Real estate transfers for Sept 17-23, 2019

Below are real estate transfers filed at the Douglas County Clerk’s Office for Sept. 17-23:

Tuesday, September 17

Samir K. Baba and Brenda Birdcreek to Kimberly Birdcreek, 2123 Pike’s Peak Pl., Lawrence.

Robert J. Burch and Lisa A. Burch to Tom Buchele-Wenner, 1924 Ohio St., Lawrence.

Prime Construction Inc. to Allen C. Gibeaut, Jr. and Bobbie L. Gibeaut, 1416 N. 300 Rd., Rural.

Mark D. Strand to Hazem Chahine, 1343 Westbrooke St., Lawrence.

Casey A. Simoneau and Elise Simoneau to Timberidge Construction Inc., 1200 Summit St. Blk. 1, Baldwin City.

Yue Wang and Rachel V. Wagoner to Stan Herst and Michelle Herst, 1445 W. 19th St., Lawrence.

Universal Life Church, Inc. to Linc Mortenson and Kimberly Mortenson, Vacant Land, Rural.

Patricia J. E. Phillips to Shiloh Afonja, 907 Deer Ridge Ct., Baldwin City.

Richard A. Washburn, Trustee and Susan C. Washburn, Trustee to Marjorie P. Wine, 4003 Vintage Ct., Lawrence.

Casey A. Simoneau and Elise Simoneau to Andrew Y. Schrock and Tina Schrock, 1700 South Blk. 2, Baldwin City.

Zereldia V. Button to Jerry E. Morton and Linda W. Morton, 731 Coving Ct., Lawrence.

Patricia M. Ozaki to Home Renewal, LLC, 1522 Pin Oak Dr., Lawrence.

Troy and Michele Watson Joint Revocable Trust to Jerry W. Willis and Kathleen W. Willis, 1379 N. 1100 Rd., Rural.

Wednesday, September 18

Patience LLC and Kerry Reder and Stacy Reder to John Thomas Stewart V Irrevocable Supplemental Care Trust, 1422 W. 21st Ter., Lawrence.

Kentucky Holdings LC to Nightengale Holdings LLC, 1017/1019 Kentucky St., Lawrence.

Thursday, September 19

Malls Investment Co., LLC to Safe Harbour Eat-XII, LLC, 711 W. 23rd St., Lawrence.

Steve Johnson and Chalisa Johnson to Adrianne A. Jones and Seth A. Jones, 922 E. 1900 Rd. & Vacant Land, Rural.

Edward D. Weathers and Cynthia E. Flemming-Weathers to Mitchell L. Urban and Brenda F. Urban, 617 Arrowhead Dr., Lawrence.

Mark R. Nyquist and Stacey Nyquist to Kang J. Wang, 1310,1334,1339,1405, 1409,1435,1443 Westbrooke St., Lawrence.

Mark Herr to Billy P. Williams and Kimberly A. Williams, 1500 E. 21st Ter., Lawrence.

Friday, September 20

Rafael A. C. Cruz and Patria M. A. Aponte to Brett D. Homeyer and Rosemary S. Homeyer, 4104 Teal Dr., Lawrence.

Domino, LC to Kristin Vernon, 747 New Jersey St., Lawrence.

Linda S. Deeds and Eric J. Deeds to Richmond J. Shealy and Amelia Shealy, 4013 Harvard Rd., Lawrence.

William J. Simmons and Sue E. Simmons to Ramon W. Schmidt and Glenda L. Schmidt, 5902 Longleaf Dr., Lawrence.

Michael M. Grimmett to Jennifer L. Lampe, 1420 Applegate Ct., Lawrence.

James A. Sears and Melissa C. Sears to Brett Schulte and Vanessa Schulte, Vacant Land, Rural.

Daniel R. Mostrom and Susana C. Mostrom to Thomas P. Ryan and Teresa A. Ryan, 1505 Fountain Dr., Lawrence.

David A. Lignell and Colleen S. Lignell to Christopher Windler, 4217 Harvard Rd., Lawrence.

Sherlyn K. Isbell to Daniel E. Lynch and Pamela S. Sheaffer, 3811 Crossgate Ter., Lawrence.

Gary D. Gutsch and Lori K. Gutsch to Austin M. O’Neal, 2318 Pheasant Pl., Eudora.

Kory Lafayette and Abbie Lafayette to Victor Torres, 2022 Miller Dr., Lawrence.

Monday, September 23

Karla Grosdidier and David Grosdidier to Jason Koehn and Karen Koehn, Vacant Land, Rural.

Victor Bailey and Kathryn Bailey to John D. Estes and Jeanene M. Nover, 721 Maine St., Lawrence.

Dylan Scribner and Kelsey Scribner to Richard F. Jarrett, 1139 Cherry St., Eudora.

Zachary L. Briggs and Heather R. Briggs to Michelle Barbosa and Thiago Barbosa, 920 Stonecreek Dr., Lawrence.

Paul J. Heinen and L. Dianne Heinen to Brittany Garrison and David Mason, 3117 Creekwood Dr., Lawrence.

Boys and Girls Club of Lawrence to 912 Group LLC, 1520 Haskell Ave., Lawrence.

Charles T. Middien and Sherry A. Middien to Todd Hill, 2250 Ousdahl Rd., Lawrence.

Jeffry A. McCullough and Susan McCullough to Russell Horton and Carol Horton, 1329 High St., Baldwin City.

Charlotte R. Frazee and David E. Frazee to Gregory P. Burger and Elizabeth E. Burger, Vacant Land, Rural.