Real estate transfers for July 9-15, 2019

Below are real estate transfers filed at the Douglas County Clerk’s Office for July 9-15:

Tuesday, July 9

Black Door Signature Homes, Inc. to BSTS, LLC, 2500/2502 Crestline Cir., Lawrence.

Lloyd S. Rainge, II and Tracy L. Rainge to Elsa M. Montenegro-Garcia, 3817 Hill Song Cir., Lawrence.

Carmen Dieker to Hannah E. Grow, 2527 Belle Crest Dr., Lawrence.

RLCC, Inc. to Susan M. Saunders, 5621 Bowersock Dr., Lawrence.

Salb Homes, LLC to Clint Freeman and Ashley N. Freeman, 318 Three Forks Dr., Lawrence.

78 L.C. to Grand Builders, Inc., 930 W. 30th St., Lawrence.

78 L.C. to Grand Builders, Inc., 926 W. 30th St., Lawrence.

Camelot/Brittany LP to Tong Investment, LLC, 625 Folks Rd. Unit B108, Lawrence.

Camelot/Brittany LP to Tong Investment, LLC, 625 Folks Rd. Unit B106, Lawrence.

Wednesday, July 10

Marlene J. Leinmiller to ODC Collingsworth Lawrence, LLC, 1401,1403,1411,1441, 1443,1445,1449 W. 23rd St., 1300 W. 24th St., and 2301 Naismith Dr. Tower, Lawrence.

Stephen R. Brown and Lisa M. Brown to Coffman Construction, Inc., 1318 N. 1031 Rd., Lawrence.

Estate of Evonne K. English to Sherryl L. Wright, 125 Santa Fe Dr., Baldwin City.

MNC, LLC to Brock Robson and Kylie M. Robson, 2701 S. Fir St., Eudora.

David A. Miller and Marilyn R. Miller to Ben Miller-Coleman and Valerie Miller-Coleman, 1801 Indiana St., Lawrence.

Reilly Reis and Daniel Reis to Herbert M. Gathage and Lucy W. Muriu, 1467 Marilee Dr., Lawrence.

Jack R. Cohn to Lawrence Kansas Rentals, LLC, 1131 Randall Rd., Lawrence.

Jordan R. Bass and Robin R. Bass to Brent A. Teufel and Elizabeth C. Songy, 3112 Sherwood Dr., Lawrence.

Stephan L. Skepnek and Erinn N. Skepnek to Terry D. Gottberg and Melissa L. Gottberg, 1710 University Dr., Lawrence.

Jared M. Scholz and Amanda D. Scholz to Steven J. Sutorius and Kerry M. Sutorius, 1339 Pennsylvania St., Lawrence.

Joshua Knott and Karmen Knott to Zachary R. Bradford and Jasmin Ramirez, 914 Drum Dr., Lawrence.

Hannelore M. Smith and Rodney L. Smith to Thomas E. Gleason, Jr., 1530 Legend Trail Dr. Unit B, Lawrence.

Jeff A. Shaw to Michael Bright and Christi Bright, 2439 Surrey Dr., Lawrence.

Gerald W. Nimitz and Kimberly A. Nimitz to Nicholas D. Totten, 1406 B Brighton Cir., Lawrence.

Richard W. Bennett Rev. Trust to Pravakar Mondal and Sonia Mondal, 5212 Congressional Pl., Lawrence.

Thursday, July 11

Casey Simoneau and Elise Simoneau to Joshua A. Kellerman and Lacy K. Kellerman, 1270 N. 222 Rd., Rural.

Angela K. Drake to Dustin M. Williams, 606 Jersey St., Baldwin City.

Anthony E. Farris and Joyce D. Farris to Malissa J. Nesmith and Trent LW Nesmith, 2602 Alabama St., Lawrence.

Raymond D. Knox and Kristine J. Knox to Ramsamn G. Varghese and Camille A. Varghese, 4608 Merion Ct., Lawrence.

John E. Bowman and Ruth M. Bowman to Sally Sanko and Conor Brown, Vacant Land, Rural.

Diane V. Spicer, Trustee to Myranda L. Zarlengo, 1431 Legends Cir., Lawrence.

Kevin W. Carlyle to United Equity LLC, 1392 E. 2000 Rd., Rural.

Kevin W. Carlyle to United Equity LLC, Vacant Land, Rural.

United Equity LLC to Christopher J. Dino, 1392 E. 2000 Rd. & Vacant Land, Rural.

Lucas R. Carpenter Andrea M. Carpenter to Daniel C. Burnison, 4704 W. 26th St., Lawrence.

Friday, July 12

Anthony A. Schmidt and Loreta Schmidt to Richell P. Baldwin and Richard W. Baldwin, Vacant Land, Rural.

Ronald E. Knaggs and Nancy D. Knaggs, to, Bryce C. Benton and Charlotte L. Benton, 808 Wheaton Dr., Lawrence.

