Real estate transfers for March 24-30, 2020

Below are real estate transfers filed at the Douglas County Clerk’s Office for March 24-30.

Tuesday, March 24

Coffman Construction, Inc. to Phillip J. Ellsworth and Catherine Ellsworth, 2609 S. Fir St., Eudora.

Joshua P. Penick and Paige R. Penick to Roger G. Wells and Mary M. Wells, 2800 Winterbrook Dr., Lawrence.

Nora J. Cox to Mark P. Dale and Bonnie M. Jackson, 255 North Michigan St. #11-64, Lawrence.

Wednesday, March 25

Yuk C. Wong and Donald Hanson and Pamela P. H. Liu and Sean Morgan to Donald S. Chinn, 1904 Clare Rd., Lawrence.

Cedar Tree LLC to Limestone Investments, LLC, Vacant Land, Rural.

Carter Management, LC to Kayla Riley Revocable Trust, 2513/2515 Winterbrook Dr., Lawrence.

Clifford K. Cate Jr., Trustee and Janice L. Cate, Trustee to Jami A. Jones and John C. Wilson, 1593 El Dorado Dr., Lawrence.

John C. Hudnall and Sally A. Hudnall to Clifford K. Cate Jr. Revocable Trust and Janice L. Cate Revocable Trust, 1540 Fountain Dr., Lawrence.

Amii Castle to Roberta D. Newman, 3506 Field Stone Ct., Lawrence.

Alan P. Miller, Trustee and Vickie H. Miller, Trustee to Bluejacket Rentals, L.L.C., 1842 Vermont St., Lawrence.

John Westcott and Lucy M. Westcott to Mason T. Pruett, 419 Dakota St., Lawrence.

1955 LLC to Brian Gravatt, 1014 Main St., Eudora.

Roly Montemurro to Evelyn Stumpf, 1412 Lawrence Ave., Lawrence.

Ezell-Morgan Construction Company, Inc. to Donald C. Drickey and Jeanne M. Drickey, 5222 Cedar Grove Ct., Lawrence.

Loren Brubaker, Trustee and Norma Brubaker, Trustee to Christopher Brubaker and Whitney Brubaker, 382 E. 1100 Rd., Rural.

Thursday, March 26

NKR Properties, LLC to Advance Builders, Inc., 6317/6319 Steeple Chase Ct., Lawrence.

Joseph B. Evans and Kirsten E. Evans to Stuart J. Thomas and Barbara W. Thomas, 5706 & 5710 Longleaf Dr., Lawrence.

Tamara E. Wisdom to Patrick Schneider, 302 E. 7th St., Eudora.

Owen Stanley and Erin Stanley to Aaron Huerter and Kristin Huerter, 308 Settlers Dr., Lawrence.

Home Renewal, LLC to Jaci Richardson, 1522 Pin Oak Dr., Lawrence.

Janet S. Benz, Trustee to Michael D. Stevens and Risa K. Stevens, 216 N. Running Ridge Rd., Lawrence.

MIKO, LLC to Michael Ortega and Stephanie Ortega, 1608 Oak St., Eudora.

Scharla Paryzek to Julie R. Goans-Heinz, 2601 W. 24th Ter., Lawrence.

Michael A. Flory, Trustee and Cheryl A. Flory, Trustee to Tristan S. Bland and Ashley L. Bland, Vacant Land, Rural.

Lawrence Habitat for Humanity, Inc. to Haley D. Patterson, 217 N 8th St., Lawrence.

Friday, March 27

Jian Zhang and Yan Wang to William Mendel and James Mendel, 927 Emery Rd., Lawrence.

Timothy K. Lauber to Caleb T. Dunn and Kaitlyn E. Dunn, 821 Locust St., Eudora.

Monica Claassen and Seth Merenbloom to MLD Investments, LLC, 519 Eldridge St., Lawrence.

Robert H. Boston and Barbara A. Boston to Jonathan Tennis and Courtney Tennis, Vacant Land, Rural.

