Real estate transfers for Dec. 17-23, 2019

Below are real estate transfers filed at the Douglas County Clerk’s Office for Dec. 17-23.

Tuesday, December 17

Pamela R. Ebert and Douglas A. Ebert to Jason A. Wyrick and Amanda S. Coltrane, 520 Church St., Eudora.

Vernon Brejcha, Trustee to Michael Reily and Kimberly Reily, 812 Joseph Dr., Lawrence.

Wednesday, December 18

Jeanie R. Rodgers and Keith Rodgers and Estate of Deloris A. Kurtz to Lane E. Olson, 1212 Cherry St., Eudora.

Julie D. Hatfield and Jeff Hatfield, to, N. Daniel Ranjbar, 4824 Quail Crest Pl., Lawrence.

Andrea E. Brookfield and Randy L. Stotler to William R. Guevremont, 3rd and Donna R. Guevremont, 112 Tumbleweed Dr., Lawrence.

Dean C. Palos and Dianna Palos to Katie L. Treadwell, 846 Missouri St., Lawrence.

Travis C. Gunter and Jocelyn D. Gunter to Matthew J. Frye and Elizabeth A. Lee, 946 Ohio St., Lawrence.

Annmarie A. Altenhofen and Paul D. Altenhofen to Wallace L. Borth and Dawn D. Borth, 1214 8th St., Baldwin City.

Tenants to Homeowners, Inc. to Jordan Clark and Kelly Clark, 1309 Prospect Ave., Lawrence.

Daniel B. Fleming to Route 69, LC, 515 Boulder St., Lawrence.

Thursday, December 19

Consolidated Properties, Inc. to Mallard Properties, L.C., 412 North Iowa St. A-N, 429 North Iowa St., 525 North Iowa St. and 600 Blk. North Iowa St., Rural.

Ronald D. Mustain, Jr. and Jama A. Mustain to Charlene M. Collins and Richard Whitson, 887 E. 661 Diag. Rd., Rural.

Don K. Tomlinson to Erich J. Ekenstam and Anna Ekenstam, 1521 Burning Tree Ct., Lawrence.

Jonathan A. Morris and Jennifer B. Morris to Myriad Capital of Kansas LLC, 594 N. 1800 Rd., Rural.

Frances M. Hart to Eric P. Lessig and Heather H. Lessig, 4727 Moundridge Ct., Lawrence.

SCF Real Estate, LLC to Consolidated Properties Of Lawrence, 1457 N. 1823 Rd., Lawrence.

Yankee Tank Estates LLC to Jominich, LC, 3203-3205 Yankee Tank Ln., Lawrence.

United Equity LLC to Allen R. Bartels and KaAnn A. Bartels, 629 Durham Ct., Lawrence.

WE1929, LLC to Kansas Land Venture Properties, LLC, 5113 Cedar Grove Way & 1105 Biltmore Dr., Lawrence.

1626 W. 23rd Street Lawrence, LTD to Ruiz Brothers, LLC, 1626 W. 23rd St., Lawrence.

Omofolabo A. Ajayi-Soyinka to Matthew J. Kring and William J. Hickman, 2924 Prairie Ct., Lawrence.

Friday, December 20

Exchange Holdings, LLC to Loosehead Investments, LLC, 401,403,405,407,409 N. 2nd St., Lawrence.

Estate of Robert L. Surles, Jr. to Michele A. Berendsen and Angelo M. Ruiz, 1400 Brook St., Lawrence.

Richard M. Stein Mary L. Howe to Ryan L. McAuley and Beverly R. S. McAuley, 963 N. 1950 Rd., Rural.

Larry L. Matthews to Douglas D. Bennett and Angela I. Bennett Living Trust, Vacant Land, Rural.

Charles Mattingly to Cityscape Properties, LLC, 2515 Belle Crest Dr., Lawrence.

Evan M. Korynta and Heather J. Korynta to Jennifer J. Nelson, 2706 Bluestem Dr., Lawrence.

Mark G. Ostmeyer and Katherine Kersenbrock-Ostmeyer to James T. House, IV and Angela E. House, 2533 Morningside Dr., Lawrence.

Bruce C. Smith and Chengmei Smith to Oliver Woods and Penney Warthen, 831 Locust St., Lawrence.

BD&C Rentals, LLC to BLC Properties LLC, 1000 Missouri St., Lawrence.

BD&C Rentals, LLC to BLC Properties LLC, 1111,1113,1115 W. 10th St., Lawrence.

Almena State Bank to Jerry L. Wray and Nancy D. Wray, Vacant Land, Rural.

Drippe Construction, Inc. to Laura J. Stringer, 2537 Ralston St., Lawrence.

Stephen T. Hasiotis and Carol E. Hasiotis to Rachel L. Wrinkle and Bryan P. Wrinkle, 3912 W. 8th St., Lawrence.

Ryan Lykins and Stephanie Wilburn to Barbara A. Hall, 825 Crestline Dr., Lawrence.

Collection LLC to Marc P. Clements and Raquel L. Clements, 931 Missouri St., Lawrence.

Kirk C. Miles and Shelley L. Miles to Keevan Statz, 3423 Seminole Dr., Lawrence.

Military Warriors Support Foundation to Jesus M. Chacon and Carrie Johnson, 1005 Acorn Dr., Eudora.

Michael W. Thiry to Miles L. Anderson, 719 Arkansas St., Lawrence.

Barbara A. Becker to Grant Ryan and Kristen Ryan, 4408 Heritage Dr., Lawrence.

2019 Lacey Family Trust to Maria E. C. Martinez, 255 North Michigan St. #19-113, Lawrence.

Monday, December 23

Tyler S. Kring and Christina Kring to Paul Bachmuth, 927 Emery Rd. Unit D-203, Lawrence.

Almena State Bank to Charles M. Fawl and Roxane M. Fawl, Vacant Land, Rural.

RKF Investments, LLC to Bethel Estates of Lawrence Phase II, LP, 2120 E. 25th Ter., Lawrence.

Nationstar Mortgage, LLC to Corey R. Bandel and Christina S. Bandel, 2608 Moundview Dr., Lawrence.

Tower Holdings, LLC to New Earth Lawn and Landscape, Inc., 677 E. 1250 Rd., Rural.

Ann Lindbloom and Jarrod Lindbloom to Evan M. Korynta and Heather J. Korynta, 5221 Harvard Rd., Lawrence.

Tinh Truong and Lindsay Truong to Regina Igbafe-Johnson, 2737 Lankford Rd., Lawrence.

Bull Creek, LLC to Bank Midwest, 4831 W. 6th St., Lawrence.

James B. Regan and Nadia Zhiri to Barton Investments, LLC, 701 1/2 Illinois St., Lawrence.

Locust Tree, LLC to D92, LLC, 819 N. 200 Rd., Rural.