Latest Douglas County court filings for April 30, 2019

photo by: Chris Conde

Douglas County Courthouse, 2018.


Alan Peterson, 36, Lawrence, and Kayla Daniels, 28, Lawrence.

Miguel Angel Estrada Dominguez, 25, Lawrence, and Brasilia Clarisa Delgado Portugal, 26, Lawrence.

Angelica Munoz, 37, Lawrence, and Sergio Reyes, 38, Lawrence.

Bryce Wall, 29, Bonner Springs, and Shelby Stoneking, 24, Bonner Springs.

Jesse M. Mcalister, 21, Lawrence, and Holly Lynn Scott, 20, Eudora.

Brentley Adam Hayes, 41, Lawrence, and Tessa Marie Parrott, 27, Lawrence.

Sheila Kay Bailey, 27, Lawrence, and Jeremy Steven Donahue, 28, Lawrence.

Phillip Joseph Billaci, 25, Lawrence, and Aundrea Kearns, 26, Lawrence.

Jeffrey Robert Morris, 52, Lawrence, and Alisha Marie Langham, 43, Topeka.

Travis Haulmark, 46, Gardner, and Jessica Small, 44, Gardner.

Diana Marie Razo, 35, Lawrence, and Jakeb Michael Evans, 36, Lawrence.

Matthew Denzil Mcpherson, 21, Lawrence, and Taylor Nicole Tinch, 22, Lawrence.

Jason Witham, 22, Lawrence, and Caroline Little, 21, Lawrence.

Brendan Downey, 22, Lawrence, and Kendal Lebar, 22, Lawrence.

Alexander R. Hamm, 23, Lawrence, and Diana Vallejo Hidalgo, 23, Lawrence.

Joshua Shane Hartranft, 31, Lawrence, and Sara Elizabeth Hase, 31, Lawrence.

Joshua Baber, 26, Lawrence, and Jennifer Hall, 22, Lawrence.


Sam Allen Jess Smith, Lawrence, and Lauri Ann Smith, Lawrence.

Cherise Nitchals, Louisburg, and David G. Nitchals, Lawrence.

John Kendrick, Maryland, Missouri, and Jeanette Richardson, Lawrence.

Terry L. Mayne, Lawrence, and Barbara J. Mayne, Lawrence.

Mofida Ghobros, Quebec, Canada, and Nadi Chenouda, Lawrence.

Dallas J. Holloway, Lawrence, and Cristy A. Holloway, Lawrence.

Amanda Jo Zimmerman, Metairie, Louisiana, and Matthew Smith, Lawrence.


Danielle Christine Hein, 400 Wisconsin St., Apt. G, Lawrence.

Stacy Lea Slater, 1600 E. 22nd St., Lawrence.

James Randall Lillard, 5223 Eisenhower Place, Lawrence.

Joy Elaine Roman, 2733 Meadow Place, Lawrence.

Russell Dale Fryberger, 1237 Blue Stem Drive, Eudora.

Jacob O’brian Callahan, 1411 W. Seventh St., Apt 6, Lawrence.

Margaret Ann Brummett, 186 Pinecone Drive, Lawrence.

Ruth Carol Kellogg, PO Box 263, Lawrence.

David Duane Danielson II, 428 Forrest Ave., Lawrence.

David Darrell Norton, 2610 Westdale Road, Lawrence.

Melissa D. Robertson, 315 W. 12th St., Eudora.

Molly Anne Little, 230 Mount Hope Court, B3, Lawrence.

Julie Ann Little, 230 Mount Hope Court, B3, Lawrence.


The Douglas County sheriff holds a public auction of foreclosed property at 10 a.m. every Thursday in the jury assembly room of the Douglas County Courthouse. Anyone can bid, including the previous owner.

There are no new foreclosures in Douglas county.