Real estate transfers for July 16-22, 2019

Below are real estate transfers filed at the Douglas County Clerk’s Office for July 16-22:

Tuesday, July 16

Bruce W. Scott and Elizabeth L. Scott to April Brack and Justin J. Brack, 329 Edinburgh Rd., Lawrence.

Denise L. Low-Weso and Thomas F. Weso to Timothy D. Hamilton and Sofiana J. Abalan, 1916 Stratford Rd., Lawrence.

Halley E. Kampschroeder and Joan T. Kampschroeder to Marcia Butell, 2026 Vermont St., Lawrence.

Michael D. Clift and Sarah J. Clift to BGRS, LLC, 916 Diamondhead Dr., Lawrence.

BGRS, LLC to Christopher J. Groshek and Megan C. Groshek, 916 Diamondhead Dr., Lawrence.

Stephen C. Clevenger and Robin L. Clevenger to Adriana Y. Parga and Odalis Parga, 2516 Morningside Ct., Lawrence.

Wedman Construction, Inc. to Brett S. Urban and Devan K. Urban, 5006 Chesbro Ct., Lawrence.

Sean D. Williams and Stacie C. Williams to Shawn R. Farmer and Stephanie Pasas-Farmer, 711 Sunset Dr., Lawrence.

Christina R. Heikkila and Matthew T. Hall to Delaney J. Reed, 437 Ohio St., Lawrence.

Mark E. Mort and Jenny K. Archibald to Joseph E. Munoz and Michelle L. Compton-Munoz, 2527 Alabama St., Lawrence.

Robert W. Wilks and Linda Wilks to Kimberly Bruner, 1626 Cadet Ave., Lawrence.

Terill E. Canfield to Sean D. Williams and Stacie C. Williams, 730 New Hampshire St., Unit 3I, Lawrence.

CP Property Holdings, L.C. to Drippe Construction, Inc., 330 N. Keaton Ct. & 332 N. Keaton Ct., Lawrence.

Patrick M. Sullivan to Robert W. Wilks and Linda A. Wilks, 3213 Bighorn Ct., Lawrence.

Wednesday, July 17

Joshua D. Dinges, Trustee to Carolyn S. DeMoss, Trustee and James W. DeMoss, Trustee, 1223 Stonecreek Dr., Lawrence.

Leonard E. Blanton and Sherry E. Blanton to Melody A. Gilbert and Forest J. Gilbert, II, 2073 E. 25th Pl., Lawrence.

Tonia L. Salvini and Ira G. Salvini II and Lynn Salvini to Joseph F. Harkins and Judith A. Harkins Revocable Living Trust, 4017 Crossgate Ct., Lawrence.

Clifford L. Couch and Jeannette K. Couch and Nellie A. Couch to Seth J. Sines and Anne M. Sines, 1312 Main St., Eudora.

James M. Schneider to Robbins Acquisitions Inc., 3018 Longhorn Dr., Lawrence.

Laura Russell to Johnny Johnson and Christina Johnson, 2101 Rhode Island St., Lawrence.

Location Properties L.C. to Amber Rhoden, 3721 Crossgate Ter., Lawrence.

Thursday, July 18

Jerry W. Beeman and Kaila D. Beeman to Richard W. Miller and Robin L. Miller, 318 Signal Ridge Dr., Baldwin City.

Nicole J. Hite-Heleniak and John G. Heleniak to Lori L. Seaberg, Part of 605 Easy Ct., Lawrence.

Jason A. Condiff and Theresa Condiff to Zachary P. Renn, 2500 Stowe Dr., Lawrence.

Brian J. Clark and Jordana L. Arnold to Julia Pilant, 1702 Learnard Ave., Lawrence.

Cindy M. Vervynck and Robert A. Meuffels to Larry L. Patterson and Mary T. Patterson, 404 Sharon Ct., Lawrence.

Colin C. Wylie and Heidi L. Wylie to Brian T. Turk and Holly A. Turk, 4975 Stoneback Dr., Lawrence.

Friday, July 19

Nationstar Mortgage LLC to Joel D. Morton, 2404 Haversham Dr., Lawrence.

Opal Viola Allison Living Trust to Platinum Funds, LLC, 1725 Alabama St., Lawrence.

Bal.enz Design+Build, LLC to Megan W. Phillips and Trenton D. Phillips, 2721 Bonanza St., Lawrence.

Michelle A. Murphy to Jason Condiff, 227 Aspen Ln., Lawrence.

Crystal M. Patterson and Adam R. Patterson to Joseph N. Underwood and Jordan L. Underwood, 3105 Creekwood Dr., Lawrence.

Jeremiah J. Krom and Christina L. Krom to Keith R. McDonald, 2701 Lawrence Ave., Lawrence.

Richard R. Ring and Joan S. Ring to Susan D. Brosseau and William G. Kalinich, 2130 Terrace Rd., Lawrence.

Theresa M. Kurtz to Jennifer Myers, 532 N. Salsbury Ct., Lawrence.

Cary S. Kessler to Elle Weber, 2710 Belle Haven Dr., Lawrence.

Thomas J. Connors, III and Patricia M. Connors to Lucas R. Carpenter and Andrea M. Carpenter, 709 Joseph Dr., Lawrence.

Joshua N. Nordstrom and Trisha R. Nordstrom to Christopher Sprecker and Arika Sprecker, 623 N. Daylily Dr., Lawrence.

William L. Leslie to Elizabeth K. Peters and James M. Peters, 2047 E. 600 Rd., Rural.

Janice K. Smith to Indianaville, LLC, 925 Connecticut St., Lawrence.

John M. Price, Trustee and Kirsten Price, Trustee to Thomas D. Herrmann and Teresa J. Herrmann, 1018 & 1026 W. 24th St., Lawrence.

Eliza F. Darmon and Douglas A. Stremel to Brian Costello and Whitney Mahoney, 918 Schwarz Rd., Lawrence.

Rena Figures to Adam W. Moon, 1502 Harper St., Lawrence.

Bonnie McLarty and John T. McLarty and Karin L. McLarty to Catherine Meihaus and Adam Hess, 1220 E. 15th St. & 1220 1/2 E. 15th St., Lawrence.

Monday, July 22

Norbert M. Grosdidier Revocable Living Trust to Isaac Gardner, Vacant Land, Rural.

Jessica Francq to Nicholas G. Prutsman, Vacant Land, Rural.

US Bank Trust, N.A. Trustee to Michael Lawson, 1235 N. 100 Rd., Rural.

Melissa A. Manning to Mark S. Olson Trust, 3916 Willshire Dr., Lawrence.

Joyce E. Barrett to Kathryn M. Sheffler and Christian J. Sheffler, 2908 Whitmore Dr., Lawrence.

L. Amber Denker, Trustee to Melinda K. Nichols, 911 Missouri St., Lawrence.

Macharia K. White and Courtney White and Jolene White and Maleeka R. White and Michael S. White to Ryan M. Callaway and Andrea G. Callaway, 1121 Vermont St., Lawrence.

Terri L. Evinger to Aaron A. Thakker and Robert C. Giffin, 1024 Acorn Dr., Eudora.

Jason D. Murphy and Wendy J. Murphy to Christopher A. Butter, 107 N. 2nd St., Baldwin City.

Isaac Gardner and Garon G. Gardner to Stephen L. J. Rector and Alexandria M. Gamboa, 502 River Bend Cir., Lawrence.

Matthew L. Frost and Amanda J. Frost to Matthew Beat and Shannon Beat, 3921 W. 8th St., Lawrence.

Gerard E. Little and Brenda A. Little to Stephen T. Herring, 3908 Trail Rd., Lawrence.