Real estate transfers for Dec. 1-7, 2020

Below are real estate transfers filed at the Douglas County Clerk’s Office for Dec. 1-7.

Tuesday, Dec. 1

Debra Shirar to NFH 4 LLC, 1315 E 21st St., Lawrence.

1104 Silver Rain LLC to Veeder Homes, LLC, 1104 Silver Rain Rd., Lawrence.

John C. Davis to Louise Graham and Peter Graham, 2419 Yale Rd., Lawrence.

Minnis Building & Design Co., LLC to Ali Soltanshahi, 5217 Cedar Grove Way, Lawrence.

Drippe Homes, Inc. to Hollie M. Scott, 5205 Spruce St., Lawrence.

Franklin L. Alexander and Betty J. Alexander Revocable Trust to Salah Najm, 2019 Hillview Rd., Lawrence.

Michael G. and Gail M. Kingsley Revocable Trust to Jeffrey A. Breneman and Danielle M. Breneman, 2126 N 200 Rd., Rural.

Deborah K. Porter and Barbara A. Kelsey to Alicia D. Dianda and Jonathan F. Smith, 906 N Riverside Ct., Lawrence.

Judy L. Crawford to Laurie C. Simon, 1211 N 1800 Rd., Rural.

Michael H. Ewing and Keta L. Ewing to Lara M. Thompson and Keith C. Countess, 1309 Vantuyl Dr., Lawrence.

Ryan D. Beebe to David M. Hill and Pamela K. Hill, Vacant land, Rural.

Visser Investments, LLC to Ralph Pearson and Glenda Pearson, 334 Clark St., Lawrence.

State of Kansas and Secretary of Transportation to Creten Farms LLC, Vacant land, Rural.

Matthew T. Bristow and Rachel L. Brown to William R. Rector and Deborah A. Rector, 315 Kansas St., Lawrence.

City of Baldwin City, Kansas to DIY Enterprises LLC, 219 Hwy 56, Baldwin City.

Wednesday, Dec. 2

Samantha S. Picucci and Peter M. Picucci to Ruth E. Lichtwardt, 517 Perry St., Lawrence.

Maria M. David and Claudia P.F. David to Dawn M. Hawkins and Peter M. Wolf, 235W 22nd St., Lawrence.

Leslie B. Foster and Tina A. Foster to City of Baldwin City, Kansas, 109 Hwy 56, Baldwin City.

Thursday, Dec. 3

Alan P. Vausbinder and Peggy Ann Vausbinder Revocable Living Trust to Joshua A. Beach, 2905 Yellowstone Dr., Lawrence.

Beverly A. Roelofs to Bruce A. Fink and Carolyn A. Fink, 4509 Nicklaus Dr., Lawrence.

Kristopher J. Kaase and Janice Kaase to Ronald Nitcher and Cynthia Nitcher, 1506 Crescent Rd., Lawrence.

Grand Builders, Inc. to Aron D. Muci and Martha S. Velasquez, 1121 W 30th St., Lawrence.

Stanley J. Tiemeyer and Sherrill A. Tiemeyer to Jeffrey D. Wyatt and Jennifer L. Wyatt, Vacant land, Rural.

Sherill L. Martinez to Scott Lewis and Russell Thurgood, 613 E 1714 Rd., Lawrence.

Stanley J. Tiemeyer and Sherrill A. Tiemeyer to Jeffrey D. Wyatt and Jennifer L Wyatt, Vacant land, Rural.

Tonia L. Anderson and Morgan J. Anderson to Marcellin Agossou, 255 N Michigan St., Lawrence.

Friday, Dec. 4

Randall A. Burkart to Mark Martin, 1001 Alma Dr., Lawrence.

Michael E. DeSandre and Susan B. DeSandre to Katherine Siegfried and David Hansen, 1465 N 718 Rd., Lawrence.

