Real estate transfers for May 28-June 3, 2019

Below are real estate transfers filed at the Douglas County Clerk’s Office from May 28 to June 3:

Tuesday, May 28

Charlotte L. Neese, Trustee to Trevor Courter and Cecelia Courter, 1111 W. 18th Ln., Eudora.

Sarah J. Vangemeren to Charles G. Ewy and Rebecca A. Ewy, 1015 Lawrence Ave., Lawrence.

Justin Hulshof and Stacie Hulshof to Marsha J. Page-White and Donald A. White Jr., 3205 Calvin Dr., Lawrence.

Amy L. Haller to Dustin DeMayo and Mallory Sconzert, 2452 Missouri St., Lawrence.

Joe B. Jones and Nancy A. Jones to Christopher Jones, 800 Madeline Ln., Lawrence.

Renee C. Williams to Justin Hulshof, 3704 Gunnison Dr., Lawrence.

Ryan Castelic and Samantha L. Castelic to Brian Smith, 830 E. 12th St., Eudora.

Jim Leslie and Gena Leslie to Larry Leslie and Peggy Leslie, 2047 E. 600 Rd. & Vacant Land, Rural.

Lisa A. Lorenz and Matthew D. Helbing to Holly A. Hangauer and Patrick Z. Hangauer, 222 Perry St., Lawrence.

John L. Johnson and Tammy S. Johnson to Edie Crevoiserat and Michael Crevoiserat, 1808 N. 100 Rd. & Vacant Land, Rural.

Unified School District #348 by Consolidated Joint School District No. 92 and School District No. 17 to Chapel Hill, LLC, Vacant Land, Baldwin City.

Joseph H. Hoinoski and Elizabeth A. Hoinoski to Douglas R. Womack and Janette S. Womack, Vacant Land, Rural.

Jessica L. Hull and David P. Hull to Marc Havener and Jenea Havener, 1617 New Hampshire St., Lawrence.

South KC Properties LLC to MHS LLC, 2312 Free State Ln., Lawrence.

Corinne I. Forstot-Burke and Brandon R. Burke to Crystal M. Patterson and Adam R. Patterson, 317 Settlers Dr., Lawrence.

Jill M. King and Kelli S. King to Callum J. Butcher, 2118 E. 17th St., Lawrence.

Robyn L. Vilcek to Mary E. Woodson, 115 E. 17th Ter., Lawrence.

Wednesday, May 29

Michael S. Bowman and Samantha L. Bowman to Dieter Schrader, 1144 Vantuyl Dr., Lawrence.

78, L.C. to Grand Builders, Inc., 919 W. 30th St., Lawrence.

Gregory A. Young to Laura Smith, 1014 Lawrence Ave., Lawrence.

78, L.C. to Grand Builders, Inc., 918 W. 30th St., Lawrence.

Dale Sanders and Donna K. Sanders to Lawrence, Kansas Rentals LLC, 428 Elm St., Lawrence.

Steve Malin and Emily Malin to Heather M. Kessler and William A. Kessler, 210 N. 6th St., Baldwin City.

James R. Gere to Joseph E. Cool, Jr. and Sally J. Cool, 610 King St., Baldwin City.

Four & Twenty Blackbirds, LLC to Barbara D. Phillips, 1535 Lindenwood Ln., Lawrence.

Matthew L. Davis and Ashley L. Davis to Jeremy B. Lill and Sarah E. Lill, 920 Diamondhead Dr., Lawrence.

Robert W. Honse and Emily J. Honse to Martha Hodgesmith, 1533 Fountain Dr., Lawrence.

Thursday, May 30

Eric G. Todd and Jessica Todd to Jeffrey Rohde and Crystal Rohde, 992 E. 750 Rd., Lawrence.

Andrew C. Fennelly and Catherine Egan to Jonathan Willems and Serena Willems, 2117 E. 17th St., Lawrence.

Dobyns Family Trust to Nathan C. Mattson and Mollie F. Fearing, 1013 E. 26th St., Lawrence.

Heather L. Cordes to Douglas A. Stremel and Eliza F. Darmon, 222 Arizona St., Lawrence.

Wendy S. Anderson to Andrew C. Fennelly, 402 N. Olivia Ave., Lawrence.

Norma C. Ochs to SLI Properties, LLC, 1614 W. 22nd Ter., Lawrence.

Hapo LC to Jennifer L. Beeghly-Hills, 331 Johnson Ave., Lawrence.

Roy L. Lytle and Melissa D. Lytle to Rebecca A. Dice, 1306 Juniper Ct., Eudora.

