Births for September 2018

Saturday, Sept. 1

  • Claire Wilkinson and Aaron Stehman, Lawrence, a girl.
  • Ashley Brashier and Jarad Mundil, Lawrence, a girl.
  • Caleb and Emily Winters, Lawrence, a boy.
  • Amber Rose and Justin Stephens, Lawrence, a boy.
  • Zak Bucia and Ashleigh Lottinville, Lawrence, a boy.
  • Jonathan and Abby Strong, Baldwin City, a boy.

Tuesday, Sept. 4

  • Cara Mader and Justin Palmer, Lawrence, a girl.

Wednesday, Sept. 5

  • Sam and Carlea Landis, Topeka, a girl.

Thursday, Sept. 6

  • Justin Pritchett and Kayle McCully, Ottawa, a boy.

Friday, Sept. 7

  • Giovonni Hale and Michael Berry, Lawrence, a boy.
  • Alexis and Anthony Kelly, Leavenworth, a girl.

Monday, Sept. 10

  • Kate and Gabe Spurgeon, Baldwin City, a girl.
  • Justin and Aisha Johnson, Lawrence, a boy.

Tuesday, Sept. 11

    Dustin and Molly Johnson, Lawrence, a girl.
  • Jacob and Tiffani Pontious, Eudora, a girl.
  • Austin and Haley Sledd, Lecompton, a boy.

Wednesday, Sept. 12

  • Jon and Brogan Griffith, Lawrence, a boy.
  • James and Molly Van Slyke, Lawrence, a boy.
  • Abdulrazzag Salah and Noor Alkubati, Lawrence, a girl.

Thursday, Sept. 13

  • Diana and Danielle Hologram, Lawrence, a boy.
  • Ryan Ard and Rebecca Cyr, Topeka, a boy.
  • Sam and Allie Olker, Lawrence, a girl.

Friday, Sept. 14

  • Morgan Spinelli and Andrew Carnagie, Lawrence, a boy.
  • Koltyn Maltsbarger and Taylor Woodhead, Overland Park, a boy.
  • Hemin Mohammed and Awaz Falih, Lawrence, a girl.

Saturday, Sept. 15

  • Jordan and Niki Hunt, Topeka, a boy, Saturday.

Tuesday, Sept. 18

  • Cherokee Laurel Arthur-Parker and William Parker, Lawrence, a boy.
  • Arron and Alison Frieze, Perry, a boy.
  • Christine Pudenz and Dwayne Carson, Bonner Springs, a girl.
  • Joe McKane and Mallory Stewart, Lawrence, a boy.

Wednesday, Sept. 19

  • Katy and Brock Brown, Ottawa, a girl.
  • Gentry and Hailey Bignall, McLouth, a girl.

Thursday, Sept. 20

  • Mark and Kayla Graft, Eudora, a girl.

Monday, Sept. 24

  • Hansol Kim and Hyun Kang, Lawrence, a boy.

Tuesday, Sept. 25

  • Ashley and Brent Fry, Lawrence, a boy.

Wednesday, Sept. 26

  • Jake and Leslie Nellor, Lawrence, a girl.
  • Travis and Wendi Barrett, Lawrence, a girl.
  • Danqing Yu and Xunzhao Yin, Lawrence, a boy.

Wednesday, Sept. 29

  • Derek and Rose Miller, Lawrence, a girl.