Yan Wang and Jian Zhang to Mitchell P. Obermueller, 927 Emery Rd. Unit D 101, Lawrence.

Seth M. Brooks and Ann Brooks to Regan Agre, 3724 Westland Pl., Lawrence.

900-904 Emery LLC to Falcon Oaks Realty, LLC, 900/904 Emery Rd., Lawrence.

Dennis W. Meyer and Shari J. Meyer to Brian Sheldon and Chelsea Sheldon, Vacant Land, Rural.

Colae R. Vecchie and Ronald J. Vecchie to 1720 Louisiana, LLC, 1720 Louisiana St., Lawrence.

Hangauer Revocable Trust to Kasey L. Bowser and Adam J. Bowser, 222 Perry St., Lawrence.

Joshua Reazin and Nicholas Purcell to Alexandra L. J. Cruse and Jacob A. Cruse, 504 N. Wren Dr., Lawrence.

1955, LLC to Kern Real Estate, LLC, 1637 Kenwood Dr., Lawrence.

Chaoer Shen and Yang Yang to Seth M. Brooks, 805 Wellington Rd., Lawrence.

Marlo Cohen Trust to Joseph P. Gilliland and Karrie R. Gilliland, 1624 W. 19th Ter., Lawrence.

Allan R. Miller and Sandra K. Miller to Robert J. Linzer, Jr. and Megan E. Linzer, 1336 Tall Grass Dr., Eudora.

John W. Head, Trustee and Lucia S. Orth, Trustee to Brian J. Cobb and Jo E. Cobb, 979 N. 900 Rd., Rural.

CP Property Holdings, LC to Drippe Construction, Inc., 351 & 353 N. Parker Cir., Lawrence.

Haskell 458, LLC to Possum Holler, LLC, Vacant Land, Rural.

WE1929, LLC to Drippe Homes, Inc., 1208,1212,1224,1228 Juniper Ln., Lawrence.

Monday, March 30

Lon P. Akerberg, Trustee and Phyllis L. Akerberg, Trustee to Jeffrey W. Parrish and Kimberly A. Parrish, 937 E. 1264 Rd., Rural.

Larry R. Wilson, Trustee and Marilyn K. Wilson, Trustee to Nathan Hatch and Jamie Caudle-Hatch, 402 W. 9th St., Eudora.

Kaelin C. Edwards and Mary L. Edwards to Dustin P. Gillespie and Marshawana D. Gillespie, 2259 N 100 Rd., Rural.

Sarah E. Rexroad and Michael A. Lucas to Kathryn D. Stevenson and Cameron R. Jacques, 1630 Barker Ave., Lawrence.

Robert D. Combs Living Trust and Deborah S. Combs Living Trust to Gina R. Stokesberry and Ernest E. Stokesberry, Vacant Land, Rural.

Tayiem Consultant And Management, LLC to Michael Calhoon and Patricia Calhoon, Vacant Land, Rural.

Fouad A. Hazboun and Suha M. Hazboun to Michael Calhoon and Patricia Calhoon, Vacant Land, Rural.

Estate of Martha J. Winegar to Ian T. Ward and Randall P. Ward, 3228 W. 9th St., Lawrence.

Woodoc Investments LLC to Anthony Guenther, 1728 W. 21st St., Lawrence.

August Rentals, LLC to Joyful Landings, Inc., 4213/4215 Timberline Ct., Lawrence.

Joyful Landings, Inc. to Troy L. Neely, 4213/4215 Timberline Ct., Lawrence.

Joshua T. George and Abbigail J. George to Alanah Johnson, 3821 Hillsong Cir., Lawrence.

Joni Hopkins to Jennifer T. Ozier and Thomas L. Ozier, 317 Flame Way, Baldwin City.

Sean A. Tubbs and Jordan Anderson to Phyllis L. Stone, 2725 Montrose Cir., Eudora.

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, this record of transfers was compiled in July 2020 and backdated to the date when it would normally have been released by the Douglas County Clerk’s Office.