Real estate transfers for April 28-May 4, 2020

Below are real estate transfers filed at the Douglas County Clerk’s Office for April 28-May 4.

Tuesday, April 28

Camelot/Brittany Limited Partnership to Traci Poore and Justin Poore, 625 Folks Rd., Lawrence.

Beverly Long to Hector C. Alvarez and Samantha Castillo, 1012 W. 14th St., Eudora.

2017-2FL, LLC to James D. Woodington and Beth C. Woodington, 2517 Ralston St., Lawrence.

Harold L. Crady, Co-Trustee and Deborah K.G. Crady, Co-Trustee to David F. Laskowski and Celia A. Laskowski, 588 N. 602 Rd., Lawrence.

Gregory S. Randel and Phyllis J. Randel to David F. Laskowski and Celia A. Laskowski, 588 N. 602 Rd., Lawrence.

Edward M. Tarpey to Brad Schmidt and Shannon Schmidt, 3428 Chance Ln., Lawrence.

Wednesday, April 29

Arlo F. Buller to Francis P. Sullivan and Pamela S. Sullivan, Vacant Land, Rural.

MCK Properties, LLC to Integrity Place, LLC, 2500 W. 31st St. Unit C, Lawrence.

Rust Eddy and Sheryl D. Scales to Ryan Branam and Carey Branam, 1644 W. 20th Ter., Lawrence.

David L. Sparkes and Debra D. Sparks to Tyler Tuckness and Kenna Tuckness, 2090 N 900 Rd., Rural.

Gary L. Brann to Travis L. Pesnell and Nique N. Pesnell, 200 W. 7th St. Blk. 1, Eudora.

Randall W. Smith to Timothy D. Gajewski, 1940 Pebble Beach Ct., Lawrence.

Norbert M Grosdidier Rev. Trust to Tanner Hinderliter and Tori Snavely, Vacant Land, Rural.

Sarah B. Mackie and Eric J. Mackie to Trent Carter and Christina Carter, 6316 Serenade Ct., Lawrence.

Steven L Oehlert and Sheridyn J. Oehlert to Andrew P. Miller and Melissa C. Miller, 861 E. 1150 Rd., Rural.

Jason E. Tharp and Sarah B. Tharp to Glenn Weld and Kathy Weld, 621 Main St. Ter., Eudora.

78, LC to Grand Builders Inc., 1125 W. 30th St., Lawrence.

Barbara E. Crews Rev. Trust to Alexander K. Sullivan and Marie L. Sullivan, 217 Campbell Dr., Lawrence.

Thursday, April 30

Tyler Tuckness and Kenna Tuckness to Alesha P. Hall and Zachary M. Hall, 704 E. 14th St., Eudora.

Daniel A. Nicholson and Kaitlin L. Johnson and Diana Nicholson to Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., 220 Summertree Ln., Lawrence.

Cityscape Properties LLC to Jonathan E. Mills and Jordan Mills, 213 North Minnesota St., Lawrence.

Drippe Homes, Inc. to Larry Larson and Amy Warner, 332 N Keaton Ct., Lawrence.

Albert F Kennett and Betty L. Kennett Revocable Living Trust to Kevin P. Macek, 2365 Surrey Dr., Lawrence.

Patrick J. Anderson and Nicole Anderson and Jennifer L. Calderwood and Jesse Calderwood and Tyler J. Becker and Brianna L Becker to Henrietta J. Doner-Hedrick, 1515 W. 22nd St., Lawrence.

BCR LLC to Alan Wright and Amy Wright, 810 Indiana St., Baldwin.

H. Louise Moore to Jon M. Dawe and Gabrielle A. Dawe, 509 Park Hill Ter., Lawrence.

Naida L. Swallow to Colby L. Farlow and Kelly E. Farlow, 601 N. 1600 Rd., Rural.

Delores M. Morris to Roger D. Lemmons and Shirley M. Lemmons, 2756 Chipperfield Rd., Lawrence.

Keith Sandoval and Laura Sandoval to H. Louise Moore, 2211 Breckenridge Dr., Lawrence.

Phillip J. Ellsworth and Catherine Ellsworth to Abby Hanson, 918 Murrow Ct., Lawrence.

Alesha E. Doan and Thomas M. Farrell Rev. Trust to Jacob M. Cuevas and Elizabeth W. Cuevas, 601 N. Stonegate Ct., Lawrence.

Douglas R. Paul and Patricia L. Paul to Cody S. Paul, 4224 Timberline Ct., Lawrence.

Garber Enterprises, Inc. to Joseph M. Santulli and Sheridan M. Klindt, 820 Murrow Ct., Lawrence.

Indianaville, LLC to Brent La Tessa and Kara La Tessa, 1201 Delaware St., Lawrence.

Stanley N. Shumway and Janice A. Shumway to Stanley S. Sloan and Eloise A. Sloan, 327 N. Carver Ln., Lawrence.

Salb Homes, LLC to Thomas M. Farrell and Alesha E. Doan, 314 Three Forks Dr., Lawrence.

