Real estate transfers for July 7-13, 2020

Below are real estate transfers filed at the Douglas County Clerk’s Office for July 7-13.

Tuesday, July 7

Drew Miller and Laura Miller to Joshua Read, 2802 Maine Ct., Lawrence.

Jonathan W. Slemmer and Kristi L. Neufeld to Gilbert G. Karuga and Faith Gathunguri, 4001 W. 13th St., Lawrence.

Timothy D. Hamilton and Sofiana J. O. Abalan to Paul Sinowitz and Samantha Sinowitz, 2406 Alabama St., Lawrence.

Duane R. Moon to Baylie L. Moon, 711 Randall Rd., Lawrence.

Jack K. Beller and Kerry M. Beller to Nina O. Tintner and Samantha M. Tintner and Marc E. Tintner and Pamela J. Tintner, 2508 Crestline Cir., Lawrence.

Alex Hammes and Julie Hammes to Raymond and Rita Jordan Map Trust, 1431 Briarwood Ct., Eudora.

Jeffrey D. Dean and Karen T. Dean to Bern Geyer and Hope Collins, 5702 W. Goff Ct., Lawrence.

Levi C. Wedel to Jason Shank and Nancy Shank, 413 N. Olivia Ave., Lawrence.

Drippe Homes, Inc. to Kyle L. Rounds and Heather R. Rounds, 2533 Ralston St., Lawrence.

Wednesday, July 8

JSC Plus, LLC to Cory J. Baker and Lisa L. Baker, 1933 Hillview Rd., Lawrence.

Wali Sultani to David Frayer and Jeanette M. Spencer, 2516 W. 24th Ter., Lawrence.

Jared M. Hoke and Katherine M. Hoke to William R. Saltmarsh and Mary Douglas, 621 Louisiana St., Lawrence.

Nathan Marlow and Cheyenne Hansen-Marlow to Amalia Mendez, 3613 Gunnison Dr., Lawrence.

Christopher O. Cunningham and Amy Cunningham to Ryan D. Nelson and Julie E. Martell, 1933 Learnard Ave., Rural.

Lawks Group LC to Todd F. Pickerell and Heidi R. Pickerell, 1413 W. 4th St., Lawrence.

Gregory L. Cobble and Jennifer L. Cobble to Chris Perkins and Trisha Perkins, 313 Settlers Dr., Lawrence.

Tasha M. Flaherty and Ricky W. Flaherty and David L. Oakes and Brenda M. Oakes to Amanda Montgomery, 1219 Helen Ct., Lawrence.

Julie E. Martell to Alyson Frydman and Jane Frydman, 2109 New Hampshire St., Lawrence.

Thursday, July 9

Hilary L. Morton to Connor J. Stotts, 1909 Kentucky St., Lawrence.

Erin Hemphill and Brandon Hemphill to Susan C. Parscal, 307 W. 16th Ter., Eudora.

Peter V. Shenouda and Deana C. Shenouda to Jeffrey N. Scott and Meghan K. Scott, 4133 Teal Dr., Lawrence.

James E. Faulkner and Kathleen Faulkner to Patrick J. Halton and Neta Halton, 5715 Villa Dr., Lawrence.

API Americas Inc. to Greenway Circle, Inc., 3800 Greenway Dr. & 3841 Greenway Cir., Lawrence.

Wayne A. Dennis and Elizabeth E. Dennis to Brandon C. Hemphill and Erin E. Hemphill, 2317 Pheasant Pl., Eudora.

Danny L. Lattin and Ferrol J. Lattin Rev. Living Trust to Terry E. Pentecost and Debora M. Pentecost, Stratford Rd., Lawrence.

Estate of Blanche D. Matthews to David Learned, 2703 Stratford Rd., Lawrence.

Friday, July 10

Bronoski Family Trustee to Scott Bronoski, 1428 E 902 Rd. & Vacant Land, Rural.

Richard W. Miller and Robin L. Miller to Ross A. Harris, 318 Signal Ridge Dr., Baldwin City.

Brad A. Gale and Kathryn E. Gale to Dwight S. Simmons and Jennifer L. Simmons, 941 April Rain Rd., Lawrence.

