Real estate transfers for June 9-15, 2020

Below are real estate transfers filed at the Douglas County Clerk’s Office for June 9-15.

Tuesday, June 9

Kim L. Heckathorne and John M. Heckathorne and Kelly J. Schwartz and Greg C. Schwartz to Zachary Baughan and Emily Baughan, 204 Lincoln St., Baldwin City.

Jay & Eileen Johnston Revocable Trust to Holbrook Investments LLC, Vacant Land, Rural.

Tyler Edwards and Hilary C. Edwards to Seth Sanchez, 1829 Villo Woods Ct., Lawrence.

William A. Gardner and Donna C. Gardner to Timberidge Construction Inc., 1700 South St. Blk. 3, Baldwin City.

Vincent E. Mrykalo and Madelyn K. Mrykalo to Kelley M. G. Basta and James M. Basta, 1833 W. 21st St., Lawrence.

Archie Murphy and Shelia Murphy to Chrispen M. Whim and Catherine J. Whim, Vacant Land, Rural.

78, LC to Grand Builders, Inc., 1114 W. 30th St., Lawrence.

78, LC to Grand Builders, Inc., 1118 W. 30th St., Lawrence.

78, LC to Grand Builders, Inc., 1122 W. 30th St., Lawrence.

78, LC to Grand Builders, Inc., 1126 W. 30th St., Lawrence.

Cameron R. Jacques and Kathryn D. Stevenson to Milton Scott, 3700 Trail Rd., Lawrence.

Donald K. Culbertson and Gayle Culbertson to Schmidt Contracting Inc., 739 Lake St., Lawrence.

Dorothy A. Curnes to Stephen Donly, 544 Millstone Dr., Lawrence.

Steven C. Ramos and Sarah A. Ramos to Preston Decker and Huirong Li, 2509 Allison Dr., Lawrence.

78, LC to Grand Builders, Inc., 1013 W. 30th St., Lawrence.

Joyce M. Long to Garrett D. Viets and Charley E. Cleaver, 1415 Brook St., Lawrence.

Robbins Acquisitions Inc. to Sarah A. Ramos and Steve Ramos, 3018 Longhorn Dr., Lawrence.

Wednesday, June 10

Jake Garber Construction, LLC to Aaron F. Carbuhn and Amanda L. Carbuhn, 3806 Daylily Ct., Lawrence.

Jacob W. Letourneau and Karla Letourneau to Katheryn E. Dewey and Stephen T. Dewey, 1205 E. 2114 Rd., Rural.

Black Door Signature Homes, Inc. to Molly Marshall and Kerry Campbell, 1605 Cog Hill Ct., Lawrence.

Hedge Tree, LLC to Rudd KS Properties Law, LLC, 1280 Timberidge Rd., Lawrence.

Amy Northrop and Larry Northrop to David A. Diener and Un S.P. Diener, 4109 Blackjack Oak Dr., Lawrence.

Commerce EAT, LLC to Chamerlain R. Newhouse, 2908 Harrison Ave., Lawrence.

Robert E. Ward and Joy K. Ward to Kari R. Nelson, 706 Sturbridge Ct., Lawrence.

John Jones and Shelby Jones to Payden Schlesner, 1001 E. 27th St., Lawrence.

Diane M. Long to Erin L. Maigaard and Matthew C. Maigaard, 809 Westgate Pl., Lawrence.

Todd J. Pederson and Colleen S. Pederson to Austin C. Hershberger and Samantha R. Hershberger, 1045 Moundridge Dr., Lawrence.

Jordan D. Roquemore and Kimberli A. Roquemore to Derek Baumgartner and Macy Baumgartner, 1007 Lakecrest Rd., Lawrence.

Thursday, June 11

Kevin Yancey and Hanna Seong to Elizabeth C. Hamil and Oliver Q. Hamil, 1105 Somerset Ct., Lawrence.

Joseph L. Edmonds and Carlotta J. Edmonds to Diana Perry and Lawrence Baker, 1219 W. 25th St., Lawrence.

Meghan W. Flanders and Camron B. Flanders to Steven C. Kohlenberg and Kelly L. Kohlenberg, 621 N. Nottingham Rd., Lawrence.

Bruce A. Sergeant and Julie F. Sergeant to Steven R. Adams, II and Stacie L. Adams, 419 Halderman St., Lecompton.

Erin P. Fitzgerald to Marquise D. Guesby and Amy W. Okoniewki-Guesby, 938 Birch St., Eudora.

