christopher M. Rogers and Jamie M. Rogers to Amanda F. Smith, 1050 E. 24th St., Lawrence.

Jamie D. Lata Trust to Susan D. McDaniel, 4220 Goldfield St., Lawrence.

Katherine J. Marten to Natalie Macy and Joshua Macy, 2132 Carolina St., Lawrence.

Charles Whitaker and April Whitaker to Jean M. Wells and Michael A. Horan II, Vacant Land, Rural.

Camelot/Brittany Limited Partnership to NFH 2 LLC, 950 Monterey Way Unit G, Lawrence.

Camelot/Brittany Limited Partnership to NFH 3 LLC, 950 Monterey Way Unit H, Lawrence.

Camelot/Brittany Limited Partnership to NFH 1 LLC, 950 Monterey Way Units E,F, Lawrence.

Billy J. Burke and Sally L. Burke to Anthony J. Nolte and Kelsey M. Nolte, Vacant Land, Rural.

Daniel C. Cooper and Kathleen Hermesch to Cheryl S. Coleman, Trustee, 3208 W. 27th St., Lawrence.

Linda F. DiSanto to Larry Brey, 719 Coving Ct., Lawrence.

Free State Properties, Inc. to Drew R. Darmon and Erika A. Darmon, 3026 Riverview Rd., Lawrence.

Moundview, LLC to Kevin B. Polian, 4712 Moundridge Ct., Lawrence.

Kristen Myers and Grant Myers to Lyndsee Caudell and Garett Kerns, 1526 W. 2nd Ter., Lawrence.

Jordan P. Ballock to Ashley N. Halkola and Jacob P. Halkola, 6 Sharps Ct., Eudora.

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, this record of transfers was compiled in July 2020 and backdated to the date when it would normally have been released by the Douglas County Clerk’s Office.