Real estate transfers for July 28-Aug. 3, 2020

Below are real estate transfers filed at the Douglas County Clerk’s Office for July 28-Aug. 3.

Tuesday, July 28

Trent Santee Construction, LLC to Feng Yu and Jing Liu, 6318 Rockaway Dr., Lawrence.

Keith Nolte and Erika D. Nolte to Carl A. Abram, 2629 Moundview Dr., Lawrence.

Robert W. Warkentine and Anne E. Warkentine to Kay Labau and Kenneth Labau, 303 N. Parker Cir., Lawrence.

Donnie L. Goff, Trustee to John Ferguson, 615 Main St. Ter., Eudora.

Kelly M. Carlton to Kimberly A. Meeker, 1453 Marilee Dr., Lawrence.

Kerry L. Kemper to Amanda Miles, 600 N. Stowe Ct., Lawrence.

Jian Zhang and Yan Wang to Solomon Abera, 927 Emery Rd. Unit C-204, Lawrence.

Donald R. Sneegas, Estate Of to Mary B. Carman and John Carman, 2121 Mitchell Rd., Lawrence.

Jian Zhang and Yan Wang to James D. Persinger, Jr. and Jill A. Persinger, 927 Emery Rd. Unit C-201, Lawrence.

Arpita Mondal and Arghya Paul to Kelly N. Le, 326 Fort Laramie Dr., Lawrence.

Reta L. Heine to Harold J. Spieth and Kirstyn M. Spieth, 1227 N. 1000 Rd., Rural.

Charles W. Goolsby and Brenda E. Goolsby to Krystle M. Perkins, 539 Lincoln St., Lawrence.

Wednesday, July 29

Karl Klein and Cathie Klein to Robert F. Hansen, 2250 Lake Pointe Dr. #2103, Lawrence.

Laura Lockton and Humayun H. Khan and Lori Khan to Heath Fisher and Tessa Fisher, Vacant Land, Rural.

Marshall A. McGinnis and Shannon R. H. McGinnis to William F. O’Quinn and Katie L. O’Quinn, 4524 Harvard Rd., Lawrence.

Shannon Blaes to David A. McManness and Sarah, Hryciuk-McManness, 722 Crestline Dr., Lawrence.

Martha E. Proctor to Bonnie J. Neis Living Trust, 1073 Home Cir., Lawrence.

Drippe Homes, Inc. to Kathleen L. Lane and Craig A. Lane, 419 Freemont Dr., Lawrence.

William M. Dent to Aaron Trites, 1544 Legend Trail Dr., Lawrence.

William Haas and Sinthia M. Haas to Buffy I. Woodard and Quintin J. Williams, 1641 Northwood Dr., Lawrence.

Brett S. Buffum and Virginia E. Buffum to Hieronymus Family Investment Trust, 601 5th St., Baldwin City.

Christopher C. Perkins and Trisha L. Perkins to Micah Louis and Elizabeth Louis, 541 Durham Ct., Lawrence.

Thursday, July 30

Eric J. Barkley and Allison T. Barkley to Stewart Young and Hilary Young, 2745 Wildflower Dr., Lawrence.

Castle Rock, LC to Gary E. Mapes, Sr. and Ruth I. Mapes, 615 N. Pennycress Dr., Lawrence.

Garrett D. Carson and Krystal Carson to George P. Copeland and Nina F. Copeland, 712 N. Eagle Pass Dr., Lawrence.

Kelsey M. Eoannou and Ryan G. Eoannou to Jordan Edwards and Kristina Mease, 2825 Kensington Rd., Lawrence.

Hannes Combest, Trustee to Helene Scruggs, 400 Pasadena Dr., Lawrence.

Gregory A. Rader and Chelsey D. Rader to Brent O. Pickert, 3709 Buck Brush Ct., Lawrence.

Aron E. Olivera, Trustee to Anna J. Paradis, 602 W. 25th St., Lawrence.

Phillip G. Ruffin to Crown Property Investments, LLC, 501 W. 9th St., Lawrence.

Larry S. Krull and Joycelin T. Krull to Marcus Fell and Heather Fell, 2808 Lankford Dr., Lawrence.

Iris Chou and Tracy Gilbert and Nathan Gilbert to Darla Young, 916 Christie Ct., Lawrence.

Terry L. Erickson to Terry McCurdy and Vicky McCurdy, 4126 Seele Way, Lawrence.

Kirk J. Wiscombe and Diane Y. Wiscombe to John Dutra and Raelyn M. Dutra, 41 N. 200 Rd., Rural.

Friday, July 31

Elizabeth J. Rogers and Jerry F. Rogers to Bradley J. Hammett and Julia M. Hammett, 1501 Alvamar Dr., Lawrence.

Thomas J. Thompson to Jeffry C. Boehm and Katy J. Boehm, 234 Lincoln St., Baldwin City.

Gary A. Rexroad and Angela C. Rexroad to Brian S. Wiegand, 2824 Gill Ave., Lawrence.

Sherri Hamm, Co-Trustee and Jeremy R. Hamm, Co-Trustee to Christopher S. Roberts and Erin D. Roberts, 4130 Blackjack Oak Dr., Lawrence.

Kevin M. Welch and Elizabeth A. Welch to Jeffrey P. Schnurr and Judy A. Schnurr, 1619 George Williams Way, Lawrence.

