Real estate transfers for June 16-22, 2020

Below are real estate transfers filed at the Douglas County Clerk’s Office for June 16-22.

Tuesday, June 16

Amy Conway to Nathan Marlow and Cheyenne Hansen-Marlow, 4200 Goldfield St., Lawrence.

Jason M. Todd and Alexandra J. Todd to Jacob M. Albracht and Jennifer L. Albracht, Vacant Land, Rural.

Arlon E. Sullivan Revocable Trust to Emily J. Matteson and Justin T. Mueller, 3619 Lakecrest Dr., Lawrence.

Kevin S. Raley and Sheida K. Raley to Pegah N. Jimenez and Arturo Jimenez, 2000 Goodell Ct., Lawrence.

Dale H. Clemmons and Kathy R. Clemmons to Vanessa Restrepo-Mesa, 505 Colorado St. #3, Lawrence.

Estate of Henry L. Johnson to Alee S. Phillips and Timothy M. Phillips, 718 Ohio St., Lawrence.

R&H Builders, Inc. to Amy D. Conway, 5222 Spruce St., Lawrence.

Ujash, Patel and Kaci R. Bray to Westley Youngren and Leah Youngren, 1910 Kentucky St., Lawrence.

Ryan D. Forker to Raymond J. Augustine and Shirleen M. Augustine, 1411 High St., Baldwin City.

Michael A. Flory, Trustee and Cheryl A. Flory, Trustee to Ryan Newman and Karen Newman, Vacant Land, Rural.

Wednesday, June 17

Marie McGraw Trust to Troy S. Colwell and Nancy A. Colwell, 917 Sunset Dr., Lawrence.

Chaoer Shen and Yang Yang to Larissa M. Augusto, 912 Murrow Ct., Lawrence.

Randy Phillippi and Rita Phillippi to Sharon Eaglemen, 2204 Gennessee Ct., Lawrence.

Stewart E. Nowlin, Trustee and Nancy S. Nowlin, Trustee to Randy Phillippi and Rita Phillippi, 4609 Harvard Rd., Lawrence.

D.L.D. Land Holding Company, LLC to Chelsea J. Swafford, 3815 Pinnacle Cir., Lawrence.

Thursday, June 18

Michael A. Mehl and Cassandra R. Branin to Nathan A. Ideus and Samantha D. Ideus, 1120 Cynthia St., Lawrence.

Yevhen Holubnyak and Elena Shergina to Christy A. Reyes and Alberto G. R. Valdez, 2406 Alabama St. 8C, Lawrence.

William R. Ottens and Nathan D. Chamberlain to Danny W. Moore and Cheryl D. Moore, 2717 Fenwick Rd., Lawrence.

Sheila C. Miller Revocable Trust to Joseph P. King and Jody L. King and Bennett King, 2218 Breckenridge Dr., Lawrence.

Elizabeth Barkley to Will F. Davis and Jessica A. Ray, 1001 Miami St., Baldwin City.

Susan D. McDaniel and Dierk K. McDaniel to Carrie C. Burke, 1554 Legend Trail Dr. Unit A, Lawrence.

Timothy J. Engemann, Trustee and Crystal L. Engemann, Trustee to Elizabeth Barkley, 989 E. 1600 Rd., Lawrence.

Friday, June 19

Angela C. Sanders to Michael T. Amlung and Laura L. Amlung, 4800 Tempe St., Lawrence.

Piper Real Estate Investments, LLC to Price Family Real Estate Holdings, LLC, 712 9th St., Baldwin City.

Susan T. McRory and John W. Middleton to Andrea Albright and Lance Adams, 1924 Rhode Island St., Lawrence.

Wayne H. Osness and Donna L. Osness to Tyler H. Epp and Melissa A. Epp, 1654 University Dr., Lawrence.

Eagle 1968, L.C. to Tucker S. Fritzel and Abbey M. Fritzel, 2021 Crossgate Dr., Lawrence.

Coleen Davison and Lujean Hiebert to Eric Berman, 1311 W. 22nd St., Lawrence.

Elizabeth A. Overmyer to Derek J. Crawford and Weston D. Crawford, 1102 Chapel St., Baldwin City.

Yankee Tank Estates LLC to High Ratl’r Ranch Partnership, 3215 Atchison Ave., Lawrence.

R&D Capital, LLC to Zachary Grabber and James J. Grabber, 909 W. 22nd St., Lawrence.

Lars Kjellerup to Reidel R. Ruedas, 907 Michigan St. Apt. 1, Lawrence.

Kari R. Nelson to Christina Cowart, 1509 W. 2nd Ter., Lawrence.

Antonio Hull to David A. Gray, 244 Earhart Cir., Lawrence.

Melinda J. Mitchell and Jerry D. Shuck to Martin P. Smith and Martha E. Proctor, 626 N. 1600 Rd., Rural.

Monday, June 22

Philip C. McWilliams and Janeen K. McWilliams to Alcides A.V. Perilla and Diana P. L. Ramirez, 1137 Williamsburg Ct., Lawrence.

Mark Pringle and Sandy Pringle to George H. Spencer and Lachelle R. Spencer, 710 Baker St., Baldwin City.

Shelby Franklin and Jill Franklin to Shawn P. Mahaffey, 920 Jasara Cir., Baldwin City.

Devon Poff and Ryan Poff to Barbara Hill, 1136 Pennsylvania St., Lawrence.

Elizabeth A. Guilfoyle and Joseph Guilfoyle to William C. Vincent Revocable Trust and Brienna B. Vincent Revocable Trust, 2233 Killarney Ct., Lawrence.

Linda R. Stauffer and Debra J. Fuston to Dennis N. Stauffer and Mary K. Stauffer, 225 Halderman St., Lecompton.

Newrez LLC to Trenton Froebe and Samantha Froebe, 1112 W. 13th Ln., Eudora.

Jesse Pimentel and Jason Devor and Amber Devor to Brianna M. Shaffar, 255 North Michigan St. #5-23, Lawrence.

Janice L. Vickers to Clay Brejcha, 1304 Oak Hill Ave., Lawrence.

Sean T. J. Hatch and Jillian A. Hatch to Michael D. Brown and Jessica J. Brown, 810 Lawrence Ave., Lawrence.

Michael Grossner and Karen Grossner to Vanessa Mathews and Jason P. Mathews, 110 Dearborn Cir., Baldwin City.

Anthony Fanello to Sean T. J. Hatch and Jillian Hatch, 1803 E 1200 Rd., Rural.

William H. Peterson and Carrie B. Peterson to Tim Rogers and Kellie Rogers, 1420 Legends Cir., Lawrence.

Tannyr J. Shelton to Cole R. Brenneke, 1277 E 2400 Rd., Rural.