Vanessa S. Schulte and Brett E. Schulte and Edward Schulte and Ronda Schulte to Erin Fox, 1611 Mustang Dr., Baldwin City.

Michelle L. Kueser and Jeffery Kueser to Steven R. Davidson and Jane E. Faubion, 3719 Tucker Trl., Lawrence.

Van E. Gomez and Rosalinda Gomez to Walker Flips KC, LLC, 1501 Stevens Rd., Eudora.

Sharla G. Cloud to Amy Courtney and Kevin Courtney, 129 Santa Fe Dr., Baldwin City.

Darren C. Bird and Allison N. Bird to Breanna Orton and Lance Orton, 4600 Grove Dr., Lawrence.

Davey J. Denton and Dayna M. Denton to Richard D. Qualls and Ashley R. Qualls, 2312 E 27th Ter., Lawrence.

Steven R. Vukelich, Sr. to Debra L. Williams, 5604 Fort Benton Way, Lawrence.

Camelot/Brittany LP to Mareta Tate, 625 Folks Rd. Unit D121, Lawrence.

Delbert E. See Revocable Trust to Nieder Properties LLC, 812 Murrow Ct., Lawrence.

Nancy W. Phipps to Amy L. Meyer and Joshua R. Meyer, 3005 Westdale Rd., Lawrence.

BMH Builders, LLC to Kelly C. McPeak and Holly D. McPeak, 1229 Juniper Ln., Lawrence.

Nativity B. Raymond to Erin P. Fitzgerald, 2708 Century Dr., Lawrence.

Nathan A. Ward and Haley D. Ward to Chad Beisel and Megan N. Beisel, 1614 Acorn Ln., Eudora.

Marguerite V. Risley to Summer Wedermyer and Nathan Wedermyer, 424 Indiana St., Lawrence.

Andrew C. Beets and Kimberly I.M. Beets to Avery Baughan, 764 Hickory St., Lawrence.

Shawn A. Martin and Tara Trenary to Debra A. Vanner and Nichole Vanner, 3009 Tomahawk Dr., Lawrence.

Sally Sanko to Phon Vilayoune and Briana Vilayoune Joint Revocable Trust, Vacant land, Rural.

Sally Sanko and Conor Brown to Phon Vilayoune and Briana Vilayoune Joint Revocable Trust, Vacant land, Rural.

Monday, Dec. 7

TMC Holdings, LLC to Waldorf Association of Lawrence, 1924 E 1600 Rd., Rural.

Bruce Fink and Carolyn Fink to Steve J. Wood and Sheri L. Wood , 5904 Simple Ln., Lawrence.

Patrick White and Cindy White to Identity Investments LLC, 316 Elm St., Baldwin City.

Virginia M. Hare to Tomi Tuckel and John Bumgarner, 839 N 900 Rd., Rural.

Alejandro Reyes and Ashley Reyes to William J. Kranitz, 2006 E 25th Ter., Lawrence.

1650 Cambridge LLC to Nathan Williams, 1650 Cambridge Rd., Lawrence.

Guanghui Wang and Junfeng Wang to Allison Clarke and Scott S. Clarke, 916 Branchwood Dr., Lawrence.

Associated Builders, Inc. to Birchwood Gardens LLC, 1801, 1815, 1819, 1823, 1825, 1833, 1845 Kentucky St. and 1800, 1804, 1809, 1812, 1824, 1838, 1845, 1846 Tennessee St., Lawrence.

Associated Management Group, LLC to Birchwood Gardens LLC, 1808 Ohio St. and 1328, 1809, 1901 Kentucky St. and 926, 930, 1808, 1810, 1821, 1825, 1834, 1900 Tennessee St., Lawrence.

Guy C. Stroup and Kimberly L. Stroup to Birchwood Gardens LLC, 1805 Kentucky St., Lawrence.

Baldwin Land Company to 345 Construction Services LLC, 721 Ashley Ct., Baldwin City.