Christopher S. Roberts and Erin D. Roberts to Anthony A. Struckhoff and Nicole M. Struckhoff, 705 Fox Chase Ct., Lawrence.

Cedar Tree LLC to Eudora Unified School District #491, 0 S. Fir St., Eudora.

Sharon K. Burns and Fred E. Bohm to Z Homes, LLC, 1024 Locust St., Eudora.

BLC Properties, LLC to Patricia F. Wittry, 2028 Rhode Island St., Lawrence.

Sadi Properties I, LLC to Ethan R. Ravencamp and Robert J. Ravencamp, 1340 Kentucky St., Lawrence.

Roberts & Company, LLC to Harness Childrens Trust, 1931/1933 Rhode Island St., Lawrence.

Jeffrey C. Hoffman, Trustee and Sarah V. Hoffman, Trustee to Christa B. Babb and Steven K. Babb, 513 Country Club Ter., Lawrence.

Charles R. Jackman and Betty E. Jackman to David R. Burkhart and Dana E. Burkhart, 1483 N. 400 Rd., Rural.

Brent E. Flanders, Trustee and Lisa A. Flanders, Trustee to Wade W. Stinson, Jr. and Theresa A. Stinson, 520 Canyon Dr., Lawrence.

LaVaughn K. Peak Living Trust to Gary A. Rexroad and Angela C. Rexroad, 4401 Nicklaus Dr., Lawrence.

George A. McCrary and Cheryl L. McCrary to Susan Decker, 916 Baker St., Baldwin City.

Kevin E. Dutton and Kristen D. Dutton to Robert E. Johnson, 2813 Crestline Dr., Lawrence.

Louie E. Galloway to Justin L. Marable and Bonnie Marable, 305 Lincoln St., Lawrence.

Camelot/Brittany Limited Partnership to Ali Moukaddem, 950 Monterey Way Building J, Lawrence.

Elizabeth A. Copeland, Trustee to Derek C. Meyer, 3504 Field Stone Ct., Lawrence.

Sadi Properties I, LLC to Derek B. Locke, 1227 Ohio St., Lawrence.

Noah W. Garber and Kristi K. Garber to Andrea Johnson, 4925 Stoneback Dr., Lawrence.

Trinity Holdings LLC to Carolyn V. Olson, 1223 Almira Ave., Lawrence.

Gregory Kreek to Lyle Greene and Lacie Greene, 910 Pamela Ln., Lawrence.

Glenn E. Bohmann, Trustee to Brett Bohmann, 1212 N. 1066 Rd., Lawrence.

Monday, August 3

Kyle Ross and Devenie Ross to Corey Annan and Cassie Annan, 1209 Alder Ct., Eudora.

Donald L. Phipps to Jonathan J. Baron, 1766 N. 500 Rd. & Vacant Land, Rural.

Lawrence Custom Builders LP to Sung I. Kim, 916 Renaissance Dr., Lawrence.

Jill Brannam to Misty Rider, 310 Chapel St., Baldwin City.

Jordan D. Welch and Jordan M. Welch to Jeremiah Washington and Emily Washington, 2028 E. 26th St., Lawrence.

Gary L. Dick, Trustee and Rebecca L. Dick, Trustee to Bruce A. Ausherman and Shelley A. Ausherman, Vacant Land, Rural.

Sadi Properties II, LLC to Whiterock Group LLC, 1126 Kentucky St., Lawrence.

Jodi M. Bachelor and Stephen Clay to Alex D. Enneking and Baylee D. Kilburn, 2701 Rawhide Ln., Lawrence.

Cale R. Hunchusky and Kelsey L. Hunchusky to Chad Sansome and Beth Sansome, 1002 Firetree Ave., Baldwin City.

Nicholas S. Hilpman and Brandy L. Lancaster to Rebecca L. Ahia and Ingerborg K. M. Condit, 1631 Delaware St., Lawrence.

Paul I. Oehlert, Trustee and Kris D. Oehlert, Trustee to Angela N. Hedrick and Kristalle J. Hedrick, 962 E. 1531 Rd. & Vacant Land, Rural.

Nicolas S. Kral to Paul N. Longabach, 941 Connecticut St., Lawrence.

Drippe Homes, Inc. to Jena K. Jessup, 2508 E. 26th St., Lawrence.

Linda S. Honeyman and Richard G. Honeyman to Brenda J. Bell and Ronald F. Bell, 335 Headwaters Dr., Lawrence.

Jeffrey Smith and Kristin Van Dusseldorp to Julie Peruman and Devananda Peruman, 225 Arizona Pl., Lawrence.

Jacob T. Fowles and Millinda R. Fowles to Lynda Nickel and Cooper Nickel, 4612 Hearthside Dr., Lawrence.

Matthew B. Roman and Susie S. Roman to Anthony Holder, 329 Northwood Ln., Lawrence.

Nicholas R. Janusz and Ronald D. Janusz, Jr. and Lisa S. Janusz to Virginia L. Hesler Trust, 1130 Emery Rd., Lawrence.

Douglas L. Stephens, Trustee and Ladonna K. Stephens, Trustee to Jacob T. Fowles and Millinda R. Fowles, 1005 Oak Tree Dr., Lawrence.

Christopher J. Ellis and Amanda J. Ellis to Justin G. Rhoads, 914 Cedar Pl., Eudora.