Real estate transfers for Dec. 22-28, 2020

Below are real estate transfers filed at the Douglas County Clerk’s Office for Dec. 22-28.

Tuesday, Dec. 22

Jeffery A. Day and Sheryl U. Day to Jeri Sledd and Brian Sledd, 710 E. 14th Pl., Eudora.

Bended Branch, LLC to Suzanne K. Murphy, 1035 Pennsylvania St., Lawrence.

Bruce Banning and Patricia A. Van Vliet-Banning to Kelly Reiling, 1032 & 1034 Jana Dr., Lawrence.

1017 Delaware, LLC to Ellivia A. Cameron and Kaelan S. Cameron, 1017 Delaware St., Lawrence.

Michael L. Berndt and Michele A. Berndt to Susan M. Pitts and Brian Pitts, 1115 Jersey St., Baldwin City.

Roger L. Dannevik and Bettie L. Dannevik to Stephan H. Koger, III and Heidi I. Koger, 405 Pasadena Dr., Lawrence.

Roland E. and Barbara J. Evilsizor Irrevocable Trust to Aegis Properties KC, LLC, 2035 Kentucky St., Lawrence.

Royce D. Stiffler and Delores F. Stiffler to Timothy G. Durkin, 724/728 Acorn St., Eudora.

Stephen H. Koger III and Heidi I. Koger to RB LLC, 1122 Silver Rain Rd., Lawrence.

Fall Creek Farms Development, Inc. to Stockade Street LLC, 208 Stockade, Lawrence.

Ponderosa Development, LLC to CSR Ponderosa LLC, 1200 E. 25th St., Lawrence.

Phuong Nguyen and Atopme Moungnarath to Robert F. Hornberger and Brenda L. January, 2730 Bluestem Dr., Lawrence.

Wednesday, Dec. 23

John F. Magnuson and Cynthia L. Magnuson to W.M. Kim Roddis and Lindsey L. Spratt, 435 Maine St., Lawrence.

Verma J. Griffin Living Trust to Poje Properties, LLC, 1716 Kent Ter., Lawrence.

Brent E. Flanders and Lisa A. Flanders Revocable Family Trust to Colin Flanders, 1872 Villo Woods Ct., Lawrence.

David W. Booth to Candice J. Breshears and Richard M. Breshears, Vacant Land, Rural.

Kadell K. Roorda to The Collection LLC, Vacant Land, Lawrence.

Jesse W. Bahner and Monica N. Chase to Brent S. Parks II and Amber G. Parks, 623 Flame Way, Baldwin City.

Kadell K. Roorda and Barbara M. Roorda Trust to The Collection LLC, 3620 W. Timber Ct., Lawrence.

Eric M. Jepson to Tennille M. McAtee, 233 Campbell Dr., Lawrence.

Paul L. VanCleave to Stephanie R. Newell, 315 Oklahoma St., Lawrence.

Jason Sutton and Valerie Sutton to Justin W. Heitz and Abigail T. Heitz, 6310 Rockaway Dr., Lawrence.

Garber Enterprises, Inc. to Ryan Shaughnessy and Christina Smith, 328 & 330 Birch Ln., Lawrence.

Steven R. Vukelich Jr. and Cari J. B. Vukelich to Tai A. Spann-Ryan and Shannon L. Ryan and Gwendolyn D. Spann, 432 Lyon St., Lawrence.

Oregon Trail Holdings, LC to Minnis Building & Design Co., LLC, 323,327,403,407,411 & 415 Three Forks Dr., Lawrence.

Thursday, Dec. 24

Nothing to report

Friday, Dec. 25

Christmas holiday

Monday, Dec. 28

Rebecca A. Cowser Trust to Carolyn S. Curry and Steven R. Curry, 1322 N. 1082 Rd., Rural.

Steven Curry and Carolyn Curry to Kyle Coleman and Elizabeth M. Coleman, 1320 E. 7th St., Lecompton.

Elizabeth M. Coleman to Jessica Hillebert, 324 Lyon St., Lawrence.

Morgan N. Lowry and Nadezhda N. Lowry to Kazeem Okosun and Olabimpe Okosun, 1420 Monterey Hill Dr., Lawrence.

Ellyn L. Owen to Derrick L. Cottner and Deena Q. Cottner, 1021 & 1023 N. 680 Rd., Rural.

James E. Lauer and Mary J. Lauer to Cameron J. Lauer and Darien F. Kramer, 1107 Walnut St., Eudora.

James D. Norton Jr. and Katherine A. Norton to Murali K. Mantrala and Suryamani Mantrala, 5211 & 5215 Cedar Grove Ct., Lawrence.

Duane Cox and Cheryl Cox to Robert T. Rowland and Nancy P. Rowland, 591 N. 1500 Rd., Rural.