Real estate transfers for May 7-13, 2019

Below are real estate transfers filed at the Douglas County Clerk’s Office from May 7 to May 13:

Tuesday, May 7

Brad Fields and Bethany C. Fields to Isaac Gardner and Garon G. Gardner, 502 River Bend Cir., Lawrence.

Rory B. Harms and Randi J. Harms to Aubree Miller and Jeffrey Crutcher, 2139 Kentucky St., Lawrence.

Everett W. Custer Rev. Trust and Timber Ridge Acres LLC and Linda L. Tracey and Janis M. Henry and R. Andrew Findlay to Sutter Holdings LLC, Vacant Land, Rural.

Mark C. Scharosch and Amy Scharosch to 1100 Louisiana LLC, 1100 Louisiana St., Lawrence.

Darrell C. Shuck to Steven L. Oehlert and Sheridyn J. Oehlert, 861 E. 1150 Rd., Rural.

Christine D. Pewenofkit and Jay P. Pewenofkit to Jason Gyles, 1221 Helen Ct., Lawrence.

Wednesday, May 8

Harry A. North, Trustee and Betty A. North, Trustee to Leighton J. Miller and Shawna Miller, 95 E. 1300 Rd., Rural.

Carter Management, LC to Cole Rentals, LLC, 1116 Tennessee St., Lawrence.

Philip M. Burger and Micheline Burger to JH Properties, LLC, 225 North Michigan St. 12-73, Lawrence.

Grand Builders, Inc. to Andrew C. Corbin and Robin L. Corbin, 902 W. 30th St., Lawrence.

Brent D. Lee to Jeffrey Lopez, 3011 Havrone Way, Lawrence.

Edward A. Hensley to RBR Rentals LLC, 2141 Rhode Island St., Lawrence.

Secretary Of Housing and Urban Development of Washington D.C. to Dennis Mills and Lori Mills and Aaron Mills, 3301 Creekwood Dr., Lawrence.

Lois Ammel to Angie D. B. Blair and Hunter V. Blair and Bailee V. Blair, 1824 Vermont St., Lawrence.

Thursday, May 9

Candan Tamerler to Amada D. Frederick and Ryan T. Stander, 2712 Coralberry Ct., Lawrence.

Drippe Construction, Inc. to William E. Ebell, III and Beau J. D. Browning, 905/907 Renaissance Dr., Lawrence.

Jacqueline R. Hawley to Alex J. Sumner, 106 W. 27th St., Lawrence.

Leanne Arnold and Ronald K. Arnold and Anthony K. Arnold and Kayle Arnold to Jennifer Alexander and Peggy Sawyer, 812 Crestline Dr., Lawrence.

Carolyn Galloway to Park Lockwood and Kim Johnson, 1328 N. 1750 Rd., Lawrence.

Katrina Martin to Michael L. Morgison, 1611 Wedgewood Dr., Lawrence.

Mark R. Joslyn and Mary L. Joslyn to Lowell P. Flanner and Kelli E. Flanner, 6108 Blue Nile Dr., Lawrence.

Lowell P. Flanner and Kelli E. Flanner to Jay C. Tharp and Allison Tharp, 680 N. 1851 Diag Rd., Rural.

Friday, May 10

Michael Case and Tashina Case to Jeffrey Levy, 881 N. 1884 Rd., Lawrence.

Hector Castillo and Samantha Castillo to John Morris, 712 E. 12th St., Eudora.

Highland Construction, Inc. to Zimeng Song, 317 Shannon Ct., Lawrence.

Lucas A. Hotham and Sarah Hightree to Asher Erickson, 1342 Connecticut St., Lawrence.

Cedar Tree LLC to Meagan Sadler and Bradley Sadler, S. Fir St., Eudora.

Khadian K. Kelly to Rickey J. Lucas and Jeannette E. O. Lucas, 915 Anna Tappan Way, Lawrence.

Grand Builders, Inc. to Shane Garrison, 816 W. 30th St., Lawrence.

Barbara L. Bannister to Paul Thornton and Julie Thornton, 4524 Broadmoor Dr., Lawrence.

Harry L. Morgan and Carole A. Morgan to Clay D. Wirestone and Maxwell V. Wirestone, 2619 Harvard Rd., Lawrence.

Jamie R. Robichaud and William A. Robichaud to Adam S. Fry and Mindy U. Fry, 2508 Via Linda Dr., Lawrence.

Michelle L. W. Compton-Munoz and Joseph E. Munoz to Suzanne Galle, 1017 E. 25th Ter., Lawrence.

James O. Gilroy and Sheryl L. Winter to Gary D. Gutsch and Lori K. Gutsch, 1210 E. 2000 Rd., Rural.

Monday, May 13

Suzanne Galle to Jesse Pimentel and Jason Devor, 255 North Michigan St. 5-23, Lawrence.

David G. Slack and Cheryl A. Slack to Stephen C. Tabor and Susan V. Tabor, 1900 Crossgate Dr., Lawrence.

Rodney A. Stueve to Bradley E. Banks and Kelly L. Banks, 211 N. 9th St., Lawrence.

Anthony L. Wilkey to Samuel N. Welborn, 2610 Bonanza St., Lawrence.

Hutton Farms West LC to Drippe Construction Inc., 3709, 3711, 3717 Dandy Dr. and 3702, 3704, 3706 Tucker Tr. and 404, 406, 408, 410-422, 424, 426 N. Winnie Way and 401, 403, 405, 407, 409, 411, 413-424 N. Daylily Dr., Lawrence.

Qingchuan Xu to Kathiresan Kasimayan and Saranya Balasurbramaniam, 6319 Rockaway Dr., Lawrence.

Linda Langston and Billie L. Langston to William L. Elkins and Sharon M. Elkins, 2185 N. 1150 Rd., Eudora.

Robert G. Kennedy Estate to Sarah Stegman, Vacant Land, Rural.

Cassandra D. Mayhugh and Eric Tichenor to Roger D. Mayhugh and Deanna G. Mayhugh, 616 Folks Rd., Lawrence.

Wedman Construction Inc. to Kiley D. Patterson and Lisa R. Patterson, 254 Landon Ct., Lawrence.

Joseph Aversano and Bree Turturro and Gary Turturro to Kevin L. Mills and Jerri A. Mills, 341 Cattleman Trail, Lawrence.

Lauri A. Smith to Paul Norris and Cierra Norris, 510 E. 7th St., Lecompton.

Roger D. Mayhugh and Deanna G. Mayhugh to Cassandra D. Mayhugh and Eric Tichenor, 1826 E. 950 Rd., Rural.

Helen E. Mendoza to Hugh F. Hines, 924 New Jersey St., Lawrence.