Real estate transfers for Jan. 7-13, 2020

Below are real estate transfers filed at the Douglas County Clerk’s Office for Jan. 7-13.

Tuesday, January 7

Gary D. Tryon and Mandy L. Tryon to Jonathan M. Northrup, 1219 W. 29th Ct., Lawrence.

Michael W. Davis and Karyn Z. Davis to Christi P. Murrison and Paul R. Murrison, 1513 Alvamar Dr., Lawrence.

Wednesday, January 8

Charles R. Seaman and Reantha K. Seaman to Mary L. Matthews, 255 North Michigan St. Unit 9-48, Lawrence.

Federal Nation Mortgage Association to Gary L. Black and Merry K. Black, 1809 Maple Ln., Lawrence.

Aaron A. Thakker and Kore Lippoldt and Robert C. Giffin and Amy Giffin to Shannon P. Watterson and Kristen R. Watterson, 1024 Acorn Dr., Eudora.

Kyle E. Hopkins and Alise E. Hopkins to RBRRentals, LLC, 640/642 Maine St., Lawrence.

Arbor Properties LLC to Jill K. Riley and David V. Evans, 2602 Louisiana St., Lawrence.

Annette Hughes and Tommy W. Hughes to RBRRentals, LLC, 636/638 Maine St., Lawrence.

Thursday, January 9

Camden M. Champagne and Saundra L. Champagne, to, Jeff Simpson and Staci Simpson, 821 Chapel St., Baldwin City.

John A. Morford to Kelly W. Neufeld and Stacy L. Neufeld, Vacant Land, Rural.

Michael D. Cain and Miriam R. Cain to Lanny W. Maddux and Patricia R. Maddux, 2416 Morningside Dr., Lawrence.

Christopher L. Craig and Leah J. Craig to Terry R. Pederson and Tiffani N. Pederson, 2700 Inverness Ct., Lawrence.

Peymon Zereshki and Rubab Kaka to Leroy Kelly and Cynthia A. Kelly, 3414 Morning Dove Cir., Lawrence.

Friday, January 10

Quint T, LLC to Kill Creek Post & Beam, LTD, 1228 Greenbrier Dr., Eudora.

Mark R. Walker to Sara Bastemeyer, 3401 Chance Ln., Lawrence.

RLCC, Inc. to James D. Norton Jr. and Katherine A. Norton, 5215 Cedar Grove Ct., Lawrence.

Richard Ramos and April Ramos to Taylor Treichel, 1508 W. 21st Ter., Lawrence.

Federal National Mortgage Association to Chris Craig and Leah Craig, 2718 Coneflower Ct., Lawrence.

Norbert M. Grosdidier Revocable Living Trust to Mandy Shockley and Aaron Shockley, Vacant Land, Rural.

Ruth R. Culvahouse, Trustee to Joshua M. Pearson and Megan C. Pearson, 2651 Arkansas St., Lawrence.

Christopher J. Streitberger and Jennifer L. Streitberger to Marty E. Henderson and Barbara J. Henderson, 803 W. 25th St. A,B,C, Lawrence.

Toby M. Eastland and Jackie S. Eastland to Richard M. Smith and Michelle L. Smith, 1369 Stonecreek Dr., Lawrence.

Lawrence Habitat for Humanity, Inc. to Georgia Foster, 179 N. Comfort Ct., Lawrence.

Anthony S. Hyde and Karen G. Hyde to Troy Sallee, 2005 E. 30th St., Lawrence.

Tenants To Homeowners, Inc. to Matthew S. Needham, 906 LaSalle St., Lawrence.

Monday, January 13

Sabah Ansar and Syed F. Farhat to Trent D. Santee and Kiley J. Santee, 2709 Wildflower Dr., Lawrence.

Lauren N. Stromberg and Jeffrey D. Stromberg to Jack Clothier and Haley Clothier, 807 Lawrence Ave., Lawrence.

Robert D. Geddings and Carla Geddings to James Findley, 315 Perry St., Lawrence.