Real estate transfers for Dec. 31, 2019-Jan. 6., 2020

Below are real estate transfers filed at the Douglas County Clerk’s Office for Dec. 31-Jan. 6.

Tuesday, December 31

Myra L. Brazell, Trustee to Zachariah W. Haeffner and Kelli J. Haeffner, Vacant Land, Rural.

Kern Management Company, LLC to Jeffrey D. Stromberg and Lauren N. Stromberg, 1052 E. 1200 Rd., Lawrence.

Thomas J. Hoffman and Linda L. Blackledge to Luna Properties of Lawrence, LLC, 1542 Tennessee, 1600 Tennessee, 308 W. 16th St. and 312 W. 16th St., Lawrence.

Fall Creek Farms Development, Inc. to Terravest Custom Homes, LLC, 205 Bramble Bend Ct., Lawrence.

Fay Sturm-White and Dorothy Sturm to Brice Wiswell and Lisa Wiswell, Vacant Land, Rural.

Lawrence Kansas Rentals LLC to Brenda S. Wilch, 1131 Randall Rd., Lawrence.

Rust L. Eddy and Sheryl D. Scales to Kern Real Estate, LLC, 1831 Alabama St., Lawrence.

Capitol Federal Savings Bank to Alejandra M. I. G. Carrasco and Eugenio G. Guzman, 1630 Rose Ln., Lawrence.

Myra L. Brazell to Robert J. Harris and Marleen S. Harris, Vacant Land, Rural.

Wednesday, January 1 – New Year’s Day Holiday

Thursday, January 2

JoAnn Arnold to Michael E. Hart and Starr W. Hart, 3 E. 150 Rd., Rural.

Drippe Homes, Inc. to Jess Sturgeon and Stephanie Sturgeon, 917/919 Renaissance Dr., Lawrence.

Bauer Management, LC to Bechtel Holdings, LLC, 2212/2214, 2216/2218 Greenbrier Dr., Lawrence.

Coffman Construction, Inc. to George F. Grieb and Malinda J. Alexander, 1318 N. 1031 Rd., Rural.

Joseph A. Baker and Patricia E. Baker and William W. Eddy Jr. Revocable Trust and Thomas H. Groene Revocable Trust to 1011 LLC, 1011 Westdale Rd., Lawrence.

Gunnar Kirby and Brooke Kirby to David R. Rinke, 2546 Elm St., Eudora.

Charles E. Lacey Trust to Joseph A. Baker and Patricia E. Baker, 2406 Alabama St. 5A,5B,5C,5D, Lawrence.

Friday, January 3

James H. Boyle and Judy M. Boyle to Debra S. Pepple, Trustee, 1017 Langston Ct., Lawrence.

Constance J. Bryan and Richard A. Bryan and Sheryl K. Shockey and Charles E. Shockey, III and Forrest D. Brown and Vicki S. Brown and Candace S. Mastio to Brain Larkin, 934 Illinois St., Lawrence.

Tamara L. Gwaltney, Trustee to James H. Boyle, III and Judy M. Boyle, 604 N. 1602 Rd., Rural.

Robert N. D. Barber and Ana Y. Inacio and Holly Hildreth and Peter Hildreth to Kandra E. Schmidtberger, 796 E. 1217 Rd., Rural.

Rick A. Ross to April S. Scott, 820 Grove St., Baldwin City.

Salb Homes, LLC to Joseph Y. D. Egglefield and Kathryn D. Flood, 406 Freemont Dr., Lawrence.

Frances A. Wulfkuhle, Trustee to Michael T. Kennedy and Jacquie L. Kennedy, Vacant Land, Rural.

Zephyr Properties, LLC to Mary L. Roberts, 139 Minnesota St., Lawrence.

L.J. Garber Construction, LLC to Brandon Kennedy, 988 E. 1472 Rd., Rural.

Judith A. Branine-Alberding to James W. Moore, 117 Pawnee Ave., Lawrence.

Kaw Crane Rental & Sales, L.C. to Philip D. Chiles, 2220 Delaware St., Lawrence.

Grand Builders, Inc. to Timothy D. Buchhorn, 914 W. 30th St., Lawrence.

Monday, January 6

David M. Hill and Pamela K. Hill to Ethan T. Unfred and Shelby R. Unfred, 1212 Bison Ct., Baldwin City.

Kristine S. Furlought and Gunda I. Georg to Matthew Westall, 1218 & 1218 1/2 Connecticut St., Lawrence.

John Bullock and Eliza Bullock to Margaret Coggins, 1628 Dudley Ct., Lawrence.

Randall C. Moore and Miran Jeon to Matthew J. Herbert and Rachael Sudlow, 3018 Havrone Way, Lawrence.