Real estate transfers for July 14-20, 2020

Below are real estate transfers filed at the Douglas County Clerk’s Office for July 14-20.

Tuesday, July 14

David D. Wensel and Toni R. Wensel to Atanas Mihov and Deteline K. Stoyanova, 1013 Biltmore Dr., Lawrence.

Stephen Ayres, LLC to Jeremy L. Chambers, 417 Blaze Blvd., Baldwin City.

BMH Builders, LLC to William A. Wempe and Susan M. Wempe, 1221 Juniper Ln., Lawrence.

Layne Properties, LLC to Bruce Banning and Patricia A. Van Vliet-Banning, 1032/1034 Jana Dr., Lawrence.

Patricia D. Ransone to Mark Stayton and Tary Stayton, 13 Winona Ave., Lawrence.

Lucille S. Toback to Walter C. Clogston and Antoinette M. Clogston, 1308 New Hampshire St., Lawrence.

Jeffrey B. Lamb and Sophie A. Lamb to Robert K. Jacobs and Michelle A. Jacobs, 1709 Troon Ln., Lawrence.

Glenn D. Capistrant and Kweitze K. Capistrant to Casey H. Clarkson and Jennifer K. Clarkson, 1881 E 964 Rd., Rural.

Margaret J. Bieri and Estate of Peter V. Bieri to Jeffrey B. Lamb and Sophie A. Lamb, 1548 El Dorado Dr., Lawrence.

Jeffrey Scott and Meghan Scott to Albert E. Dayoub, 1465 Marilee Dr., Lawrence.

Wednesday, July 15

John C. Wade and Susan L. Wade to Alana Ryan, 1608 Troon Ln., Lawrence.

Douglas County 27th Trust to Heidi Rios and Dena Podrebarac, 1516 W. 27th St., Lawrence.

Arthur L. Miles and Lois C. Miles to Timothy D. Gajewski, Vacant Land, Rural.

Charles Whittaker and April Whittaker to Scott Hardesty and Lora Hardesty, Vacant Land, Rural.

Donna J. Geisler Trust to City of Lawrence, 812 Ohio St., Lawrence.

Barry L. Sterling and Maria V. C. Sterling to Ryan A. Paget and Mindie R. Paget, 3057 W. 8th St., Lawrence.

Michael R. Maude and Seth D. Pelzer to Gary L. Woodland Revocable Trust, 105 N Running Ridge Rd., Lawrence.

Salb Homes, LLC to John C. Wade and Susan L. Wade, 2250 Lake Pointe Dr. #403, Lawrence.

James R. Bauer and Shelby R. Bauer to Tristar Investments, LLC, 1801 Alabama St., Lawrence.

Darin Denning and Chris Denning to Matthew Vargas and Christian Vargas, 2836 Maine Ct., Lawrence.

Hurley Properties LLC to Joe L. Harness, 801/803 Michigan St., Lawrence.

Raymond G. Sawyer and Deborah L. Sawyer to Tammara V. Capps and Gregory N. Capps, 1111 Stone Meadows Dr., Lawrence.

Michael D. Stultz and Roberta J. Stultz to Thomas N. Lewis and Kathryn M. Lewis, Vacant Land, Rural.

Amanda Johnson and Brandon Johnson to Edward Ray, 640 Rhode Island St., Lawrence.

Kyle D. Roberts and Michele L. Roberts to Kody Roberts and Monique Dixon, 222 Summertree Ln., Lawrence.

Anna J. Paradis and Nathan R. Paradis to Bryan A. Mann and Jaclyn L. Dudek, 2245 Rhode Island St., Lawrence.

Thursday, July 16

Peter C. Allegre and Helen J. Allegre to Ryko B. Geyer, 3231 W. 26th St., Lawrence.

Jacob M. Montgomery and Kristin E. Montgomery to Dennis L. Gill and Sarah J. Gill, 255 North Michigan St. #13-81, Lawrence.

Friday, July 17

Stephen R. Haught and Nina G. Haught to Gina M. Graham, 202 Lawrence Ave., Lawrence.

Michael A. Johnson and Pamela D. Bailey to John M. Moon and Sonia Cazares, 323 N. Eaton Dr., Lawrence.

Ohio Mortgage Investors, LLC to Penn Street Lofts Housing Partners, LP, 800 Pennsylvania St., Lawrence.

