Real estate transfers for Aug. 13-19, 2019

Below are real estate transfers filed at the Douglas County Clerk’s Office for Aug. 13-Aug. 19:

Tuesday, August 13

Yankee Tank Estates LLC to Shahbaz Khan and Sofia Khan, 3210 Yankee Tank Ln., Lawrence.

Stephen G. Lowe to Erin K. Rust, 2013 Tennessee St., Lawrence.

Sean A. Roether and Tambra Roether to Christopher Charay, 1228 Locust St., Eudora.

Wednesday, August 14

Janet B. Harnar and Jeff P. Harnar to Sandy M. Nuss and Dalin K. Horner, 2008 Ohio St., Lawrence.

James Hillers and Cheryl Hillers to Gloria G. Bartell, 1512 Powers St., Lawrence.

Merna K. Dean Revocable Trust to Hickory Properties, LLC, 1016 E. 1256 Rd., Rural.

Ad Astra Homes, LLC to Kyle A. Berg and Lindsay M. Wigger, 717 Flame Way, Baldwin City.

Michael A. Well, Trustee to K. Michael Zabel and Debra L. Zabel, Vacant Land, Rural.

Richard M. Woodson, Trustee and Carletta K. Woodson, Trustee to Sue E. Bower and Michel J. Bower, 717 N. Huntington Ct., Lawrence.

Earl W. Waisner and Carol A. Waisner to Bryan Modersohn and Casey Modersohn, 1398 N. 550 Rd., Rural.

Thursday, August 15

Crishna Vossman and Matthew Vossman to Free State Properties, Inc., 406 Minnesota St., Lawrence.

Donald L. Pelzl, Trustee and Jeanene E. Pelzl, Trustee to Michael Beaman, 615 Locust St., Eudora.

AST Rentals, LLC to Rosavilla Cobb, 3917 Willshire Dr., Lawrence.

William A. Bailey Trust to Jadan W. E. Johnson, Vacant Land, Lawrence.

Jerry R. Palmer and Ann L. Palmer to Victor Bailey and Ann K. Bailey, 151 Hwy 40, Rural.

Arthur W. King to Brett M. LaRue, 3112 Creekwood Dr., Lawrence.

United Equity LLC to Jason Schroeder and Whitney Bachamp-Schroeder, 2507/2509 Crestline Cir., Lawrence.

Cordairo R. Hansen and Alayna D. Hansen to Andrew R. Wilkins and Andrea N. Wilkins, 907 Drum Dr., Lawrence.

Molly N. Marciel and Walter C. Marciel, Jr. and Timothy B. Green and Debbie Green to Rachel Huff and Derek Huff, 1013 Parkview Rd., Lawrence.

Tim L. Mitts and Anita K. Mitts to Neil L. Anderson, 492 E. 400 Rd., Rural.

Betty C. Wallace and Clifford L. Wallace to Charles R. Danon, 5123 Congressional Pl., Lawrence.

Stephen L. Spain and K. Marie Spain to Joshua L. Spain and Laura C. Ramon, 2031 E. 24th Ter., Lawrence.

Bianca Ancharski and Cassandra Ancharski to James A. Bormolini and Barbara Bormolini and John Bormolini, 2022 E. 23rd Ter., Lawrence.

Colene S. DeHoff, Trustee to Paul F. Zimdars-Swartz and Sandra L. Zimdars-Swartz, 1009 Widlwood Dr., Lawrence.

John Magnuson and Cynthia Magnuson to Ryan G. Bickling and Kimberly S. Bickling, 1306 W. 21st St., Lawrence.

Friday, August 16

Micah J. Brown and Leanna R. Brown to Alioune Kane, 2604 Knollbrook Ct., Lawrence.

Alva West, LLC to Bal.Enz Design + Build LLC, 1240 Laura Ave., Lawrence.

Michael D. Gibbens and Nancy J. Gibbens to John S. Marco and Alia Sachedina, 600 Lincoln St. Blk 2 & 600 Lincoln St. Blk 3, Lawrence.

Jennifer L. Wilson to Andrea M. Garrett, 3033 Havrone Way, Lawrence.

Susan J. Chi and Tailan Chi to Randall E. Williams, Jr. and Amira J. Sayler-Williams, 1105 Stoneridge Dr., Lawrence.

Joseph D. Pedley and Vicki R. Pedley to Simon J. Atkinson and Joan M. Duwve, 5624 Villa Dr., Lawrence.

Mary A. Halloran to Megan Willesen, 525 Perry St., Lawrence.

Brandon W. Graves and Christena J. Graves to Ronald J. Redwing and Lisa A. Redwing, 2521 Cimarron Dr., Lawrence.

Bridget J. Clifford and Kathleen J. Clifford and Kenneth J. Clifford to Brandon W. Graves and Christena J. Graves, 1502 W. 27th St., Lawrence.

Glen Lemesany and Resa Lemesany to Walter C. Marciel, Jr. and Molly N. Marciel and Timothy Green, 4207 W. 12th St., Lawrence.

John D. Hutton and Debbie K. Hutton to Derek Bailey and Jacqueline Bailey, 1108 E. 1382 Rd., Lawrence.

Darrel R. Dietrich and Janet M. Dietrich to Isaac Sheppard and Margaret Darlington, 946 Jana Dr., Lawrence.

Randall E. Williams, Jr. and Amira J. Sayler-Williams to John Boulton and Carole Boulton, 337 Cattleman Trail, Lawrence.

Estate of Sally E. Wada to Donald L. Hatcher and Paula J. Hatcher, 2513 Crestline Cir., Lawrence.

RCB Bank to Salb Home, LLC, 2250 Lake Pointe Dr. Land, Lawrence.

Alexey Ustyugov and Nana Gasparyan to Oluwatosin Adedipe and Folukemi Adedipe, 5932 Simple Ln., Lawrence.

Monday, August 19

Don Lake and Pam Lake to Todd F. Brabender and Trisha L. Brabender, 5204 Brown Ln., Lawrence.

Maggie Wilson to David Miles, 77 E. 1800 Rd., Rural.

Blue Tree Homes, LLC to Wade A. Booth, 1115 Klein Ct., Lawrence.

Owen C. Foust Revocable Trust to Jill Yetman-Michaelson, 7 Westwood Pl., Lawrence.

Yankee Tank Estates LLC to JKW, LC, 3161/3163 Charlotte Ln., Lawrence.

Michael Hedden and Marjorie Hedden to Brandy Sweeney and Kyle Sweeney, 1009 E. 14th Ct., Eudora.

Justin L. Marable and Bailey A. Marable to Riley A. Walker, 2801 Harvard Rd., Lawrence