Real estate transfers for March 3-9, 2020

Below are real estate transfers filed at the Douglas County Clerk’s Office for March 3-9.

Tuesday, March 3

No sales recorded.

Wednesday, March 4

Route 69, LC to Z Homes LLC, 515 Boulder St., Lawrence.

Norman E. Eberhart to Stephen T. Pawlewicz and Paula A. Pawlewicz, 1635 W. 21st Ter., Lawrence.

Allen R. Clough and Teresa G. Clough to Susan D. Leary, 1308 & 1310 E. 25th Ter., Lawrence.

Jerry Cromwell Construction, Inc. to Kyle T. Weinmaster and Erin M. Weinmaster, 211 W. 16th Ter., Eudora.

Emily I. Hokanson to Eric Gabel and Sarah Gabel, 3305 Yellowstone Dr., Lawrence.

Salb Homes, LLC to Nathanial K. Elam and Kristin R. Elam, 5802 Freemont Way, Lawrence.

Thursday, March 5

Richard P. Taylor to Kelley Living Trust, 1288 N. 200 Rd., Rural.

William T. Liggett, Jr. and Kris Liggett to TTHoldings, LLC, 1516/1518 W. 26th St., Lawrence.

US Bank Trust National Association, Trustee to Travis L. Pesnell and Nique N. Pesnell, 621, 623, 625, 627, 629, 631, 633, 635 Oak St., Eudora.

Jill N. Ballew and Kevin B. Ballew to Amanda M. Anderson, 5237 Carson Dr., Lawrence.

Drippe Homes, Inc. to Jill N. Ballew and Kevin B. Ballew, 3709 Dandy Dr., Lawrence.

Rebecca A. Stakes, Trustee to Bowden Complete Construction, LLC, 431 Elm St., Lawrence.

Friday, March 6

Country Club 6th, LLC to 2500 West 6th Street, LLC, 401, 415, 421, 431, 441, 449, 500, 501, 515, 530, 531, 539, 545, 549 Greystone Dr. and 2500 & 2512 W. 6th St., Lawrence.

Grant M. Catloth and Anna R. Catloth to Shanna N. Eller and Martin D. Segal, 1401 Prairie Ave., Lawrence.

James N. Kraft and Christine M. Kraft to Suzanne Wayenberg and Gene Wayenberg, Vacant Land, Rural.

Stephen E. Ortiz and Jacqueline R. Ortiz to Katherine J. Marten, 3019 Harper St., Lawrence.

WE1929, LLC to Minnis Building & Design Co., LLC, 5213 Cedar Grove Way, Lawrence.

WE1929, LLC to Minnis Building & Design Co., LLC, 5217 Cedar Grove Way & 1112 Juniper Ln., Lawrence.

Lawrence Kansas Rentals LLC to Jenifer Janousek, 1945 Vermont St., Lawrence.

Lavanta I. Hall Revocable Living Trust to Jamie Edwards and Radha Edwards, 1611/1613 W. 6th Ter., Lawrence.

Tracy L. Pettibon to Debra L. Graham, 1046 Firetree Ave., Baldwin City.

Gregory J. Mann and Suzanne H. McKinney to Daniel Mantayla and Logan M. Mantayla, 1540 Massachusetts St., Lawrence.

Daniel Sittenauer and Catherine Sittenauer and Russell Sittenauer and Susanne Sittenauer to Brittany A. Jarvis, 1607 W. 22nd St., Lawrence.

Rod Kosa and Lupe Romero-Kosa to Alan Johnson and Theresa Johnson, 222 Michigan St., Lawrence.

Jesus Carrera and Jessie S. Carrera to Mark Wilcox and Lori Wilcox, 912 N. Gunnison Way, Lawrence.

Christopher K. Battaglia and Tammy M. Battaglia to Zachary B. Wilkins, 1411 Westbrooke St., Lawrence.

Bank of America, N.A. to Sindey Schueler-Platz and Stewart Platz, 1611 W. 21st St., Lawrence.

Beth Diamond to Paul R. Klepper and Caitlin R. Klepper, 1509 Madinah Rd., Lawrence.

Monday, March 9

Nadereh Nasseri to James A. H. Broomfield, 420 Tall Grass Dr., Lawrence.

James L. Gilliland and Florence L. Gilliland to Stephen E. Ortiz and Jacqueline R. Ortiz, 3027 Harper St., Lawrence.

John L. Blazek and Joan M. Blazek to Tyler J. Sloyer and Scott D. Sloyer and Susan D. Sloyer, 4013 Crossgate Ct., Lawrence.

BLU Rentals, LLC to Crain Holdings & Investments, LLC, 1520 W. 22nd Ter., Lawrence.

Nate Anthony to Park Lockwood and Kim Johnson, 802 N. Iowa St., Lawrence.

Major T. Chapman and Shawna Chapman to Mark Betzen and Brittany O’Kane, 1205 Stone Meadows Dr., Lawrence.

Salb Homes, LLC to John L. Blazek and Joan M. Blazek, 2250 Lake Pointe Dr. #300, Lawrence.

Kathryn E. Mueller Revocable Trust to Charles Aron and Karan K. Aron, 1908 Crossgate Dr., Lawrence.

Robert L. Stephens and Mary Kay Stephens to Ryan King, 909/911 Alma Dr., Lawrence.

Nomad Properties, LLC to Matthew Newman and Rachel Walker, 1026 Hilltop Dr., Lawrence.

Harry M. Prim and Kathy Robinson-Prim to Mike Fawl and Roxane Fawl, Vacant Land, Rural.

Brenda Whitaker and Walter J. Whitaker to Cody Mays and Cori L. Mays, 225 North Michigan St. #13-80, Lawrence.

Ecogene, LLC to Raul Garcia-Garcia and Liliana R. De Garcia, 1606 16th Ct., Eudora.

Free State Properties, Inc. to Eric York and Amber York, 911 Alabama St., Lawrence.

Wempe Brothers Construction, Inc. to HH2, LLC, 3000 Four Wheel Dr. Unit E, Lawrence.

Lawrence, Kansas Rentals, LLC to Andrew D. Schmidt, 776 Maple St., Lawrence.

Raul Garcia-Garcia and Liliana R. De Garcia to Alex D. Cleaver and Lakyn D. Anders, 802 E. 14th Ter., Eudora.