Real estate transfers for July 23-29, 2019

Below are real estate transfers filed at the Douglas County Clerk’s Office for July 23-29:

Tuesday, July 23

Rachel K. Clauson and David W. Clauson to Yen K. Pham, 5209 Branchwood Ct., Lawrence.

MTP Properties LLC to Elizabeth K. Gravatt, 982 E. 700 Rd., Rural.

611 W 9th LLC to Griggs Land & Water LLC, 611 W. 9th St., Lawrence.

John Van Blaricum and Deborah Van Blaricum and Dan Ernst and Ann Ernst to Vinh Dang and Hung Dang, 927 Emery Rd. A-103, B-304, D-104, Lawrence.

Alek Bowles and Rebecca Bowles to Sharon Bongartz, 3810 Westland Pl., Lawrence.

Trent M. Glass and Jana M. Glass to Erik E. Erazo and Veronica Erazo, 3533 Tillerman Dr., Lawrence.

Michael W. Norris and Melissa Norris to Alex D. Bowles and Rebecca J. Bowles, 206 Lawrence Ave., Lawrence.

Bernard C. Alfers and Cariell L. Alfers to Cassandra Jim, 2616 Cimarron Dr., Lawrence.

Charles MacKinnon and Melanie Serrano-MacKinnon to Bernard C. Alfers and Cariell L. Alfers, 2509 Alabama St., Lawrence.

Wednesday, July 24

Cecile L. Dickson and William J. Hawkins, III and Redayla Hawkins and Robert E. Hawkins, Jr. and Runita J. Bell and Paul Fowler and Glenda M. Fowler to JPL Properties, LLC, 2715 Rawhide Ln., Lawrence.

Cara L. Schuster to Gregory S. Pearson and Vauncele J. Pearson and Rhiannon S. Pearson, 1510 E. 13th St., Lawrence.

Philip M. Burger and Micheline E. Burger to Kevin J. Conway, 807 Michigan St., Lawrence.

Richard Campbell and Janet Campbell to Gaylen M. Engle and Benita J. Engle, 1411 Acorn St., Eudora.

Thursday, July 25

Karena K. Schmitendorf to Stacy L. Van Houten, 912 W. 4th St., Lawrence.

Frederick D. Schmidt and Linda S. Schmidt to Roy K. Sears and Terry L. Sears, 2031 N. 1000 Rd., Rural.

Deena L. Burnett to Joshua A. Fugate and Sarah M. Kugler, 731 Arkansas St., Lawrence.

Bank of New York Mellon to Kenneth L. Sloan, 763 Ash St., Lawrence.

Friday, July 26

Sarah B. Martinez, Trustee to Adrian P. Perez and Allison M. Perez, 2208 Rodeo Dr., Lawrence.

Edward M. Biel and Stephenie B. Biel to Matthew L. Frost and Amanda J. Frost, 4608 Royal Birkdale Ct., Lawrence.

Hanna Geer to Sarah Edwards, 3034 Havrone Way, Lawrence.

Valerie J. Powell and Carrie S. Towns to Nathan Towns, 1300/1302 E. 25th Ter., Lawrence.

Laird G. Noller, Trustee, , Barbara J. Kinports, 1612 Prestwick Dr., Lawrence.

Annette M. Cole to Garrett D. Jonson and Allison R. Johnson, 2736 Meadow Dr., Lawrence.

Morgan Swartzlander and Denny Swartzlander to Angelo D.A. Marshall and Morgan L. Marshall and Deborah L. Faloon, 2313 Westchester Rd., Lawrence.

Marion Dyer to Becky J. Eason and Doug C. Eason and Grace E. Eason, 2820 University Dr., Lawrence.

Michael A. Flory, Trustee and Cheryl A. Flory, Trustee to Gregory S. Wofford, Trustee and Melisa L. Wofford, Trustee, Vacant Land, Rural.

Nickolas L. Patch and Natalie M. Johnson to Tracy D. Streeter and Denise M. Streeter, 627 N. Pennycress Dr., Lawrence.

AST Rentals LLC to Jeffrey D. Sigler, 917/919 Alma Dr., Lawrence.

Salb Homes, LLC to Bradley D. Grinage and Colleen B. Grinage, 5818 Freemont Way, Lawrence.

Marsha Mauch and William D. Mauch to Nick & Lori Ward Living Trust, 1501 Crossgate Dr., Lawrence.

Albert P. Masino and Susan L. Masino to Sarah Turner, 5233 Brown Ln., Lawrence.

John E. Dudley and Toni C. Dudley to Morgan Swartzlander and Denny Swartzlander, 3033 Campfire Dr., Lawrence.

Monday, July 29

Sonny Nola and Nhi Phan to Sanaa Omr, 505 Colorado St. Unit #1, Lawrence.

Jenny L. Kronk to Kent W. Ely and Elizabeth J. Ely, 4107 Quail Pointe Ter., Lawrence.

Grand Builders, Inc. to Peter Sorrentino, 915 W. 30th St., Lawrence.

Jesper D. Nordengaard and Gitte Nordengaard to Adrian Baty, 925 Silver Rain Rd., Lawrence.

Jarrod Mann and Loni Mann to Lynn E. Hancock, 2224 Melholland, Lawrence.

Paul M. Watson and Lori A. Watson to Salvador Alvarado and Kori L. Alvarado, 4300 W. 26th Ter., Lawrence.

Laverne D. Calef and Morna G. Calef to Steven W. Caudill and Patricia L. Caudill, 3808 Stetson Dr., Lawrence.

Donald R. Reynolds, Jr. and Elizabeth A. Reynolds to Tarang Jain and Nidul C. Ghosh, 523 N. Monterey Way, Lawrence.

Cody Hanel to Pitchaiah Gopisetty and Lakshmideepika Tokala, 6328 Serenade Dr., Lawrence.

Nuely Huggins to Benjamin Capps and Kellie Capps, 206 Eisenhower St., Baldwin City.

Papa Nana, LLC to Mary F. Locniskar Trust, 4500 Bob Billings Pkwy Unit 117, Lawrence.

Stanley E. Trekell to Michael B. Mason, II and Leah M. Mason, 1017 Randall Rd., Lawrence.

Mulberry Agricultural Enterprise, Inc. to Larry Foster and Kylee Foster , 1516 Arrowhead Dr., Eudora.

Heath B. Seitz to Lindsey R. Meyer and Susan M. Meyer and Brian Meyer, 1883 E. 100 Rd., Rural.