Real estate transfers for June 4-10, 2019

Below are real estate transfers filed at the Douglas County Clerk’s Office from June 4 to June 10:

Tuesday, June 4

Tyler H. Stewart and Terri L. Stewart to Chelsey D. Rader and Gregory A. Rader, 3709 Buck Brush Ct., Lawrence.

Tenants To Homeowners, Inc. to Abby R. Young, 434 Perry St., Lawrence.

Allison G. Gaus, Trustee and Philip C. Gaus, Trustee to James Persinger and Keely Persinger, 4213 Briarwood Dr., Lawrence.

Andrew C. Lovgren and Susan R. Lovgren to Nick A. Carey and Beth Carey, 528 N. Salsbury Ct., Lawrence.

Ryan R. B. Shrimplin and Samantha Attkisson-Shrimplin to Andrew T. Morgan and Chessica Morgan, 1511 College St., Baldwin City.

Robert M. Boyd and Stephani C. Boyd to Brent Hill and Heather A. Swanson-Hill, 4412 Roundabout Cir., Lawrence.

David J. Jordan and Suzanne K. Wikle to Jared Hoke and Katherine Schiller, 714 Alabama St., Lawrence.

Ronald K. Arnold and Leanne Arnold and Karen L. Miller and Lesa G. Chamberlin to Anthony K. Arnold and Kayle M. Arnold, 1709 Kent Ter., Lawrence.

Jonathan S. Kahn and Barbara K. Huff to Mathew W. Schmidt and Austin L. Ice, 1800 Indiana St., Lawrence.

Estate of Brock R. Snyder to John R. Newman, Vacant Land, Rural.

Sherryl L. Wright to Margaret J. Davis and Michael S. Davis, 1724 W. 3rd St., Lawrence.

Michael D. Stultz and Roberta J. Stultz to Laura Morgan-Avery, Vacant Land, Rural.

Ashraf Alhafez and Amira Alothman to Robert M. Boyd and Stephani C. Boyd, 5828 Simple Ln., Lawrence.

Kevin K. Bird to Robin Lindley and Katie Moore, 2805 Harrison Pl., Lawrence.

Timothy D. Hamilton and Sofiana O. Abalan to William L. Duncan, 2406 Alabama St. 9B, Lawrence.

Nancy H. Longhurst, Trustee to Robert J. Steele and Andrea P. Steele, 1603 George Williams Way, Lawrence.

Darwin D. Heyd, Jr. and Darwin D. Heyd, Sr. and Sharon K. Heyd to Amber L. Tomas and Curtis M. Tomas, 3808 Westland Pl., Lawrence.

Wednesday, June 5

Amiel E. Weerasinghe to Olimpia A. Tyner and Luke D. Tyner, 2621 Lazy Brook Ln., Lawrence.

Martha J. Christie to Ryan Shrimplin and Samantha Attkisson-Shrimplin, Vacant Land, Rural.

Patrick T. Canaday and Jeanene K. Canaday to Savvy Boss, LLC, 1207 W. 21st St., Lawrence.

KSMO Properties, LLC to William Beebe, 1110 Birch St., Eudora.

Heather Jackson and Chris Jackson and Glenda J. Rockers and Marc Carlson and Sarah Carlson to Martha J. Christie, 1537 N. 700 Rd., Rural.

CP Properties Holdings, LC to Drippe Construction, Inc., 326 N. Chamberlin Ct., Lawrence.

Santee Capital Group, LLC to Nora F. Sakumura and David J. Sakumura, 1014 Silver Rain Rd., Lawrence.

Ryan D. Babbitt and Rae A. Babbitt to Bradley D. Seymour, 102 N. 1 Rd., Rural.

Jeffrey Riedinger and Maria Riedinger to Sang Le, 2727 Grand Cir., Lawrence.

Janet D. Mears to Taylor R. Stuart and Regan M. Stuart, 1016 Andover St., Lawrence.

Jonathan M. Warren and Ashley Warren to Nathaniel D. Moore and Tara J. Moore, 2712 Rawhide Ln., Lawrence.

Christopher M. McKeel and Chava E. McKeel to Matthew Beck, 1616 Alvamar Dr., Lawrence.

Kyle Fish and Kristyn L. Fish to Jonathan Warren and Ashley Warren, 819 8th St., Baldwin City.

Christian Fortin and Dione Fortin to Andrew Harned and Laurie Harned, 709 Easy St., Lawrence.

James E. Cloud and Angela Cloud to Jennifer Walters, 277 N. 8th St., Lawrence.

Nicole Lauderdale to Jeffrey D. Supernaw, 417 Forrest Ave., Lawrence.

Angelia K. Fursman to Worden United Methodist Church, 1107 Grove St., Baldwin City.

Susan K. Maxon and Joel P. Maxon to Paxton Lopeman, 6 N 100 Rd., Rural.

Sandy Wood and Kevin Wood to Ryan M. Stout and Sheena J. Stout, 402 Orange St., Baldwin City.

