Latest Douglas County court filings for Aug. 27, 2018

photo by: Joe Preiner

The Douglas County Courthouse.


Anna Marie Guess, 20, Lawrence, and James Michael Broyles, 20, Topeka.

Michael J. Mckinney-Scott, 29, Lawrence, and Alexandria Harper-Sanchez, 23, Lawrence.

Sean Gregory Potter, 29, Baldwin City, and Jenna Marie Passio, 27, Baldwin City.

Kevin Bradley Smith, 23, Lawrence, and Sierra Riley West, 21, Lawrence.

Randal Lee Smith, 57, Lawrence, and Janice Chavero Balindo, 37, Lawrence.

Kevin McManis, 27, Lawrence, and Kathleen Anne Graham, 27, Lawrence.

Scott Bellinger, 33, Lawrence, and Katherine Karzel, 27, Lawrence.

Taylor Schettler, 26, Lawrence, and Travis Lowe, 33, Lawrence.

Joshua Allen Yocum, 38, Pomona, and Julie Ann King, 39, Pomona.

Christopher Brewer, 32, Lawrence, and Hillary Spratt, 29, Lawrence.

Arnold James Ruecker, 22, Fort Riley, and Kaitlyn Lee Maupin-Huslig, 20, Lawrence.

Brandon Christopher Glass, 29, Lawrence, and Megan Anne Baumchen, 30, Lawrence.

Kyle Schuler, 28, Lawrence, and Ashlee Ann Calfy, 25, Lawrence.

Philip Andrew Bradshaw, 25, Lawrence, and Maureen Chung, 25, Overland Park.

Katherine Marie Overfield, 48, Lawrence, and James Kevin Tilly, 50, Lawrence.

Juniper M. Retter, 33, Lecompton, and Jerry Wettengel, 45, Lecompton.

Kyle J. Slavens, 29, Eudora, and Morgan Workman, Eudora.

Flaozhe Zhang, 25, Lawrence, and Shuo Feng, 24, Lawrence.


Gary A. Holladay, 78, Lawrence, and Laurel A. Holladay, 73, Lawrence.

James L. Beerbower, 31, Topeka, and Jessica Beerbower, 29, Lawrence.


Deborah Sue Jimenez, 1413 Tallgrass Creek, Eudora.


The Douglas County sheriff holds a public auction of foreclosed property at 10 a.m. every Thursday in the jury assembly room of the Douglas County Courthouse. Anyone can bid, including the previous owner.

Aug. 30

Harriet Ferron, 1417 W. 22nd St., Lawrence. Judgment: No amount.

Sept. 6

Peter Wentz, 137 East 1250 Road, Baldwin City. Judgment: $170,859.

Sept. 13

Heather Thomas, 235 Arkansas St., Lawrence. Judgment: $88,052.