Real estate transfers for Nov. 24-30, 2020

Below are real estate transfers filed at the Douglas County Clerk’s Office for Nov. 24-30.

Tuesday, Nov. 24

Park Group LLC to Thomas Nitcher, 1217 Miami St., Baldwin City.

Rayann Eversmeyer to Dorothy R. Adams and Nicklaus D. Adams, 497 E 1250 Rd., Rural.

Garber Enterprises, Inc. to Nathan Olds, 1621 W. 22nd Ter., Lawrence.

Brian Pitts and Susan M. Pitts to Brandon Allen and Rachael Rost, 207 Elm St. & 200 Elm Blk. 2, Baldwin City.

Allison L. Sackin to Rebecca K. Meyer, 416 N. Olivia Ave., Lawrence.

Sadi Properties I, LLC to Shanna N. Eller and Martin D. Segal, 239 Michigan St., Lawrence.

Russell D. Harding and Nicole L. Harding to Andrew Schrock, 1600 South St., Blk. 2, Baldwin City.

Drippe Homes, Inc. to Martha Favreau and Frederick Favreau, Sr., 419 Winnie Way, Lawrence.

Kent T. Peterson and Patricia M. Peterson to Erik Anderson and Sarah Hochstetler, 1714 Bobwhite Dr., Lawrence.

Andrew Schrock and Tina Schrock to Russell Harding, 813-15 Monroe St., Baldwin City.

Lumen N. Mulligan and Emily J. Mulligan to Haley M. Carlson, 1511 Barker Ave., Lawrence.

Casey Mulligan and Constance D. Meehan to Haley M. Carlson, 1511 Barker Ave., Lawrence.

Wednesday, Nov. 25

Sophia Rylko and Liam Flynn to Danyell Pulido and James Pulido, 1805 W 21st Ter., Lawrence.

Shane Bessette to Scotty M. Carr and Thomas W. Adamson, 702 Newton St., Baldwin City.

Glenn H. Weld, Jr. and Kathy L. Weld to Amanda E. Urban and David J. Urban, 1111 Locust St., Eudora.

Olivette N. McKee and David McKee to Ashli S. Harjo, 544 Brentwood Dr., Lawrence.

Delvin J. Ahlschwede and Margaret P. Ahlschwede, , Paul N. Longabach, 322 Stratton Dr., Eudora.

John A. Fox and Angela M. Fox Revocable Living Trust to Tyler J. Phillips, 1222 E 2114 Rd., Lawrence.

Katrina S. Rothrock and Edwin A. Rothrock to Anne E. Griffin, 722 Maine St., Lawrence.

Robert C. Lang and Eula G. Lang to Jo Anne Abbate, 5640 Villa Dr., Lawrence.

Harold E. Bessette, Jr. and Wendy E. Bessette to Shane Bessette, 304 E 2100 Rd., Rural.

Joseph Chapes and Casey Fraites-Chapes to Stefani Boehm, 599 Rockledge Rd., Lawrence.

Lawrence R. Hathaway and Judith A. Hathaway to Denzell D. Payne and Chanel Swanson, 3205 Riverview Rd., Lawrence.

Cynthia A. Eubank to Kendall O. Henry and Nancy E. M. Henry, 3600 Trail Rd., Lawrence.

Grand Builders, Inc. to Juan P. Ruiz and Brenda L. Ramos, 1113 W 30th St., Lawrence.

Thursday, Nov. 26 – Holiday

Friday, Nov. 27 – Holiday

Monday, Nov. 30

Dunbar, John P. and Colleen Dunbar to TA Holdings LLC, 215 Ames St. & 215 Hwy 56, Baldwin City.

Kathy Paslay Revocable Living Trust to Tim A. Wiebelhaus and Rebekah Wiebelhaus, 341 N 2190 Rd., Rural.

Megan R. Buschmann and Jeremiah, Buschmann to Michael Thomas and Josie Malec, 620 Lincoln St., Baldwin City.

Benjamin Elder and Laura Elder to Douglas R. Bailey, 3425 Stone Post Ct., Lawrence.

Grand Builders, Inc. to Kenneth A. Parker and Nancy S. Parker, 1126 W 30th St., Lawrence.

ROBO Properties, LLC to Casey’s Retail Company, 106 6th St. & 519 Ames St., Baldwin City.

Clint A. Jennings to Caleb W. Flory, 1105 N 550 Rd., Rural.

DIY Enterprises LLC to Casey’s Retail Company, 501 Ames St., Baldwin City.

Joan G. Lachance-Vieux to Ashley Maxwell, 3523 Sweet Grass Ct., Lawrence.

Bryan Simoneau and Dana Simoneau to Casey Simoneau and Elise Simoneau, Vacant land, Rural.

Alan C. Hickey and Lareeda L. Hickey to John F. Brandt and Sara D. Brandt, 2703 Chipperfield Rd., Lawrence.