Real estate transfers for Oct. 15-21, 2019

Below are real estate transfers filed at the Douglas County Clerk’s Office for Oct. 15-21:

Tuesday, October 15

Karel Konecny and Petra Konecny to Melissa A. Miller and Nathaniel J. Miller, 1326 Kanza Dr., Lawrence.

Hilea Sparks, Trustee to Integrated Construction, Inc., 3100 Rimrock Dr., Lawrence.

Bonita J. Yoder to Opportunity One LLC, 407 E. 11th St. & 1318 New York St., Lawrence.

Jared T. Abel and Angela J. Abel to Lisa A. Albright, 1044 College Blvd., Lawrence.

Roger J. Dreiling and Lynn Dreiling to David Nualart and Maria Rabinad, 4629 Muirfield Dr., Lawrence.

Heather M. Kessler and William A. Kessler to Jackie A. Remington, 319 Eisenhower St., Baldwin City.

Delma F. Hepner, Trustee to Lisa Peaco, 1615 Rose Ln., Lawrence.

Anita G. Dabbs to Tracy Ogden-Baxter, 2225 Breckenridge Dr., Lawrence.

Randall Engle and Connie Engle and Sharon J. Rose and Monte Rose and Rusty Bruns and Sheila Bruns to Hilea Sparks Revocable Living Trust, 2512 W. 24th Ter., Lawrence.

Wednesday, October 16

Ted Zuzzio and Karen Zuzzio to Andrew Schrock and Tina Schrock, 813/815 Monroe St., Baldwin City.

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Addison Shockley and Lydia Shockley, 1339 Locust St., Eudora.

Deborah S. Combs Living Trust and Robert D. Combs Living Trust to Smith Revocable Family Trust, 920 4th St., Baldwin City.

Frederick D. Schmidt, Trustee and Frederick D. Schmidt and Linda S. Schmidt to Roy K. Sears and Terry L. Sears, Vacant Land, Rural.

Mary Ann Kohler Revocable Trust and Cecil J. Kohler Revocable Trust to Prairie Equity, LC, 312 E. 1044 Rd., Rural.

Douglas A. Jamison and Carrie Jamison to Chad Brecheisen and Holly Brecheisen, 920 Bluestem Dr., Baldwin City.

Margaret M. Carr to Donald Girard and Pamela Girard, 1603 Cypress Point Dr., Lawrence.

Rachael V. Shankland to Johnathon Berg and Lauren Berg, 2215 Kingston Dr., Lawrence.

Nathaniel Holt and Amber Holt to Erick Rykhus, 2732 Fenwick Rd., Lawrence.

Thursday, October 17

William E. Gadberry and Pauline Y. Gadberry to Jacob Long, 722 Birch St., Eudora.

Darren P. Werst and Carrie L. Werst to Ryan Haney and Michelle Haney, 1537 Savage St., Eudora.

Jamie Jones and Adam Jones to Sandy Conrad, 2737 Seymour Ct., Eudora.

Ryan J. Haney and Michelle L. Haney to Jamie S. Jones and Adam J. Jones, 2158 N. 900 Rd., Rural.

Estate of Arline J. Seely-Bensch to Larry G. Bensch, Trustee, 4711 Balmoral Dr., Lawrence.

Jennifer G. Laliberte and Ryan Laliberte to Pam Guthrie, 513 Durham Ct., Lawrence.

Melvin M. Walter to Rhonda L. Mosby, 53 Hwy 40, Rural.

Friday, October 18

Emily K. Hampton and John Hampton and Carol Hampton to Wanda Bowman, 329 Lyon St., Lawrence.

Ronald C. O’Neal and Dolores J. O’Neal to Chad A. Mosley, 523 N. 950 Rd., Rural.

Albert W. Wamelink and Jennifer B. Wamelink to Carter H. Moser and Janice K. Moser Trust, 3911 Aster St., Lawrence.

Reta Solwa to Nikki K. White, 5011 Congressional Way, Lawrence.

Joseph S. Cooper and Mary M. Cooper to Matthew E. Lindsey and Gabrielle C. Lindsey, 1000 Oak Tree Dr., Lawrence.

Harry D. Kennedy and Carol Kennedy to John D. Durino and Sarah C. Durino, 1187 E. 300 Rd., Rural.

Jerry S. Daugherty and Sharon Daugherty to Danielle J. Husted, 309 E. 15th Pl., Lawrence.

Jacqueline A. Lord and John W. Lord to Myk D. Barta and Kelly P. Jackson, 545 Arrowhead Dr., Lawrence.

Philip Riehle to Jennifer Metsker, 1501 Vermont St., Lawrence.

James N. Kraft and Christine M. Kraft to Christopher Gragg and Saxton Gragg, 2014 Kasold Dr., Lawrence.

Drippe Construction, Inc. to Steven S. Abney and Cheryl A. Abney, 348 N. Parker Cir., Lawrence.

Studio 804, Inc. to Jerry L. Larson, 1503 Oak Hill Ave., Lawrence.

Mark J. Landau to Reggie C. Shields and Saundra Wisdom, 815 North Michigan Cir., Lawrence.

Brian A. Bybee to Kelly A. Becker and Jeffrey McCorkle, 3208 W. 19th St., Lawrence.

Carl R. Sasse and Becky S. Sasse to Brandon Williams and Rebecca Wall, 1021 Peach St., Eudora.

Norma M. Kelley to William R. Boge and Janice J. Boge, 3109 Rimrock Dr., Lawrence.

Monday, October 21

Ann M. Pearson and Edward R. Pearson to Joshua Moore and Ashley Moore, 1655 N. 400 Rd., Rural.

Edna A. Sargent to Alicia M. Strawder, 937 Madeline Ln., Lawrence.

Minnis Building & Design Co., LLC to Fatena A. Abdalla and Amir N. Shami, 5212 Cedar Grove Way, Lawrence.

Fatena A. Abdalla to Robert J. Lasley and Karen E. Arnold-Lasley, 1881 E. 978 Rd., Lawrence.

Keith Wilkinson and Johanna A. Wilkinson to Jeremiah F. Pyle and Meredith D. Hartley, 5406 Plymouth Dr., Lawrence.

Shaun R. McEuen and Courteney L. McEuen to George E. Cullan, Trustee and Patricia A. Cullan, Trustee, 915 Summerfield Ct., Lawrence.