Oregon Trail Holdings, LC to Jake Garber Construction, LLC, 434 Three Forks Dr., Lawrence.

Jake Garber Construction, LLC to Camron B. Flanders and Meghan W. Flanders, 3711 Prairie Clover Ct., Lawrence.

Oregon Trail Holdings, LC to Jake Garber Construction, LLC, 430 Three Forks Dr., Lawrence.

Oregon Trail Holdings, LC to Jake Garber Construction, LLC, 423 Three Forks Dr., Lawrence.

Paul Musselman and Amie Musselman to William A. Gardner and Donna C. Gardner, 518 1st St., Baldwin City.

KanMan Home Services, LLC to William Holt and Tammy Holt, 211 Hillside Dr., Baldwin City.

Friday, June 12

Chad Sansome and Beth Sansome to Stan Gimlin and Jennifer Gimlin, 1315 Maple Leaf Ct., Baldwin City.

Patrick Ferguson to Elisabeth M. Angel and Abraham J. Ortega, 1413 Legends Cir., Lawrence.

Opal V. Allison Living Trust to Luna Ventures, LLC, 1720 Vermont St., Lawrence.

Bowden Complete Construction, LLC to Chanelle J. Swanson and Anthony T. Swanson, 431 Elm St., Lawrence.

Steven B. Toalson and Marcia K. Toalson to Derek A. Gates and Kathryn S. Gates, 1005 Biltmore Dr., Lawrence.

Highland Construction, Inc. to Wayne L. And Debra K. Stout Revocable Trust, 318 Dean Ct., Lawrence.

Garber Enterprises, Inc. to Kevin S. Raley and Sheida K. Raley, 723 N. Wild Plum Ct., Lawrence.

Brian J. Smith to Andrea Woods, 326 Birch Ln., Lawrence.

Linda M. Shirk to Larry P. Eubanks and Susan J. Eubanks, 3219 Huntington Rd., Lawrence.

Thurlow Development Corporation to Jonathan A. LeBeau and Carrie LeBeau, 1505 W. 25th Ct., Lawrence.

Steven P. Bauer and Susan C. Bauer to John R. Benda and Lydia A. Benda, 806 Randall Rd., Lawrence.

Nicholas R. Orwig and Emily A. Orwig to Jessica L. Horn, 312 Bowstring Dr., Lawrence.

Stanley W. Gimlin and Jennifer D. Gimlin to Amanda K. Maly and Alexander M. Travis, 2103 E. 17th St., Lawrence.

Mary L. Wright to Ryan M. Krase and Meggan C. Krase, 1734 Illinois St., Lawrence.

Hoover Real Estate, LC to MIKO LLC, 1601 Acorn Ln., Eudora.

Gene E. Kelly and Linda S. Kelly to Theresa R. Little and Arthur A. Thompson, 826 Crawford Dr., Lawrence.

Wayne W. Hulshof and Barbara P. Hulshof to Misty D. Jensen and Roger Jensen, 2087 E. 1400 Rd., Rural.

1650 Cambridge, LLC to Nathan Williams, 1650 Cambridge Rd., Lawrence.

Monday, June 15

Hani Chahine and Courtney Chahine and Ryan Wallace to Partha Bhurtel, 4105 Wimbledon Dr., Lawrence.

Judy A. Mongold and Terri L. O’Neill to Taylor E. Newell, 2110 E. 350 Rd., Rural.

Gallal N. Obeid to Zachery R. Leeker and Braxton E. Leeker, 1410 Northfield Ct., Lawrence.

Platinum Funds, LLC to David J. Gundersen, 1725 Alabama St., Lawrence.

Matthew R. Del Vecchio and Sarah D. Casto to Jennifer L. McDonald, 3808 Shadybrook Ln., Lawrence.

Stephen T. Aschenbrenner and Kayse E. Aschenbrenner to Gallal N. Obeid, 590 N. 775 Rd., Rural.

Aaron Pursley and Sara M. Pursley to Jevan O. Bremby and Shannon K. Portillo, 1037 April Rain Rd., Lawrence.

Shannon K. Portillo to Sarah Casto, 736 N. 3rd St., Lawrence.

Erica Gudenkauf to Amber R. Ingram and Michael D. Ingram, 3420 Morning Dove Cir., Lawrence.

Jeff L. Culp to Ruben B. Markstrom and Mary F. Markstrom, 3001 W. 28th St., Lawrence.

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, this record of transfers was compiled in August 2020 and backdated to the date when it would normally have been released by the Douglas County Clerk’s Office.