Landstar Development LC to Emily Kuenzi and Blake Kuenzi, 312 N White Dr., Lawrence.

Terry L. Fursman to Richard W. Miller and Robin L. Miller, 916 Deer Ridge Ct., Baldwin City.

Seth Bailey and Marilyn Bailey to Chelsey M. Trevino and Brandon L. Trevino, 2904 Yellowstone Dr., Lawrence.

Drippe Homes, Inc. to Michele B. Bach, 322 N. Parker Cir., Lawrence.

Gregory N. Capps and Tammara V. Capps to Andrew Bowman and Casey O. Bowman, 3911 Sweetclover St., Lawrence.

Chad Dick and Mickey Dick to Daniel Messick and Sarah Messick, 508 Santa Fe Ct., Baldwin City.

Casey O. Bowman and Andrew Bowman to Patricia Eddishaw, 5005 Congressional Way, Lawrence.

WE1929, L.L.C. to Minnis Building & Design Co. LLC, 5209 Cedar Grove Way, Lawrence.

WE1929, L.L.C. to Minnis Building & Design Co. LLC, 5205 Cedar Grove Way, Lawrence.

Robbie D. Gattis and Rhonda R. Gattis to Scott Workman and Rose Schuh, 1816 Sweetwater Ct., Lawrence.

Michael L. Hirschmann and Michelle Hirschmann to Cheryl Kurtz, 419 2nd St., Baldwin City.

Ad Astra Investments, LLC to Seth A. Bailey and Marilyn M. Bailey, 2002 Camelback Dr., Lawrence.

Delana A. Lee to Tanya M. Kulaga and Gregory W. Thompson, 404 Perry St., Lawrence.

Hui C. Un and Yung Y. Un to Steven Nearenberg, 545 Ohio St., Lawrence.

Marcia E. Butell to Brock McGinnis and Megan McGinnis, 3931 Aster St., Lawrence.

Rankyong Oh to Siang C. Lim and Samuel C. E. Lim, 1424 B. Brighton Cir., Lawrence.

Richard S. Young and Kenna L. Young to Lindsey N. Purcell, 2401 Haversham Dr., Lawrence.

Brenda P. Fielding and Robert M. Fielding and Heather V.L. Gebhardt and Tommy Gebhardt to Tabitha Borger, 1427 Legends Cir., Lawrence.

Monday, July 13

Pravin L. Albee and Lata P. Albee to Longleaf Holdings, LLC, 1493 Hwy 40, Rural.

Marc Carlson and Sarah Carlson and Heather Jackson and Chris Jackson and Glenda Rockers to Megan T. Goodyear, Co- Trustee, and Adam M. Goodyear, Co-Trustee, Vacant Land, Rural.

Paul E. Soyland and Erica Soyland to David Levy-Bremer, 4209 Jacob Ave., Lawrence.

Rene Tubic and Ashleigh Mann to John S. Ray Revocable Trust, 1013 Wagon Wheel Rd., Lawrence.

David M. Berner and Rebecca Berner to Justin L. Modrell and Jessica N. Modrell, 3215 Huntington Rd., Lawrence.

Zachary J. Harwood and Caitlin B. Fisher to Nickolas D. Joseph, 765 N 7th St., Lawrence.

Justin L. Modrell and Jessica N. Modrell to Jason Schmits and Amber Lord, 205 Kaw Ct., Lawrence.

Douglas R. Lockwood to Tim Hildebrand and Kathy Hildebrand, 3504/3506 W. 24th St., Lawrence.

Jesse M. McNellis and Frances H. McNellis to Jenna Groth and Nevin Godfrey, 3327 W. 8th St., Lawrence.

Marie A. Rogers and Jeff G. Rogers to Felix I. Sommerville and Rae N. Sommerville, 2231 Tennessee St., Lawrence.

Monte W. Barcus and Angela R. Barcus to Larry Southammavong and Mai K. Vang, 3009 Flint Dr., Lawrence.

Robert Krause and Molly Krause to Walnut Street, LLC, 835 E. 13th St., Lawrence.