Real estate transfers for March 10-16, 2020

Below are real estate transfers filed at the Douglas County Clerk’s Office for March 10-16.

Tuesday, March 10

Hoover Real Estate, LC to Jerry Cromwell Construction, Inc., 207 W. 16th Ter., Eudora.

Hoover Real Estate, LC to Jerry Cromwell Construction, Inc., 1620 Maple Ter., Eudora.

Nancy P. Hause to Eagle Financial LLC, 3709 Gunnison Dr., Lawrence.

Marlene Norris to Chad A. Norris and Kelly S. Norris, Vacant Land, Rural.

Wayne Hall and Nancy Hall and Christopher Cox and Delores Cox to Joseph A.M. Jacelone and Christa N. Jacelone, 4608 Wimbledon Dr., Lawrence.

Lisa A. Albright, Trustee to Russell D. Ostermann and Charlotte E. Ostermann, 1044 College Blvd., Lawrence.

Veeder Homes, LLC to Gregory V. Hampton and Susan K. Hampton, 1109 Juniper Ln., Lawrence.

Wedman Construction, Inc. to LMK Construction, Inc., 5015 Chesbro Ct., Lawrence.

Wednesday, March 11

Lulu Fielder Family, LLC to John A. Newhouse and Staci R. Newhouse, Vacant Land, Rural.

Yuk C. Wong and Sean Morgan and Ping-Huei Liu and Donald Hanson to Equity Management LLC, 419 Minnesota St., Lawrence.

Shelby D. Franklin and Jill Franklin to Joshua Cornelius and Bridget Cornelius, 1753 N. 700 Rd., Rural.

Niemack Family LLC to John Silva, 1718 Harper St., Lawrence.

James T. Mullins to Barbara L. Hall, 1301 Jonathan Dr., Lawrence.

Nieder Properties, Inc. to Hildegard D. D’Alessio, 630 N. 5th St., Lawrence.

John B. Warner, Trustee and Judith J. Warner, Trustee to SLJ Properties, LLC, 909 Missouri St., Lawrence.

Leonardo A. Wilches-Cruz and Claudia M. Guzman to Neil D. Tyler, 520 N. Daylily Dr., Lawrence.

Steven R. Cardwell and Patricia E. Cardwell to Hanna Britton and Robert Tryanski, 320 N. Eaton Dr., Lawrence.

Betty L. Loucks, Trustee to James Lanning and Scott O. Henson, 837 W. 22nd Ter., Lawrence.

Tapas Ghose, Trustee and Nikita T. Ghose, Trustee to Emily R. Ward and Barbara A. Bichelmeyer, 215 Earhart Cir., Lawrence.

Thursday, March 12

Eagle Ridge, LLC to 530 Eldridge Street, LLC, 530 Eldridge St. Units A-P, Lawrence.

John B. Warner, Trustee and Judith J. Warner, Trustee to Gary Bennett and Mary Bennett, 1305 Kentucky St. Units 1,2,3,4, Lawrence.

Carol L. Jensen to Chad Hasler and Heather Hasler, 2516 E. 25th Pl., Lawrence.

B.W. Griffin, Jr., Trustee and Nancy L. Griffin, Trustee to Sally U. Nguyen, 315 Northwood Ln., Lawrence.

Calvin D. Gruver to Valente Hernandez, 616 High St., Baldwin City.

OneMain Financial Services, Inc. to Lizette G. Herrera, 3727 Overland Dr., Lawrence.

Ivy Bend, LC to Agarika LLC, 1304/1306,1309/1311, 1313/1315 E. 25th Ter., Lawrence.

Pollyanne Gentry, Co-Trustee and Jeffrey N. Gentry, Co-Trustee to Howard G. Ritchey, Jr., 1625 Louisiana St., Lawrence.

Kolibri Ventures, LLC to Jennifer L. Johnson, 2904 Sage Brush Dr., Lawrence.

Conrad E. Roberts and Bethany J. Roberts to Jack S. McInteer Revocable Trust, 1642 Bobwhite Dr., Lawrence.

Michael White and Mary White to Eric Stones and Colleen T. Stones, 1827 W. 21st St., Lawrence.

Clint Bowen and Kristie K. Bowen to Conrad E. Roberts and Bethany J. Roberts, 862 N. 1663 Rd., Lawrence.

Julie A. Jackson and Alan C. Jackson to Ray L. Cole and Elizabeth A. Cole, 3929 Sophora St., Lawrence.

Friday, March 13

Chad B. Poindexter and Megan Poindexter to Cody A. Taylor and Crystal L. Taylor, 145 E. 1250 Rd., Rural.

Dee C. Poindexter and Joy Poindexter to Cody A. Taylor and Crystal L. Taylor, Vacant Land, Rural.

Landon J. Harper and Ashleigh R. Harper to Brynn Rodger, 1114 Peach St., Eudora.

Brent W. Phelps, Trustee and Donna J. Finley, Trustee to Donna J. Finley, 313 Carrington Ln., Lawrence.

Christopher A. Grabast and Lisa A. McBride to Christopher J. Lyon and Kristin J. Lyon, 704 Joseph Dr., Lawrence.

David A. Harris and Emily A. Harris to Oscar E. Quirarte and Debra J. Quirarte, 1913 Quail Run St., Lawrence.

Jacob A. Hamilton to Molly Adams and Ethan Rustad, 915 W. 28th Ter., Lawrence.

Sheila R. Grosdidier to Patrick Schaefer and Kristen Hertlein, 4525 Lili Dr., Lawrence.

Paul A. Kitos to Gary T. Bennet and Mary P. Bennet, 1301/1303 Valley Ln., Lawrence.

Hubert L. White and Janet L. White to Brittany Sanchez, 3527 Sweet Grass Ct., Lawrence.

Andrew Ramirez and Julie Ramirez to Meenakumari Muthuramalingam and Peter Klein, 2105 E. 26th Ter., Lawrence.

DeeAnn Raker to William C. Votypka and Carrie A. Votypka, 1016 April Rain Rd., Lawrence.

Capitol Federal Savings Bank to John R. Knispel and Elizabeth N. Knispel, 1029 Elm St., Eudora.

Monday, March 16

First Choice Custom Homes LLC to Ashleigh R. Harper and Landon J. Harper, 1195 E. 2000 Rd., Rural.

Victoria Jasion and Daniel Jasion to Tyler Trigg and Anne Trigg, 1110 Iowa St., Lawrence.

Sheri L. Mull and Jim Mull and Michael E. Mitchell and Carol Mitchell and David H. Mitchell and Andrew O. Norton-Mitchell and Amy Fowler and Jared I. Mitchell and Stacy L. Mitchell to Corby Rust and Renee Rust, 2001 Mitchell Rd., Lawrence.

Kenneth A. Squires and Kathleen M. Squires to Kyle Wertin, 2800 Stone Barn Ter., Lawrence.

Jeffrey G. Schmidt and Stacy I. Schmidt to Diana Norris, Vacant Land, Rural.

Zachariah W. Haeffner and Kelli J. Haeffner to Joshua L. Temple and Katrina M. Temple, 612 Flame Way, Baldwin City.

Michael A. Vitelli, Trustee and Jody M. Vitelli, Trustee to Janet S. Benz, Trustee, 4500 Bob Billings Pkwy, #140, Lawrence.

Prada LC to Lark LLC, 2201 Delaware St. A & B, Lawrence.

Jih-Charng Lo and Ruey-Ling Lo to BCMC Properties LLC, 3613 Yale Rd., Lawrence.

Evelyn Stumpf to Susan L. Young, 307 California St., Lawrence.