Thursday, June 6

Matthew L. Spring and Sarah J. Spring to Mary J. Kostus, 306 Stratton Dr., Eudora.

James S. Venable and Jill S. Venable to Kyle L. Fish and Kristyn L. Fish, 901 7th St., Baldwin City.

Yankee Tank Estates LLC to Kristine H. Bailey, 3209/3211 Atchison Ave., Lawrence.

Paul I. Oehlert, Trustee and Kris D. Oehlert, Trustee to Leary R. Friebele, Jr. and Tanya J. Friebele, 1019 E. 1600 Rd., Lawrence.

Arturo A. Thompson and Karen F. M. Thompson to Kris A. Moore and Lori D. Moore, 1804 Illinois St., Lawrence.

John E. McMahan and Susan J. McMahan to M&H Acres, LLC, Vacant Land, Rural.

Michael J. Lawless and Julie W. Lawless to Rayelle Miller, 962 N. 640 Rd., Rural.

Jess Appodaca, Jr. and Christine M. Appodaca to Alerus, LLC, 1238 Sandusky Dr., Eudora.

Landstar Development, LC to Christopher Rimmer, 328 N. White Dr., Lawrence.

Shari L. Mott to Jess Appodaca, Jr. and Christine M. Appodaca, 1209 Eder Ct., Eudora.

Drippe Construction, Inc. to Gerald J. Brunet and Barbara A. Brunet, 335 N. Parker Cir., Lawrence.

Friday, June 7

Gary L. Shuster and Merlene F. Shuster to Nathan Rowe and Allison Rowe, 1201 Cynthia St., Lawrence.

Jon D. Hofer and Paige D. Hofer to Feng Tao and Hong Peng, 4512 Cedar Ridge Ct., Lawrence.

Paul V. Thevarajoo and Kimberly K. Thevarajoo to Taylor L. Neff and Breaer A. Neff, 2310 Meadowlark Ter., Eudora.

Ralph W. Woods and Kathleen M. Woods to Five Star Quality Care-KS, LLC, 4706 Brandon Woods Ter., Lawrence.

Christopher D. Sanders and Sara J. Sanders to Daniel Newland, 2714 W. 24th Ter., Lawrence.

Robert F. Senecal and Angela N. Senecal to Marie A. Taylor, 2214 Louisiana St., Lawrence.

Five Star Quality Care-KS, LLC to Kathleen S. Morris, 4706 Brandon Woods Ter., Lawrence.

John Q. Ellis and Jimmye E. Ellis to Board of Trustees of the Lawrence Memorial Hospital, 441 Maine St., Lawrence.

Kris Adair and Joshua Montgomery to Angela E. Zunn and Michael B. Gisel, 4942 Stoneback Pl., Lawrence.

William L. Leslie and Homer P. Leslie to Gena Leslie and Jim Leslie, 800 E. 7th St. and 500 Boone St. Blk 1, Lecompton.

RSR Holdings, LLC to Stephen H. Koger, III and Heidi I. Koger, 1122 Silver Rain Rd., Lawrence.

J.E.W. Properties, L.L.C. to AA Holdings, LLC, 1000 O.C.L. Dr. Blk 2, Eudora.

2017-2FL, LLC to Thomas L. Crumrine and Tanna N. Crumrine, 2512 Chasehire Ct., Lawrence.

Mireille Green to Gregory R. Basgall and Stacey L. Stringfellow and Alec R. Basgall, 1422 Stone Meadows Dr., Lawrence.

Monday, June 10

Donald G. O’Connor to Jason P. O’Connor, 321 Dearborn St., Baldwin City.

Charla R. Jenkins Revocable Trust to Vince D. Antle, 2704 University Dr., Lawrence.

Susannah J. Pangelinan and James G. Pangelinan to Jeremy L. Klopenstein and Allison N. Smith-Klopenstein, 2725 Lawrence Ave., Lawrence.

Noel Neyman and Eric Neyman to Kyle Slavens, 801 Fir St., Eudora.

Matthew C. Maigaard and Erin L. Maigaard to Christopher D. Cates, 2620 Harper St., Lawrence.

David Ohle to Louis P. Schmitt and Wayne Propst and Carol C. Schmitt, 637 Illinois Street, Lawrence.

Evan M. Shaw and Erika D. Shaw to Monique Glynos, 2509 Stowe Dr., Lawrence.

Garber Enterprises, Inc. to Jake Garber Construction, LLC, 3711 Prairie Clover Ct., Lawrence.

Margaret B. Truesdell and Tanner Truesdell and Anne M. B. Byerly and James G. Byerly to Tegan ZB Robinson, 1809 Illinois St., Lawrence.

Vashti Winterburg and David L. Severance to Jacqueline F. Robertson, 3013 Topeka Ln., Lawrence.

Luis A. Montanez to Deborah D’Orvilliers, 216 Eisenhower Dr., Lawrence.

Lloyd W. Neuschafer and Susan K. Neuschafer to Chelsie Shields and Michael Shields, Vacant Land, Rural.