Real estate transfers for Dec. 3-9, 2019

Below are real estate transfers filed at the Douglas County Clerk’s Office for Dec. 3-9.

Tuesday, December 3

Jeremy M. Hess to Kathy Evers, 938 E. 21st Ter., Lawrence.

Jerry Anderson and Annie Anderson to Bruce Brooks, 2622 Sawgrass Dr., Lawrence.

Norbert M. Grosdidier Revocable Living Trust to Brandon Schmidt and Lindsay Schmidt, Vacant Land, Rural.

Janet G. Marquis to Joseph P. King and Jody L. King, 314 Woodlawn Pl., Lawrence.

Shane Dunn to Jason Ward, 255 North Michigan St. Unit 20-122, Lawrence.

Kenneth M. Farrar and Rayna Farrar to Heath Schmidt, 2202 Crossgate Dr., Lawrence.

Kevin J. Goering and Sheryl K. Goering to Steven R. Hubbard and Penny M. Hubbard, 1316 N. 1082 Rd., Rural.

Paul W. Kaldahl and Molly B. Kaldahl to Andrew Durbin and Jessica Durbin, 1502 E. 18th St., Lawrence.

Mark A. Zwahl to Molly B. Kaldahl and Paul W. Kaldahl, 2044 Barker Ave., Lawrence.

Susan C. Simpson to Ted L. Holcomb Revocable Trust, 1013 Moundridge Dr., Lawrence.

Richard J. Rowe, Trustee and Anne M. Rowe, Trustee to Lewis W. Jackson, 2346 N. 200 Rd., Rural.

Wednesday, December 4

Karen Traver to Michael J. Butell and Jason R. Shipley, 2625 Bardith Ct., Lawrence.

Carrie A. Mantooth to Leah A. Henry and Matthew R. Henry, 1119 W. 27th St., Lawrence.

Drippe Construction, Inc. to Teresa J. Malone, 342 N. Parker Cir., Lawrence.

Nora L. Hulse to Carrie A. Mantooth, 2719 Chipperfield Rd., Lawrence.

Victor L. Schmille and Marjorie A. Schmille to Susan Springer-Little, 1610 East Glenn Dr., Lawrence.

Susan Springer-Little to Chad Davis and Daryll Stuart and Erin Ruhl, 1610 East Glenn Dr., Lawrence.

Taylor Zavala to Masako Koide and Fusaaki Koide, 3706 Hartford Ave., Lawrence.

Thursday, December 5

Jeffrey J. Struve and Sharon H. Struve to Randall J. Williamson and Heather H. Williamson, 321 Settlers Dr., Lawrence.

Jeffery D. Van Horn, Trustee and Robbyn L. Van Horn, Trustee to Karl E. Spear, III, 1113 Grove St., Baldwin City.

Brandon J. Schmidt to Michael J. Rusche and Holly C. Rusche, Vacant Land, Rural.

Nathan Bukowski and Christy Bukowski to Jeffrey J. Struve and Sharon H. Struve, 875 N. 1750 Rd., Rural.

Friday, December 6

Rebecca A. Rutledge to Alaina Rhoad and Christopher Rhoad, 3021 W. 27th St., Lawrence.

Marilyn T. Zwirek to Charles B. Taylor, III and Deborah D. Taylor, Vacant Land, Rural.

Amy Jackson and Erskine T. Jackson to Justin Snipes and Jessica Richards, 2352 Surrey Dr., Lawrence.

Michelle A. Johnson-Motoyama and Yasuyuki Motoyama to Amy Jackson and Erskine Jackson, 2701 Westdale Rd., Lawrence.

KRV Properties, LLC to Delaney D. Silva and Ruan C. Silva, 3028 W. 30th Ct., Lawrence.

Fleda A. Yost Revocable Trust to Floyd J. Klinksick and Paula G. Klinksick, 515 Kasold Dr., Lawrence.

Kyle S. Whitney and Holly M. Whitney to Cathy A. Crispino and Ronald R. Hathorn, 2915 Harper St., Lawrence.

Lawrence M. Pellman, Trustee and Stephanie M. Pellman, Trustee to Zachary S. Greenlee and Siobhan B. H. Greenlee, 3017/3019 University Dr., Lawrence.

Bryan A. Maring and Terri L. Maring to Dena Church, 230 W. 27th St., Eudora.

Paul E. Johnson and Carolyn P. Johnson to Holly Whitney, 1322 N. 1056 Rd., Rural.

Charles S. Hawkins to Rebecca J. Bahr and Douglas W. Hodge, 580 N. 602 Rd., Lawrence.

Patricia A. Aron, Trustee to Cecilia M. Burke and Martin K. Burke, 3014 Harper St., Lawrence.

Edward J. Steinbacher and Ginger Stackley to Debbie J. Chalender and Richard L. Chalender, 169 E. 1600 Rd., Rural.

Victor R. Moreno, III and Abbie L. Moreno to Paul E. Johnson and Carolyn P. Johnson, 520 N. Blazing Star Dr., Lawrence.

Monday, December 9

Ernest D. Coleman, Trustee and Beverly J. Coleman, Trustee to Austin Meier and Charisse Meier, 1607 N. 1021 Rd. Vacant Land, Rural.

Gary L. Kroeger and Linda M. Kroeger to James R. Reed and Lisa R. Chamberlain, Vacant Land, Rural.

Christopher T. Kofford and Robin R. Kofford to James R. Reed and Lisa R. Chamberlain, Vacant Land, Rural.

Steven L. Baker and Christine S. Hess-Baker to Megan E. Sims, 1117 Sunset Dr., Lawrence.

Benito Neaves and Pearl V. Seanez-Neaves to Susan Miller, 603 W. 29th Pl., Lawrence.

Thomas E. Harmon to Mark E. Hawley and Linda D. Hawley, 1173 N. 1250 Rd., Rural.

Carolyn Pallesen to Ronald Vignery and Carol Vignery, 1051 Firetree Ave., Baldwin City.

Park R. Matthews and Dorothy J. Matthews to Carla Urbanek, 4309 W. 26th Ter., Lawrence.

Neil W. Westphal and Patricia L. Westphal to Denise D. Johnson, 2334 Meadowlark Ter., Eudora.

Jeremiah A. Johnson and Kaitlin Nonamaker to Jonathon L. Noble and Shelley M. Woodard, 2717 Bonanza St., Lawrence.

Ulf Langgard, Trustee and Jan Langgard, Trustee to Dustin Browning, 4128 Wimbledon Dr., Lawrence.

Patrick J. Schmitz and Sheryl R. Frykholm to R.P.I., LLC, 6204 Crystal Ln., Lawrence.

Don D. Whipple and Karen A. Whipple to Max Unruh and April Unruh, 317 Indiana St., Baldwin City.