Real estate transfers for Feb. 5-11, 2019

Following are real estate transfers filed at the Douglas County Clerk’s Office from Feb. 5 through Feb. 11:

Tuesday, Feb. 5

Brian D. Drumm and Andrielle P. Drumm to Justin C. Anderson and Amy M. Anderson, Vacant Land, Rural.

Restated Delaverne Webster Revocable Trust and Restated Billy R. Webster Revocable Trust to Joe B. Noller and Mary K. Noller, 1616 Prestwick Dr., Lawrence.

Robert Krause and Molly Krause to Cherie Y. Forsythe, 925 Delaware St., Lawrence.

Wednesday, Feb. 6

Thomas J. Stephens and Kirsten R. Yunuba-Stephens to Lauren D. Symmonds and Lacy D. Symmonds, 1800 Goodell Ct., Lawrence.

Ba Mai and Bich Chieu to Quoc Chieu, 609 N Salsbury Ct., Lawrence.

Martin B. Johnson and Jana J. Johnson to Randy Perdue and Victoria Perdue, 3409 W. 9th Ct., Lawrence.

Bowden Complete Construction, LLC to Chad Bowen, 512 Perry St., Lawrence.

Bowden Complete Construction, LLC to Chad Bowen, 516 Perry St., Lawrence.

Thursday, Feb. 7

PennyMac Loan Services, LLC to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, 2508 Crestline Cir., Lawrence.

John H. Bowman to Angela M. Erdley and Talon M. Erdley, 416 Crest Ct., Lawrence.

Douglas C. Brown and Laura M. Brown to Alan D. Michels and Bethany B. Michels, 1558 N. 600 Rd. & Vacant Land, Rural.

Donald R. Levi and Christine W. Levi to Kelly C. L. Sartorius, 1336 New Hampshire St., Lawrence.

Friday, Feb. 8

Charles Hemphill and Penny Hemphill to Matthew O’Neill and Lieschen O’Neill, 825 Westgate Pl., Lawrence.

Kate S. Weinstock and Theodore Nelson to Brian Bondurant, 709 Alabama St., Lawrence.

TANCO Property Management LLC to Mass Street Legal, LLC, 831 Massachusetts St., Lawrence.

Gregory L. Moore to James Moore, 1303 Westbrooke St., Lawrence.

Joseph Keating, Trustee and Gina Keating, Trustee to Andrew Keating, 1802 W. 22nd St., Lawrence.

Bonnie L. Baker to Albert Stutzman and Cassandra Stutzman, Vacant Land, Rural.

Kristopher W. Kehl and Dina A. Kehl to Adam Bench and Erika Bench, 1014 Indiana St., Baldwin City.

Cheryl A. Flory Revocable Trust and Michael A. Flory Revocable Trust to Tristan S. Bland and Ashley L. Bland, Vacant Land, Rural.

John D. Inverarity and Judy K. Inverarity to Foust Fleet Services, LLC, 814 Iowa St., Lawrence.

Sally G. Kelsey to Nolan Kappelman, 1627 New Hampshire St., Lawrence.

Monday, Feb. 11

Garrett T. Riley and Lindsay C. M. Riley to Jin Sun and Shaobo Li, 921 Silver Rain Rd., Lawrence.

Alva West, LLC to Tenants To Homeowners, Inc., 1313 Prospect Ave., Lawrence.

Austin L. Roberson and Cassidy A. Roberson to Nancy S. Helm, 1032 Parkview Rd., Lawrence.

Eric P. Freeze and Angela M. Freeze to Michael J. Weinkauf and Kathryn M. Weinkauf, 604 N. Stonegate Ct., Lawrence.

Norma D. Cross Trust to Jon Riedel, 3824 Stetson Dr., Lawrence.

Bank of New York Mellon to Jon W. Gaines, 356 N. 851 Diag. Rd., Rural.

Ann M. Johannes, Trustee to Paul R. Oberley, Jr. and Martha L. Oberley, 4205 Tamarisk Ct., Lawrence.

JD Dunham and Jolene Croxell to Jesse R. DiSimone and Tracey S. DiSimone, 4536 Lili Dr., Lawrence.

Casey’s Retail Company to Lonnie J. Blackburn and Geneva J. Blackburn, 625 Wisconsin St., Lawrence.