GHP Properties, LLC to Jon A. McCleary and Sonya Y. McCleary, Vacant Land, Rural.

Bruce H. Burton and Jennifer M. Burton to Keegan K. Bednasek, 1001 Kathy’s Ct., Baldwin City.

Edward L. Monteith, Jr. and Wendy D. Monteith to Bruce H. Burton and Jennifer M. Burton, 120 A E. 1700 Rd., Rural.

Alan D. Gleue and Kelly Higby-Gleue and Lourdes N. Rawley to Matthew P. Llewellyn and Heather L Cordes, 2212 Rodeo Dr., Lawrence.

David E. Upchurch and Jeri Upchurch to Sean R. McIntosh and Jessica McIntosh, 668 E. 1400 Rd., Rural.

Nieder Properties, Inc. to Touche Rentals, LLC, 331 Maple Ln., Lawrence.

DFC Company of Lawrence, LC to Lourdes N. Rawley, 3700 Dandy Dr., Lawrence.

Mark Reaves and Michelle Reaves to Glen Lemesany, 1016 Langston Ct., Lawrence.

Judith L. McDaniel, Co-Trustee and Wayne L. McDaniel, Co-Trustee to Integrity Place, LLC, 2500 W. 31st St. B, Lawrence.

American Eagle, Inc. to Tommy A. Yother, II and Amanda J. Yother, 1311 Monterey Way, Lawrence.

Estate of Timothy E. Clark to Carolyn Parmi, 506 Main St., Eudora.

Tyler N. Goodwin to Julian Karmi, 2208/2210 Pennsylvania St., Lawrence.

Friday, May 31

Tyler N. Goodwin to Julian Karmi, 2138/2140 Pennsylvania St., Lawrence.

Teresa J. Olds to Doug Baskett and Susan Baskett, 2908 Fenwick Rd., Lawrence.

Cherie J. Miranda to EDA Properties, LLC, 4812 W. 25th St., Lawrence.

Thomas F. Swearingen and Carol K. Swearingen to Five Star Quality Care-KS, LLC, 1608 Brandon Woods Ct., Lawrence.

Ryan G. Bickling and Kimberly S. Bickling to Beckmeisters, LLC, 2015 Stratford Rd., Lawrence.

Thomas C. Dow to Christopher E. Reffett and Jill L. Reffett, 4208 Crofton Ct., Lawrence.

Five Star Quality Care-KS, LLC to Kevin J. Wold Family Trust, 1608 Brandon Woods Ct., Lawrence.

Jayden S. Gillies and Kelli R. Gillies, to, Paul A. Ramirez and Stacey L. Ramirez, 2925 Prairie Ct., Lawrence.

Shari A. Gerling to Larry W. Aiken and Susan K. Aiken, 5236 Carson Dr., Lawrence.

Adam C. Linhos and Lori D. Linhos to Barton A. Gravatt, 3018 Topeka Ln., Lawrence.

Andrew R. Majors and Alexis J. Majors to Laurel Toole, 2608 Kensington Rd., Lawrence.

Florence J. Faler and Deborah K. Lundmark and Robert A. Lundmark and Martha K. Falk and Charles L. Falk, Jr. and Michael A. Faler and Amy D. Profeta and George M. Faler and Baileigh Faler and John L. Faler to Whitney Kinney, 856 Locust St., Lawrence.

David R. Cavender and Michelle N. Dudley to Michael S. Baxter and Britani Baxter, 1314 Cedar St., Eudora.

James A. Marchiony and Mary E. Marchiony to Meyen Family Trust, 712 Fox Chase Ct., Lawrence.

Tammara Capps and Gregory Capps to Teresa G. Grieb, 2103 Crossgate Cir., Lawrence.

Travis E. DeVader and Sarah A. Collins and Shannon R. DeVader to Adam C. Linhos and Lori D. Linhos, 5113 Cody Ct., Lawrence.

Margaret L. Hoy to Ronald E. Mann, 2430 Ohio St., Lawrence.

Danielle Maigaard and Martin Maigaard to Kyra N. Dunham and Kerwin S. Dunham, 1321 Monterey Way, Lawrence.

Christopher M. Ott and Mary D. Munson-Ott to Kenneth J. Fearn and Sara R. Fearn, 1131 Brynwood Ct., Lawrence.

Terrance M. Meyer and Erin L. Meyer to Indianaville LLC, 1123 Oregon St., Lawrence.

Susan Harwood to Randy Kohl and Natalie Kohl, 2915 Flint Ct., Lawrence.

