Real estate transfers for Dec. 8-14, 2020

Tuesday, Dec. 8

Kevin Courtney and Amy Courtney to Chad Elliott and Sophia Elliott, 1213 Miami St., Baldwin City.

Carol J. Bell to Shauna Erickson, 2432 Ridge Ct., Lawrence.

Waldorf Association of Lawrence to Jennifer Pellegrini, 1924 E. 1600 Rd., Rural.

Donna J. Obenland to Hubach Family Revocable Trust, 3800 Stetson Dr., Lawrence.

788 Locust, LLC to Richard L. Andrews and Vickie A. Andrews, 1674, 1676, 1678 N. 1000 Rd., Rural.

Mark Perrin and Teresa H. Perrin to Paul E. Salge and Melanie L. Salge, 2300 Vermont St., Lawrence.

Douglas Funk and Kathy Funk to Jonathan D. Funk, 520 Lincoln St., Lawrence.

Richard L. Andrews and Vickie A. Andrews to Jotham L. Andrews and Kelley R. Andrews, 1674 N. 1000 Rd., Rural.

Richard L. Andrews and Vickie A. Andrews to Stephanie J. Walker, Vacant Land, Rural.

Richard L. Andrews and Vickie A. Andrews to Bob D. Pearson Jr. and Jolene K. Pearson, Vacant Land, Rural.

Wednesday, Dec. 9

David V. Klamet and Stephen M. Klamet to Nathan Bukowski and Christy Bukowski, 1424 Stone Meadows Dr., Lawrence.

John S. Garrett and Brenda R. Garrett to Dennis M. Jackson and Chandley Jackson, 737 Lyons St., Lawrence.

Jerry Hadl and Rhiannon Hadl to Sarah Anstaett and Brandon Bybee, 530 E. 2200 Rd., Rural.

Jennifer Ananda and William C. Snipes to Dylan A. Bassett, 414 Indiana St., Lawrence.

Lawrence Express Wash LLC to Gem Lake, LLC, 2515 W. 6th St., Lawrence.

Deborah D. Steinbach to B Squared Property, LLC, 116 Washington St., Baldwin City.

Timothy C. Gregoire and Colleen Z. Gregoire to Eric E. Bradshaw and Melissa L. Grady, 1011 Stone Meadows Dr., Lawrence.

Thursday, Dec. 10

Urban Wessling Jr. and Margaret Wessling to Karla Wessling and Greg Wessling, 1590 N 450 Rd., Rural.

Orean H. Kent Trust to Trent D. Santee and Kiley J. Santee, 1900 Spyglass Ct., Lawrence.

R&H Builders Inc. to GAW Properties, LLC, 5213 Spruce St., Lawrence.

Ronald K. Nitcher and Cynthia K. Nitcher to William M. Maderos-Treaster and Bich N. T. Nguyen, 2804 Harrison Ave., Lawrence.

Robert J. Vaughan to Josh Saunders and Stephanie Holaves, 2244 Princeton Blvd., Lawrence.

John R. Bunker and Mary B. Bunker to Elizabeth McKenzie, 1713 W. 21st St., Lawrence.

Grand Builders Inc. to Nicholas J. Bennett and Douglas D. Bennett, 1001 W. 30th St., Lawrence.

Bradley J. Pohlmeier and Brandi Pohlmeier to Travis M. Zweydoff and Rebekah J. Zweydoff, 414 Flame Way, Baldwin City.

Gravesen Real Estate LLC to Jason Weber, 1332 Massachusetts St. A, Lawrence.

Jessica Crozier and Derrick Crozier to Jessica Powers, 1700 Harper St., Lawrence.

Friday, Dec. 11

Patrick D. Ross and Mary P. Ross to TW Properties, LLC Vacant land Rural.

Timothy G. Noble to Robert J. Gamby, 227 Illinois St., Lawrence.

Tonya Voigt and Chad Voigt to Teresa M. Allison and Clayton E. Allison, 4206 W 26th Ter., Lawrence.

Garrett Harper and Margarita Harper to Kevin Vollrath and Shandy Vollrath, 1120 Summerfield Way, Lawrence.

James Yuille to Zachary A. Folken and Jessica S. Dreiling, 3515 W 5th Ter., Lawrence.

Zachary Viets and Lauren Viets to Harper Family Trust, 232 Earhart Cir., Lawrence.

Theresa M. Waniska and Casey S. Waniska to Rumela Bhadra, 2933 Fenwick Rd., Lawrence.

Anthony L. Chavez and Rebecca L. Chavez to Caleb K. Johnson Jr. and Laura Johnson, 1105 Natalie Dr., Lawrence.

Carla S. Welch Revocable Living Trust to Tyler Conway and Alicia Conway, 1924 Kentucky St., Lawrence.

Stephanie L. Hamby Living Trust to Theresa M. Waniska and Casey S. Waniska, 2329 Brett Dr., Lawrence.

Monday, Dec. 14

Dustin Merritt and Virginia Merritt to Melissa Farve, 1408 E. 18th St., Lawrence.

Highland Construction Inc. to Kettler Construction Inc., 403 Stoneridge Dr., 407 Stoneridge Dr., 411 Stoneridge Dr., Lawrence.

Randy Miller and Jessie Miller to Tatiana Longabach, 1716 Hampton St., Lawrence.

Dean M. Schmanke to Daniel M. Quick and Amy M. Quick, 1509 Mustang Dr., Baldwin City.

Becky A. Stone and Steve D. Turner to Jessie G. Miller and Randy L. Miller, 3813 Hill Song Cir., Lawrence.

Janet K. Girnius to Wigen-Toccalino Property LLC, 934 Delaware St., Lawrence.

Fairfield Farms 3 LLC to 88A91Z92C LLC, 2513 E 26th Ter., Lawrence.

Fairfield Farms 3 LLC to 88A91Z92C LLC, 2505 E 26th Ter., Lawrence.

Lana J. Ellis to 88A91Z92C LLC, 2533 Chasehire Dr., Lawrence.

Brent E. Metz and Aida R. Viera to Melody Monroe and Kwok P. Tso, 2308 Westchester Rd., Lawrence.

Alexandra Malloy and Justin Malloy to Ryan Hellwig, 1238 Maple St., Eudora.

Hsin-Chieh Wu and Amir H. Tarzhizi to Joshua D. Purvis, 527 Boulder St., Lawrence.

Spy LLC to Crescent Heights Apartments LLC, 2428 Redbud Ln., Lawrence.