William Fitzwater to Alix R. Hook and Jacob A. Hook, 2605 Maverick Ln., Lawrence.

Friday, May 1

Larry D. Welch to Linda Tiggs and Maurice Tiggs, 2241 Rodeo Dr., Lawrence.

James A. Slough and Doni M. Slough to Allison O. Schlenker, 1205 Haskell Ave., Lawrence.

Joseph B. Sanderson and Jennifer E. Sanderson to Brian Palermo and Anna Palermo, 1718 W. 3rd St., Lawrence.

Megan N. Raithel to Jason M. Thompson and Micalyn R. Scott, 510 River Bend Cir., Lawrence.

R&H Builders, Incorporated to William H. Oliver III, 5216 Spruce St., Lawrence.

Michael R. Brann, Trustee and Sheryl D. Brann, Trustee to Robert D. Hollowell and Katelin, Quanbeck, 1900 New Hampshire St., Lawrence.

Drippe Homes, Inc. to Cody Sunderland and Sydney Sunderland, 923/925 Renaissance Dr., Lawrence.

William R. Saltmarsh and Mary V. Douglas to Adrian Serene and Anna Serene, 3112 Tomahawk Dr., Lawrence.

Mark E. Lehmann and Diana L. Lehmann to Christy J. Miller and Bryan W. Miller, 1036/1038 New Jersey St., Lawrence.

Jeffrey C. DeBruin and Kelly M. DeBruin to Jennifer Balthrop, 5712 Warren Ct., Lawrence.

Matthew A. Stroh and Anna Mattlage to Yanhao Cui and Kun Xie, 1452 Marilee Dr., Lawrence.

Sadi Properties II, LLC to Amy Stockman, 1704 Kentucky St., Lawrence.

Mary E. Hester to Vickie Rohrer, 892 E. 661 Diag. Rd., Rural.

Teodora P. Plummer Revocable Living Trust to Marilyn A. Hall Revocable Trust, 3608 Harvard Rd., Lawrence.

Robert Gamby and Erin E. Brown to Jarrett Lies, 210 Park Ave., Lawrence.

Donald C. Drickey, Trustee and Jeanne M. Drickey, Trustee to Robert J. Scheel and Maria L. Scheel, 1308 Morgan Ct., Lawrence.

James H. Lanius and Valerie Lanius to Stephen May and Grace May, 702 Randall Rd., Lawrence.

WE1929, LLC to Minnis Building & Design Co., LLC, 5210 Cedar Grove Ct., Lawrence.

Monday, May 4

Des Amante and Zinada V. Amante to Shirley S. Rohlman, 1305 Sunchase Dr., Lawrence.

Joseph Catterson and Olivia Catterson to William Wipperman and Makenzie Wipperman, 906 W. 29th St., Lawrence.

SC Lawrence VIII, LLC to Park View Investments, LC, 4830 & 4840 Bob Billings Pkwy., Lawrence.

Monterey Partners, LLC to Williamsburg Village, LLC, 3211 Iowa St., Lawrence.

Joel A. Picken to Patrick F. Hughes and Martha J. Hughes, 3175 Yankee Tank Ln., Lawrence.

Drippe Homes, Inc. to Jacqueline M. Hyland and Timothy C. Hindman and Patricia A. Hyland, 335 N. Chamberlin Ct., Lawrence.

Dustin R. Crane to Shaunna M. Price, 2033 Hillview Rd., Lawrence.

Stephen W. Myrick, Trustee and Lori J. Myrick, Trustee to Randy S. Glidewell and Catherine R. Glidewell, 3207 Nottingham Ct., Lawrence.

Joshua L. Wolfe and Kaitlyn R. Wolfe to Connor M. Steinbach and Sara L. Steinbach, 2702 Rawhide Ln., Lawrence.

Brett T. Hothan and Lindsay A. Hothan to Devon J. Fritzel and Whitney E. Fritzel, 1208 W. 13th Ln., Lawrence.

Yankee Tank Estates LLC to Joan Swope, 3220 Yankee Tank Ln., Lawrence.

Doug Garber Construction, Inc. to Dawn Moeder and Bryan Hatch, 2111 Goodell Ct., Lawrence.

Estate of Sherman Yacher to Ryan Julian and Kathryn Julian, 2729 Lockridge Dr., Lawrence.

Nancy Montgomery to Edwina J. Hoffman and Robert S. Hoffman, 3445 Morning Dove Cir., Lawrence.

Garber Enterprises, Inc. to John E. Luckie and Rebecca S. Rumptz, 2325 Brett Dr., Lawrence.

Lowell P. Flanner and Kelli E. Flanner to Jeremy J. Jones and Jennifer M. Jones, 6108 Blue Nile Dr., Lawrence.

Rhonda S. Young to Tim D. Cowdin, 1414 E. 19th St., Lawrence.

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, this record of transfers was compiled in July 2020 and backdated to the date when it would normally have been released by the Douglas County Clerk’s Office.