Real estate transfers for July 30-Aug. 5, 2019

Below are real estate transfers filed at the Douglas County Clerk’s Office for July 30-Aug. 5:

Tuesday, July 30

Stan J. Greenwell to Austin K. Meyers, 533 Walnut St., Lawrence.

Norbert M. Grosdidier Revocable Living Trust to First Choice Custom Homes, LLC, Vacant Land, Rural.

Monique Glynos to Eric S. Cook-Wiens and Stephanie J. Krehbiel, 255 North Michigan St. Unit 6-30, Lawrence.

Spencer M. Scott and Jan M. Adamson and William Gerstner to Robin Shafer, 737 Arkansas St., Lawrence.

Sheryl A. Lemesany to Barry A. Loughmiller and Jamie L. Loughmiller, 1066 E. 2000 Rd., Rural.

Mauricio Tormen to Rodimiro Arellano and Norma E. Aleman, 3234 W. 26th St., Lawrence.

345 Construction Services, LLC to Willa Buckles and Teresa Turan, 1205 Long Creek Ct., Baldwin City.

Highgate Holdings West, LLC to Scott C. Boultinghouse and Anita Y. Boultinghouse, 1409 Lawrence Ave., Lawrence.

Edward J. Irvine and Cynthia I. Irvine and George S. Irvine to Caitlin Hupp, 2501 Century Dr., Lawrence.

John T. Yeager, III to Michael J. Rusche and Holly Rusche, 239 Aspen Ln., Lawrence.

Kirk Nyberg and Amanda Nyberg to Jessica Knox and Carl Knox, 120 Washington St., Baldwin City.

Ryan Beebe to Christina L. Krom and Jeremiah J. Krom, O N. 6th St., Baldwin City.

Wednesday, July 31

Grand Builders, Inc. to Michael V. Yowell and Patricia A. Yowell, 910 W. 30th St., Lawrence.

Owen E. Lehmann to Lukas H. Warden and Thomas E. Warden and Carrie F. Cree, 818 Lawrence Ave., Lawrence.

Curt Lanpher and Martha Lanpher to Chad Howard and Dana DiVilbiss, Vacant Land, Rural.

Bret Kingcade to William Voelker and Kendra Voelker, 2520/2522 Cedarwood Ave., Lawrence.

Ryan D. Beebe to Jeremiah J. Krom and Christina L. Krom, 603 Parkside Ct., Lawrence.

Kentucky Street, LLC to Charles Turner, 3700 W. 24th St., Lawrence.

Whitney Sperrazza and Matthew J. Seidel to Evan N. Flynn and Patrick M. Callen, 414 Utah St., Lawrence.

David L. Neely to Brendan P. Costello and Mary T. Costello, 1632 Massachusetts St., Lawrence.

Judy K. Anderson to Meredith K. Falkenstien and Matthew D. Falkenstien, 835 Illinois St., Lawrence.

Zachary Rood and Trisha J. Rood to Jami Widrig and Eric Widrig, 2212 Ohio St., Lawrence.

Kent W. Ely and Elizabeth Ely to Lesa Weller and Jack Weller, 2512 Prairie Elm Dr., Lawrence.

John L. Johnson and Tammy S. Johnson to Audrey M. Hirschmann and Michael L. Hirschmann, Vacant Land, Rural.

Joy N. Molle and Michael A. Molle to Veronica J. Peacock and Danny J. Peacock, 720 Flame Way & 700 Blk Flame Way, Baldwin City.

Grant Properties, LLC to LD Lawrence, LLC, 2720 & 2722 Harrison Pl., Lawrence.

Jocelyn D. Gunter and Travis C. Gunter to Patrick Watkins, 1306 New Hampshire St., Lawrence.

Jeremy Thomas and Carly Thomas to Joseph Hurla and Shanda Hurla, 2606 Elm St., Eudora.

Jennifer D. Tabuas to Mary Irby, 818 Schwarz Rd., Lawrence.

Kayla M. Deere and Blake S. Deere to Terri J. DeLong, 910 Oliver’s Ct., Lawrence.

Warren C. Woods and Kelley D. Woods to Jeremy Thomas and Carly Thomas, 1121 W. 13th Ter., Eudora.

David J. Ross and Glenda Ross to Crain Holdings & Investments, LLC, 1609/1611 W. 22nd Ter., Lawrence.

Thursday, August 1

Salb Homes, LLC to Zereldia Button, 2250 Lake Pointe Dr. #2001 Unit B, Lawrence.

Susan L. Hock to Donald W. Young and Patrica A. Young Living Trust, 4725 Larkspur Cir., Lawrence.

Bianca M. Ortiz to Michael R. Riquino and Stewart A. Gubler, 2819 Maine Ct., Lawrence.

William W. Breshears and Marci A. Breshears to Mark K. Bechtel and Laura L. Bechtel, 1404 Marilee Dr., Lawrence.

Kevin M. Poole, Trustee to Bassem Chahine and Elizabeth Chahine, 3001/3001 University Dr., Lawrence.

Bassem Chahine and Elizabeth Chahine to Ahmed Alyousef and Turki Alnashwan, 3001/3001 University Dr., Lawrence.

Subini A. Annamma and Ryan G. Eggen to Kayla M. Deere and Blake S. Deere, 1547 Hanscom Rd., Lawrence.

Christian A. Orzano to Matthew T. Wheeler, 942 Ward St., Lawrence.

Steven L. Edelfelt to Hickory Properties LLC, 1511 W. 26th St., Lawrence.

Sylvia L. Martin to Coleen M. Martin, 2022 Vermont St., Lawrence.