Minnis Building & Design Co., LLC to Hikmat Al-Hashimi, 321 Loges Ct., Lawrence.

Drippe Homes, Inc. to Karl R. Williams and Catherine C. Williams, 5225 Spruce St., Lawrence.

Truman C. Gamblin and Audrey L. Lamb to Haiying Long and Baoshan He, 5200 Stonecreek Ct., Lawrence.

Melody Evans to Kasey A. Monroe, 922 Missouri St., Lawrence.

Broad Street Funding Trust II to Scanello Leasing LLC, 1926 Clare Rd., Lawrence.

Arnold Feinberg and Diana Dunkley to Niki L. Fincham, 1804 Brook St., Lawrence.

Veritas Christian School Society to Clinton B. Canterbury and Randi D. Canterbury, Vacant Land, Rural.

2017-2FL, LLC to Alison L. Boydston and Curtis D. Chrisco, 2445 E. 26th Ter., Lawrence.

Ross M. Sterling and Amanda N. Sterling to Jonas E. Vashey, 803 Arizona Ct., Lawrence.

John K. McKinney and Young S. McKinney to Brandy Lancaster and Nicholas Hilpman, 3206 Huntington Rd., Lawrence.

John Schrag and Catherine Schrag to Alison Berger, 1413 Lawrence Ave., Lawrence.

Timothy M. Van Leer and Donna J. Van Leer to Lori Underwood and Jeffrey S. Underwood, 5213 Branchwood Ct., Lawrence.

Robert C. Schulte and Laura O. Schulte to Kyle D. Roberts and Michele L. Roberts, 1515 Crossgate Dr., Lawrence.

James R. Singleton and Heather R. Singleton to Bradley Owen and Sara Owen, 1561 N. 300 Rd., Rural.

Mark E. Hawley and Linda D. Hawley to Peter Koenig and Kristen Jordan, 1173 N. 1250 Rd., Rural.

WE1929, LLC to Brandon Eakes and Kelly Eakes, 5207 Cedar Grove Ct., Lawrence.

Cory S. Meyersick and Jodie M. Meyersick to Faith C. Lawrenz, 3513 Sweet Grass Ct., Lawrence.

Dever Family Rev. Trust to Kelly C. McCoy and Tori A. McCoy, 1124 Oak Tree Dr., Lawrence.

Andre A. Faucher and Jessica L. Faucher to Dorothy C. Schmitendorf, 255 North Michigan St. #14-85, Lawrence.

Bryan A. Banz and Julia J. Banz to Alison F. Littell, 2100 Vermont St., Lawrence.

Steven A. Everley, Trustee to Martin Holland and Bari Holland, Vacant Land, Rural.

Fieldstone, LLC to Jonathan Works and Krystyna Works, 803 N Field Stone Dr., Lawrence.

Catherine C. Williams Rev. Trust to Michael D. Perry and Debra J. Perry, 626 N. Pennycress Dr., Lawrence.

Highland Construction, Inc. to Volz Builders, LLC, 317 Loges Ct., Lawrence.

Ashley R. Crary Trust to Cory S. Meyersick and Jodie M. Meyersick, 611 N. Wren Dr., Lawrence.

Alison L. Boydston to Andre A. Faucher and Jessica L. Faucher, 2408 Missouri St., Lawrence.

Monday, July 20

Highland Construction, Inc. to Minnis Building & Design Co., LLC, 313 Loges Ct., Lawrence.

CP Property Holdings, LC to Drippe Homes, Inc., 322 & 324 N. Keaton Ct., Lawrence.

Sonya Gordon and Tye Gordon to Levi T. Parkin and Eva C. Parkin, 804 Baker St., Baldwin City.

Agnes C. Scott Trust to Kevin J. Fredrickson and Lisa L. Fredrickson, Vacant Land, Rural.

Pamela J. Haehl to Hannes Combest, 514 Regents St., Lawrence.

Jacquelin D. Sundell and Craig Sundell to Hannes Combest, 514 Regents St., Lawrence.

Patricia L. Campbell, Trustee to Fred S. Cook and Amy O. Cook, 1208 Lawrence Ave., Lawrence.

Larry M. Rankin, Co-Trustee and Joyce C. Rankin, Co-Trustee to Jodi M. Bachelor and Stephen M. Clay, 3805 Tiffany Dr., Lawrence.

Matthew Swindell and Megan Seiler to Christine Stiehl, 1209 E. 25th Ter., Lawrence.