Real estate transfers for July 2-8, 2019

Below are real estate transfers filed at the Douglas County Clerk’s Office for July 2-8:

Tuesday, July 2

Murray M. Blackwelder and Diane F. Blackwelder to Midwest Investing LLC, 1322 & 1322 1/2 High St., Baldwin City.

Joshua Talley and Shana Talley to Matthew T. Manning and Cassie M. Binns, 2116 Prairie Ter., Lawrence.

Arden Day to Benfield LLC, 1237 Brook St., Lawrence.

Dennis W. Burks and Ruth J. Burks to Hannah Lincoln, 2731 Shadow Ridge Pl., Eudora.

Katryn L. Syverson to Cody L. Christline and Ashley L. Christline, 219 Earhart Cir., Lawrence.

Genevieve M. Tedrow to Russell Bishop and Kristi Edgar, 1221 Greenbrier Dr., Eudora.

William D. Barnum and Anita L. Barnum to Cathleen C. Belt and James E. Belt, 132 Sharon Dr., Lawrence.

Neil Blainey and Joel Blainey to Kern Real Estate, LLC, 905 Connecticut St., Lawrence.

Kristina Hermanson and Joel Sanderson to Jennifer A. Distlehorst, 2557 Montana St., Lawrence.

Ralph J. Vickers and Deborah J. Vickers to Tiara M. Boyd, 200 Sharon Dr., Lawrence.

Gayland Lilienkamp and Linda S. Lilienkamp to James Hatch and Crystina Hatch, 581 N. 900 Rd., Rural.

Deerfield Cottage Townhomes Association to Woodlawn Drive Townhouse Association, Common areas of Cottage Ln, Woodlawn Cir. & Woodlawn Dr., Lawrence.

Wednesday, July 3

Stephen Ayres, LLC to Amon E. Holt III, 1609 Acorn Ln., Eudora.

Richard L. Howard to Five Star Quality Care-KS, LLC, 1736 Carmel Dr., Lawrence.

Katherine L. Pittz and Jordan M. Pittz to Connie Ochs and Brad Ochs, 1927 N. 1275 Rd., Rural.

Snowdie B. Martin to Nicole Barcomb, 1578 El Dorado Dr., Lawrence.

John E. McElroy Trust to Carter W. Klise and Brooke T. Klise, 1008 Prescott Dr., Lawrence.

Allison Murphy to Steve R. Barker and Tina M. Barker, 1410 Westbrooke St., Lawrence.

Cotte Family Revocable Trust to Carol A.M. Kobza, 4215 Wimbledon Dr., Lawrence.

Five Star Quality Care-KS, LLC to Sharon K. Wagner Living Trust, 1736 Carmel Dr., Lawrence.

Julie Schwarting and Paul L. Schmidt to Justin Schmidt and Jennifer Schmidt, 1971 E. 1100 Rd., Rural.

Megan E. Mendez and Anthony R. Mendez, Jr. to Suzanne O. Holmstrom, 2056 E. 25th Pl., Lawrence.

Lance A. Watson and Jessica Sullivan to Howard A. Johnson, III and Alison N. Montecinos-Johnson, 1213 Lawrence Ave., Lawrence.

Santiago C. Lock and Mary P. Sommerhauser to Barry L. Braden and Jessica Egoavil-Braden, 2756 Grand Cir., Lawrence.

Howard A. Johnson, III and Alison N. Montecinos-Johnson to Kylee L. Rhoades, 518 Sandpiper dr., Lawrence.

Justin Schmidt and Jennifer Schmidt to William B. Rector and Thomas L. Little, 1934 E. 300 Rd., Rural.

Thursday, July 4 – Independence Day Holiday

Friday, July 5

John H. Wulfkuhle Revocable Trust to Michael T. Kennedy and Jacquie L. Kennedy, 1418 N. 600 Rd., Rural.

Andrew W. Cote and Joan M. Cote to Nicole Preslicka, 4725 McCormick Ct., Lawrence.

Cary G. Utz to Gary West and Juanita West, 1425 Anthony Michael Dr., Lawrence.

Andrew M. Krzanowsky and Dyana L. Krzanowsky to Nathan L. Hancock and Katelin Hancock, 4111 Doolittle Dr., Lawrence.

Justin Anderson and Amy Anderson to Brian A. Bybee, 21 E. 1300 Rd., Rural.

Duane B. Hayes to Andrew Schrock and Tina Schrock, 120/122 Silver Leaf Ln., Baldwin City.

Sharon G. Caffrey and Francis L. Caffrey to Mark Duffin and Dena M. Duffin, 2125 E. 25th Pl., Lawrence.

Julie S. Shrack and Patrick J. Stallbaumer, Jr. to Harold L. Osburn and Jane A. Osburn, 1287 N. 1083 Rd., Rural.

Erma G. McManness Trust to Brenda R. McManness and Rebecca G. Henning, 1600 W. 22nd St., Lawrence.

Mulberry Agricultural Enterprise, Inc. to Roger M. Brunson, Jr., 1619 Oak St., Eudora.

Marjory R. Merkel to Curtis Harris, 1089 E. 1326 Rd., Rural.

Shane M. Boden to Brookfield Relocation Inc., 5520 Plymouth Dr., Lawrence.

Brookfield Relocation Inc. to Parker A. Corrin and Abby M. Crow, 5520 Plymouth Dr., Lawrence.

Monday, July 8

Andrew Haney and Morgan Shockley-Haney to Ashlie N. Walker and Aaron S. Deffenbaugh, 2727 Bonanza St., Lawrence.

Carl L. Thomas and Anna L. Thomas and Frank N. Thomas and Shirley M. Thomas to Elizabeth A. Overmyer, 1102 Chapel St., Baldwin City.

Justin Anderson and Amy Anderson to Brett Lisher and Darci Lisher, Vacant Land, Rural.

Donna K. Slusser and Louis C. Slusser to James M. Herlein and Melissa m. Herlein, Vacant Land, Rural.

Youngjin Lee and Minyoung Kang to Sha Li and Liyang Zhao, 1483 Legends Cir., Lawrence.

Eudora Unified School District #491 to David L. Westerhouse and Caitlyn A. Westerhouse, 2721 S. Fir St., Eudora.

Stephen P. Grant, Trustee and Mary L. Grant, Trustee to Rhiannon O. Harris and Benjamin J. Harris, 3120 Lance Ct., Lawrence.

Joseph S. Jones and Lisa A. Jones to Johan P. Engelbrecht and Svetlana Tikholoz, 3716 Dandy Dr., Lawrence.

Karen A. Young and Vernie W. Young and Judy D. Ross and Tim Ross and Marshall B. Nunn and Kathryn L. Nunn to Alexandra Malloy and Justin Malloy, 1238 Maple St., Eudora.

Clint Freeman and Ashly N. Freeman to Lloyd S. Rainge, II and Tracy L. Rainge, 433 N. Pennycress Dr., Lawrence.

Nicole M. M. Tornow and Matthew Tornow to Andrew R. Lee and Elizabeth M. Stephens, 922 Oliver’s Ct., Lawrence.

Robert Hassig and Ronda Hassig to Susanne K. Clement and Richard W. Clement, 4537 Broadmoor Dr., Lawrence.