Chidambaram R. Amaran and Mithra T. Amaran and Ashok G. Amaran and Maria G. Amaran to Zichan Yang and Yanchi Ren and Ye Yang, 2733 Grand Cir., Lawrence.

Yankee Tank Estates LLC to Gerry Beck and Melanie Beck, 3211 Yankee Tank Ln., Lawrence.

Eula M. Gorton to Robo Properties LLC, 112 6th St., Baldwin City.

Chris D. Fevurly and Jane F. Fevurly to Holly T. Goerdel, 1010 W. 27th St., Lawrence.

Gary B. Turk and Donita M. Turk to Jamie L. Ulmer and Geoffrey J. Ulmer and Wanda L. Gaunce, 1197 N. 400 Rd., Rural.

JPL Properties, LLC to Home Renewal, LLC, 2715 Rawhide Ln., Lawrence.

Katelyn M. Spurgeon and Gabriel W. Spurgeon to Devin P. Williamson and Dawn D. Williamson, 401 Flame Way, Baldwin City.

Charles E. Lacey Trust to Monica O. Abalan, 3200/3202 W. 21st Pl., Lawrence.

Patricia Boeken to Brent T. Boeken, 3109 Creekwood Dr., Lawrence.

Charles E. Lacey Trust to Monica O. Abalan, 3201/3203 W. 21st Pl., Lawrence.

Christopher S. Julian and Erin M. Julian to Zachary R. Rood and Trisha J. Rood, 1601 Matthew Ter., Lawrence.

MIKENJOANRENTS, LLC to End Zone Properties, LLC, 1309 Kentucky St., Lawrence.

Yankee Tank Estates LLC to Kenneth A. Parker and Nancy C. Parker, 3217 Yankee Tank Ln., Lawrence.

Friday, August 2

Wayne S. Sailor and E. Wendy Turnbull to Micah Brown and Leanna Brown, 841 N. 875 Rd & Vacant Land, Rural.

Joshua J. Wolfe and Brooke M. Wolfe to Michael S. Sellami, 4713 W. 24th St., Lawrence.

Mike White to Jaycat Investments, LLC, 1905 Tennessee St., Lawrence.

J & B Chang, LLC to Wei-Ming Chang, 2201 W. 25th St. Ste. L, Lawrence.

RCH, LLC to Compton Holdings, LC, 1451 N. 1823 Rd., Lawrence.

Keith C. Countess and Lara M. Thompson to Mehmet Kara and Bedile Kara, 5239 Brown Ln., Lawrence.

John W. Hodge and Kathy A. Hodge to Sara Baer, 4700 Carmel Ct., Lawrence.

Cynthia L. Morris and William J. Morris to Steven L. Deutsch, Trustee and Cynthia L. Deutsch, Trustee, 3020 Havrone Way, Lawrence.

Jack Brewer to Nicole Vanvelzen, 1211 E. 13th St., Lawrence.

James F. McMurray and Vicki J. McMurray to Daniel J. Logan and Kathleen Logan, 336 Johnson Ave., Lawrence.

Grand Builders, Inc. to Rupinder Kaur, 906 W. 30th St., Lawrence.

Whitney L. Fox to Jesus G. Gallegos, 255 North Michigan St. 13-82, Lawrence.

Corey B. Houchlei to Brent Sarlls, 130 W. 27th St., Eudora.

At Home Property, LLC to Aaron Fullen and Alison Fullen, 1742 W. 20th St., Lawrence.

Brent A. Sarlls and Sarah Sarlls to Megan Blake and Dillon J. Blake, 810 Acorn St., Eudora.

Monday, August 5

Lawrence Gateway Investors, LLC to Cherry Hill Properties, LLC and Compton Holdings, LC, 1013/1025/1035 N. 3rd St., Lawrence.

Kenneth M. Stumpff and Eileen S. Stumpff to Aaron Crass and Amanda J. Crass, 2060 N. 1100 Rd., Rural.

Free State Properties, Inc. to Jade B. Martens, 1200 Cynthia St., Lawrence.

Matthew Dickey and Amanda Brown to Quang T. Le and Thi Anh T. Phan, 5201 Branchwood Ct., Lawrence.

Geoffrey R. Poston and Sherry L. Poston to Ronald Ragan and Rebecca Ragan, 5504 Harvard Rd., Lawrence.

Mid-America Bank to KanMan Home Services, LLC, 211 Hillside Dr., Baldwin City.

Andrew J. Hansen and Leah M. Hansen to George T. Taylor and Marcia R. Taylor, 4124 Doolittle Dr., Lawrence.

James A. Rives and Nang M. Rives to Gary E. Gilliland and July L. Gilliland, 3705 Gunnison Dr., Lawrence.

Robbyn L. Van Horn and Jeffery D. Van Horn to Alan Wright and Amy D. Wright, 1104 Elm St., Baldwin City.

Jennifer M. Super, Trustee and Patrick J. Meyer, Trustee to Gabriel T. Gutierrez and Joylynn R. Gutierrez, 583 N. 604 Rd., Rural.

Cletus G. Grosdidier, Trustee and Mary E. Grosdidier, Trustee to Lori B. Isabell, 2145 N. 900 Rd. & 2149 N. 900 Rd., Rural.

LaJean King to Form & Function, LLC, 1135 Oregon St., Lawrence.

Robert M. Cummings and Debra K. Cummings to David Tahmoush, 1413 Stone Meadows Dr., Lawrence.

Leonard E. Blanton and Sherry O. Blanton to Bulaong Ramiz-Hall, 2124 Elmwood St., Lawrence.

John A. Sayegh, Trustee and Ida Sayegh, Trustee to Adany Perez and Raul P. Estrella, 1531 Davis Rd., Lawrence.