Karen K. Smart, Trustee and Dean R. Smart, Trustee to Andrew J. Barker and Catherine E. Barker, 2113 Inverness Dr., Lawrence.

William J. Woodard and Claudia J. Woodard to Londa J. Israel, 1426 Stone Meadows Dr., Lawrence.

John E. McMahan and Susan J. McMahan to Ryan L. Waters and Renae D. Waters, 3533 Eagle Pass Ct., Lawrence.

Jeffrey J. Alderman and Brenda D. Alderman to Kristine J. Knox and Raymond D. Knox, 4121 Teal Dr., Lawrence.

Julie M. Alderman to Kristine J. Knox and Raymond D. Knox, 4121 Teal Dr., Lawrence.

Milton S. Patterson, II and Jeanne Patterson to Michael T. Lash and Laura C. Lash, 360 Woodlawn Manor, Lawrence.

Sheldon Weisgrau and Stacey VanHouten to Jenny K. Archibald and Mark E. Mort, 444 Ohio St., Lawrence.

Vertias Christian School Society to Nomad Properties, LLC, 1026 Hilltop Dr., Lawrence.

Michael Compitello to Kent R. Dobbins and Amanda L. Avey-Dobbins, 2006 Louisiana St., Lawrence.

Susan M. Christensen and Lan D. Pham to Emily R. Hamblin, 1232 Laura Ave., Lawrence.

Peter F. Kautz and Crystal D. Kautz to Ashley K. Zeller and Kyle J. Zeller, 3912 Blazing Star Ct., Lawrence.

Myung K. Kim and Young S. Park to Monty J. Sowder and Tonja S. Sowder, 1513 Burning Tree Ct., Lawrence.

Daryl E. Petefish and Marcella A. Petefish to Ulrich Bros. Farms, LLC, 113 N. 1250 Rd & Vacant Land, Rural.

Kyle J. Zeller and Ashley K. Zeller to Banafsheh Koklary and Afshar Jalilzadeh, 2152 E. 25th Pl., Lawrence.

Clarence Lang and Jennifer Hamer to Brian I. Kong and Sun H. Park, 1972 Carmel Dr., Lawrence.

Gary G. Anderson and Marilyn S. Anderson to Indianaville, LLC, 1145 Delaware St., Lawrence.

Kirk Heger and Elise Heger to Thomas J. Hoffman and Linda L. Blackledge, 1351 Engel Rd., Lawrence.

Anthony R. Hadley to Danny L. Morris and Wendy M. Morris, 1336 N. 550 Rd., Rural.

Jesse Kaufman and Emily B. Kaufman to Gary L. Dixon, 1419 E. 19th St., Lawrence.

Monday, July 15

Keystone Management Inc. to Loralea Y. Hubert, 302 Montrose Cove, Eudora.

Patrick D. Karlin and Mary E. Karlin to Kevin V. Christian and Marsha A. Christian, 104/106 Silver Leaf Ln., Baldwin City.

Community Living Opportunities, Inc. to Artists Helping The Homeless, Inc., 1209 Randall Rd. & 1211 Randall Rd., Lawrence.

Bruce W. Husman to Jodi Morgan, 4833 W. 24th St., Lawrence.

Kathryn B. Steffens and Nichelos D. Colby to Matthew Comi and Dana Comi, 1813 W. 4th St., Lawrence.

Christopher J. Babcock and Maria S. Erdozain to Jodi L. Diede, 332 Woodlawn Ct., Lawrence.

Ashley N. Hutton to Mary A. Halloran, 1333 Westbrooke St., Lawrence.

Brian P. Frasier to Haylie Thompson and Garrett Thompson, 906 Cedar Pl., Eudora.

Ruth Vervynck to Jarrett Arnold, Vacant Land, Rural.

Levi J. Garber and Letitia N. Garber to John C. Boller and Michelle S. Boller, 1605 N. 1021 Rd., Rural.

American Slim’s Holdings -Wakarusa, LLC to 3PRG Real Estate – Slims Lawrence, LLC, 701 Wakarusa Dr., Lawrence.

Gary W. Emery and Molly S. Emery to Robert D. Rohr and Michelle R. Rohr, 193 Hwy 40, Rural.

Amy L. Pedraza and Anthony J. Pedraza to Lesley K. Hornberger, 3600 Parkview Ct., Lawrence.

RSR Holdings, LLC to Santee Capital Group, LLC, 1008 Silver Rain Rd., Lawrence.

Larry L. Patterson and Mary T. Patterson to Marvin E. Neth and Barbara J. Neth, 4130 W. 12th St., Lawrence.

Scott D. McCall and Candelyn L. McCall to Theresa Vaughn, 1618 Cypress Point Dr., Lawrence.

Linda L. Votaw and Johnny R. Demby to Nicholas W. Nelson, 1482 N. 100 Rd., Rural.

Carol B. Hedrick to Lyndal Frye, 118 Glenview Dr., Lawrence.