Real estate transfers for June 2-8, 2020

Below are real estate transfers filed at the Douglas County Clerk’s Office for June 2-8.

Tuesday, June 2

James R. Kiely to Douglas R. Prier and Samantha Prier, 344 E. 2100 Rd., Rural.

Ann W. Haley to Christopher B. Haley and Taryn Blankenship, 1745 E. 945 Rd. & Vacant Land, Rural.

Collection LLC to Noel C. Sanchez, 1719 Alabama St., Lawrence.

Michael E. McAtee and Kalissa H. K. McAtee to Micha K. Bastian and Matthew W. Bastian, 1936 Pebble Beach Ct., Lawrence.

Michael A. Flory Rev. Trust and Cheryl A. Flory Rev. Trust to Robert F. Hornberger and Brenda L. January, 3904 Bob Billings Pkwy., Lawrence.

Benjamin P. Gleeson and Kate Gleeson to Walter C. Clogston and Antoinette M. Clogston, 415 Illinois St., Lawrence.

Donald G. Parr Jr. and Victoria L. Parr to Trevor Leahy and Savannah Leahy, Vacant Land, Lawrence.

Kyle Bray and Alysha J. Bray to Kenneth W. Kies and Suzanne Kies, 830 Pine St., Eudora.

Tracy Rogers and Judy Rogers to Michael G. Morris, 2911 Flint Ct., Lawrence.

Wednesday, June 3

Rodney W. Caldwell and Emily M. Caldwell to Robin Gaschler, 203 Aspen Ln., Lawrence.

Steven L. Zimmerman and Beth M. Zimmerman to Josh Brown and Phuong Nguyen, 22 Browning Ct., Eudora.

78, LC to Grand Builders, Inc., 1121 W. 30th St., Lawrence.

Jake Garber Construction LLC to Jacob L. Rose and Brandy M. Rose, 3907 Prairie Rose St., Lawrence.

Dennis M. Feighny and Mary Feighny to Amanda C. Brown, 2220 Melholland Rd., Lawrence.

Edith L. Aubry to Auston W. Jacobsen, 1320 Summit St., Lawrence.

Matthew W. Grammer to Elizabeth Barkley, 1001 Miami St., Baldwin City.

Pine Family Investments, LC to Ralph E. Newell and Kimberly K. Newell, Vacant Land, Rural.

Brett A. Fritzel and Lori C. Fritzel and Devon J. Fritzel and Whitney Fritzel to Zachary R. Bickling, 2021 Naismith Dr., Lawrence.

Jason French and Kathryn French to Jill Stueve and Ryan Stueve, 1242 Prairie Ave., Lawrence.

Morgan Stebens and Kody Stebens to Travis Morris, 2017 E. 28th St., Lawrence.

Thursday, June 4

Clay C. Chapman and Carol J. Chapman to Samuel M. Rosentengle, 114 Hillside Dr., Baldwin City.

Carol S. March Living Trust to Todd Snethen, 1920 Miller Dr., Lawrence.

Stephen Donly to Carl Schmitt, 422 Minnesota St., Lawrence.

Partners In Grace, LLC to Building Blocks Daycare Center, LLC, 2416 National Ln., Lawrence.

Joshua Smith and Amber Smith to Loni L. Ogden, Jr., 398 E. 1807 Rd., Rural.

Product, LC to Michael R. Polk, Vacant Land, Rural.

Chad Trumble and Sarah Springsteen to Benjamin Baellow and Sarah Baellow, 309 North Wood Ln., Lawrence.

Molly Krause and Robert Krause to Scott M. Mitchell and Jessica K. Mitchell, 933 Delaware St., Lawrence.

Friday, June 5

Justin M. Peavey and April E. Peavey to Alerus LLC, 1310 Chestnut Ln., Eudora.

HERE, LLC to Karissa B. Adams, 620 Elm St., Lawrence.

John A. Emerson II to Hill And Hill, LLC, 328 E. 1400 Rd., Rural.

Katlyn O’Connor to Lynn Gentleman and Duane Gentleman, 1610 N. 1021 Rd. & Vacant Land, Rural.

Kasey J. Emling and Laura Emling to Jacob W. Stratton and Elizabeth G. Stratton, 1627 Savage St., Eudora.

Richard A. Williams and Cheryl S. Williams to Lacey Daly, 577 E. 2200 Rd., Rural.

JKW, LC to Shannon Oury, 226 Park Ave., Lawrence.

Rust L. Eddy and Sheryl D. Scales to Brian Both and Erin Grant, 1941 Kentucky St., Lawrence.

Jana Wiley to Mary A. LeDosquet and Joseph LeDosquet, 6030 Blue Nile Dr., Lawrence.

Paul Bost and Megan Bost to Colin P. Halliburton and Lindsey A. Kellenbarger, 2113 Ousdahl Rd., Lawrence.

Ian M. Glanzman and Jessica Peterson to Jessica M. Little-Greenberg, 2815 Crestline Dr., Lawrence.

Shirley J. Johnson to Ashley P. Bost and Megan M. Bost, 1311 N. 1082 Rd., Rural.

Monday, June 8

Brian L. Stapleton and Stephanie L. Stapleton to Corey D. Roberts and Danielle L. Roberts, 4312 Helianthus Dr., Lawrence.

Jason M. Todd and Alexandra J. Todd to Brian K. Jobe and Kelly L. Jobe, Vacant Land, Rural.

Michael A. Gettino and Paula S. Gettino Family Trust to JCJ Investments, LLC, Vacant Land, Rural.

Tyler J. Vazquez-Barry to Ashley R. Nusser, 407 Arkansas St., Lawrence.

Charles K. Novogradac and Deborah A. Milks to Jesus D. T. Takaki, 945 Ohio St., Lawrence.

J Bar J Investments LLC to Benjamin Gleeson and Kate Gleeson, 705 W. 4th St., Lawrence.

Gary O. Bennett and Kay F. Bennett to Robert S. Wallace and Joseph Sullivan, 3701/3703 Brush Creek Dr., Lawrence.

Laura Sutliffe to Adam Whitaker and Holly Wittenbach, 2716 Larkspur Ct., Lawrence.

Aaron F. Carbuhn and Amanda L. Carbuhn to Blaine Juhl and Molly Juhl, 3809 Stetson Dr., Lawrence.

Alan P. Grant to Jarret Schmidt, 394 E. 1807 Rd., Lawrence.

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, this record of transfers was compiled in August 2020 and backdated to the date when it would normally have been released by the Douglas County Clerk’s Office.