Santa Arias to Ryan Robinson and Jennifer Robinson, 440 Rockfence Ct., Lawrence.

Davida M. Sears to Danielle Maigaard and Martin Maigaard, 1428 Connecticut St., Lawrence.

David Severn and Denise R. Severn to Cayman Properties LLC, 2502 University Dr., Lawrence.

Jonathan L. Templin and Lesa R. Hoffman to Philip J. Neff and Kelly K. Neff, 1204 Oak Tree Dr., Lawrence.

George R. Lawrence and Leda C. Lawrence to Kimberly O’Brien, 3801 Westland Pl., Lawrence.

Zachary J. Stover and Leslie N. Stover to LG4, LLC, 1022 Fir St. and 1000 Blk Acorn St., Eudora.

Kerry K. McMillen and Diane P. McMillen to Steven C. Johnson and Jillian Johnson, 725 Missouri St., Lawrence.

Monday, June 3

Michael Martinez and Marcilyn Martinez to Gwendolyn A. Collins, 915 8th St., Baldwin City.

Eric Wells and Sara Wells to Paige E. Kraft, 2817 Harrison Pl., Lawrence.

Jill L. Batterman and Chet L. Batterman to Zachary R. Batterman, 927 Emery Rd. A104, Lawrence.

C. Allen Barker and Amanda Barker to Vicente M. Mendoza, 1421 Ash Ct., Eudora.

Chase Abernethy and Julie Abernethy to Holden McComb and Kirstin Rigger, 316 W. 26th St, Eudora.

Timothy D. Hamilton and Sofiana J. O. Abalan to Joshua R. Girkin and Kristina L. Girkin, 2406 Alabama St. 9A, Lawrence.

Volz Builders, LLC to Patrick E. Lowry and Jennifer M. Lowry, 314 Stoneridge Ct., Lawrence.

Charles E. Lynn to Alan P. Stolz and Matt D. Price, 326 Headwaters Dr., Lawrence.

Hans P. Harmon and Molly Harmon to Julia Seifert, 915 Cedar Pl., Eudora.

Steven J. Koprince and Anne L. Koprince to Terence E. Leibold and Mandy T. Leibold, 4520 Cedar Ridge Ct., Lawrence.

H. Eustace Llewellyn to Austin J. Pyle and Holly Pyle, 1700 Mississippi St., Lawrence.

Castle Rock, LC to Melissa A. Daggett and Aaron L. Daggett and Richard Daggett and Connie Daggett, 3909 Blazing Star Ct., Lawrence.

Caroline M. Hayes Revocable Trust to Charles K. Novogradac and Deborah A. Milks, 824 Ohio St., Lawrence.

Lawson LLC to Zdenka Voksa, 2603 Jordan Ln., Lawrence.

Aaron L. Daggett and Melissa A. Daggett to Robert L. Johnson, III and Lauren M. Johnson, 2324 Haversham Dr., Lawrence.

Ronald Stevenson and Jennifer M. Stevenson to Craig Elliott and Jeanette Elliott, 4721 W. 25th St., Lawrence.

Barbara L. Bell to Susan E. Volz, 5013 Congressional Way, Lawrence.

Christopher J. Anderson and Paula R. Anderson to Ronald P. Stevenson and Jennifer M. Stevenson, 1108 Waverly Dr., Lawrence.

Oregon Trail Holdings, LC to RB LLC, 5814 Freemont Way, Lawrence.

Koia Homes LLC to Jared M. Hedge and Whitney J. Hedge, 3529 Morning Dove Cir., Lawrence.

Oregon Trail Holdings, LC to RB LLC, 5810 Freemont Way, Lawrence.

Heather S. Lofflin to Free State Properties, Inc., 911 Alabama St., Lawrence.

Jennifer L. Rowe and Craig Rowe to Heather S. Lofflin, 730 Maine St., Lawrence.

Norman L. Runyon and Marcia J. Runyon to Lisa Hetrick and Isaac Severance, 2628 Red Cedar Dr., Lawrence.

Dawn D. Stewart to Jarell R. Schroeder and Morgan Schroeder, 2616 Lazy Brook Ln., Lawrence.

Jonathan M. Jacques and Kerry L. Jacques to Jennifer M. Barker, 110 N. 2nd St., Baldwin City.

Daniel W. Morgan and Michelle K. Morgan to Aaron J. Parris, 2736 Inverness Ct., Lawrence.

Quentin L. Kaufman and Sarah M. Kaufman to Stephanie L. Taylor and Andrew M. Taylor, 4208 Wheat State St., Lawrence.