Real estate transfers for Nov. 26-Dec. 2, 2019

Below are real estate transfers filed at the Douglas County Clerk’s Office for Nov. 26-Dec. 2.

Tuesday, November 26

Norma J. Torneden to Dana L. Johnson and Cheryl Johnson, 1407 Marliee Dr., Lawrence.

Kelly K. Moore, Trustee to Locust Tree, LLC, 819 N. 200 Rd., Rural.

Michael A. Sutton and Melissa A. Sutton to Bethany M. Falvey and Matthew S. Falvey, 2448 Ohio St., Lawrence.

Jeramiah L. Young and Heather Young to Jacob I. Weatherred, 321 High St., Baldwin City.

Roger A. Robinson and Kristi R. Robinson to Lacey L. Kofron and Deborah A. Larion, 1521 Sycamore St., Eudora.

Grand Builders, Inc. to Jared Reetz, 907 W. 30th St., Lawrence.

DMH Construction, Inc. to Mindy M. Cassin, 733 Elm St., Lawrence.

Timothy C. Caboni and Kacy S. Caboni to Amanda R. Garrison, 736 New York St., Lawrence.

Carol L. Keen and Houston E. Keen to Russell Harding and Nicole Harding, 912 6th St., Baldwin City.

Dana L. DeJaynes and Richard A. DeJaynes to Patrick M. DeJaynes, 90 Hwy 40, Rural.

Estate of Marguerite J. Ellermeier to Arlynn E. Purvis, Jr. and Gwendolyn M. Purvis, 2529 Arkansas St., Lawrence.

Wednesday, November 27

Richard G. Henley to Troy D. Arion and Dawn R. Arion, 1713 Sycamore Ct., Eudora.

John J. Joyce, III to John P. Schmidt, 908 N. Iowa St., Lawrence.

Jocelyn J. Wehr and Daniel N. Engstrom to Robert Torrey and Jennifer Grogg and Sara B. Grogg, 2417 McKinney Ct., Lawrence.

Lucka Homes LLC to Gerald R. Brizendine and Jeanine A. Brizendine, 603 Daylily Dr., Lawrence.

Lanny R. Latham to Joseph D. Smith and Heather J. McGuire, 1508 Medinah Cir., Lawrence.

Maria V. Boniscontro and Santiago Heguilen to Steven E. Schrader, 455 Perry St., Lawrence.

William L. Elkins and Sharon M. Elkins to Porch Light Homes LLC, 305 W. 23rd St. & 2314 Tennessee St., Lawrence.

Kelsey M. Nolte and Anthony J. Nolte to Sharron K. Spence, 214 Hillside Dr., Baldwin City.

Sandra E. Moore to Tim R. Mitts and Anita Mitts, 825 E. 1259 Rd., Rural.

Michael M.T. Henderson and Carol H. Henderson Revocable Trust to Free State Properties, Inc., 3026 Riverview Rd., Lawrence.

Cyrilla A. Loria Revocable Living Trust to Randy Ackerman, 701 E. 550 Rd., Rural.

James R. Wasylenko and Mary Wasylenko to Mark A. Adwell, 408 Crest Ct., Lawrence.

David A. Stine and Daryl L. Stine and Sharon Stine to Myriad Capital of Kansas LLC, 325 E. 19th St., Lawrence.

David A. Stine to Myriad Capital of Kansas LLC, 1805 Brook St., Lawrence.

Thursday, November 28 (Thanksgiving Holiday)

Friday, November 29 (County Offices Closed)

Monday, December 2

Estate of Earl W. Gates to Rhonda Gill, 2423 Arkansas St., Lawrence.

Walter M. Wondrack Trust to Thomas D. Hegeman and Marisa A. Hegeman, 3018 Trail Rd., Lawrence.

Lisa V. Horn and Aaron R. Bailey to Ingrid H. Klevmark, 406 Missouri St., Lawrence.

James Thompson, Jr. and Candy D. Thompson to Kasey J. Emling and Laura Emling, 1627 Savage St., Eudora.

Stanislav Funiak and Sanako Mitsugi to David Braaten and Gabriele Lunte, 112 Wagon Wheel Rd., Lawrence.

Swift Holdings, LLC to Brandon O. Pendlton, 1418 Clare Ct., Lawrence.

Robert M. Carroll and Shaohong F. Carroll to Darren C. Bird and Allison N. Bird, 5101 Kingsmill Rd., Lawrence.

Faye N. Newsom Trust and John W. Newsom Trust to Sara B. Warnock and Jon D. Warnock, 3008 Nathan Dr., Lawrence.

Ana Herzfeld Trust to Geoffrey Mayo and Eliza Bullock, 846 Arkansas St., Lawrence.

Thomas M. Devlin and Kristine Devlin to Alisa W. Henson and Adam J. Henson, 1544 W. 21st Ter., Lawrence.

Douglas County Properties, LLC to Bellflower, LLC, 837 Massachusetts St., Lawrence.

James L. Blosser to Jamee Horton, LLC, 2500 W. 31st St. G., Lawrence.

John M. Price, Trustee and Kirsten Price, Trustee to Ryan W. Skinner and Stephanie I. Skinner, 2007 E. 500 Rd., Rural.

Sara B. Warnock and Jon D. Warnock to Kristine H. Bailey, 907 Crestline Dr., Lawrence.

Robert T. McGraw and Annette S. McGraw to Brian M. Pate and Christina L. Pate, 414 N. 750 Rd. & Vacant Land, Rural.