Births for November 2018

Saturday, Nov. 3

  • Shannon Crank, Lawrence, a boy.
  • Will and Courtney Manly, Lawrence, a boy.

Sunday, Nov. 4

  • Dylan and Harley Purh, Tonganoxie, a girl.
  • Michael Coleman and Natalie Nicole Vaclaw, Lawrence, a boy.
  • Jeremy and Kassidie Karns, McLouth, a boy.

Monday, Nov. 5

  • Kellen and Heather Wasson, Perry, a boy.
  • Jessica Bayliff, Tonganoxie, a boy.
  • Tracy and Kenton Holder, Lawrence, a girl.

Tuesday, Nov. 6

  • Sasikiran and Viritha Vakkalanka, Lawrence, a boy.
  • Daja Buchanan and DAndre Starnes, Lawrence, a boy.
  • Miles Beverlin and Madison Fowler, Lawrence, a boy.

Wednesday, Nov. 7

  • Doug Newman and Malissa Somers, Lawrence, a girl.
  • Tatiana and Donald Nelson, Lawrence, a girl.
  • Brett and Charley Jo Rittenger, Baldwin City, a girl.

Thursday, Nov. 8

  • Jenni and Anton Leiste, Baldwin City, a girl.
  • Angela Reilly Harden and Matt Harden, Lawrence, a boy.

Friday, Nov. 9

  • Darien Kramer and Cameron Lauer, Lawrence, a girl.
  • Loshini and Kumuditha Ratnayake, Lawrence, a girl.
  • Randal and Alexandra McCrea, Lawrence, a girl.
  • Mark and Bella VanLandingham, Lawrence, a boy.
  • Damion and Janesah Garcia, Lawrence, a boy.

Sunday, Nov. 11

  • Beau and Alix Skeet, Lane, a boy.
  • Molly and Don Nelson, Lawrence, a girl.
  • Jay Fishburn and Tiffany Brink, Lawrence, a girl.

Monday, Nov. 12

  • Mariah and Myranda Barnett, Lawrence, a boy.
  • Chamisa McCray and Shane Delaware, Lawrence, a girl.
  • Ryan and Kelsey Eoannoli, Lawrence, a girl.

Tuesday, Nov. 13

  • Ryan and Sarah Paulson, Lawrence, a boy.
  • Taylor Dishman and Brandon Hand, Lawrence, a girl.

Wednesday, Nov. 14

  • Sierra Rice, Lawrence, a girl.
  • Jessica and Kyle VanMeter, Eudora, a girl.

Thursday, Nov. 15

  • Jesse and Rebecca Moore, Tonganoxie, a boy, Thursday.
  • Kayla Goss, Ottawa, a girl, Thursday.

Friday, Nov. 16

  • Brian and Megan Landon, Eudora, one boy and one girl.

Sunday, Nov. 18

  • Brooke and Paul Schroer, Lawrence, a boy.

Monday, Nov. 19

  • Robert and Rachel Schwaller, Lawrence, a girl.
  • Ashley Mills and Nate Vidricksen, Williamsburg, a boy.

Tuesday, Nov. 20

  • Matthew and Emily Rountree, Lawrence, a boy.

Wednesday, Nov. 21

  • Hayder Al-Salih and Ayat Al-Jibawi, Lawrence, a boy.

Friday, Nov. 23

  • Sharon LaBarge and Jaryd Wilber, Lawrence, a girl.
  • Spenser Adams and Kathleen Cunningham, Lawrence, a girl.

Sunday, Nov. 25

  • Ben and Caity Caruso, Lawrence, a boy.
  • Kaleigh Montgomery and Robert Taylor, Lawrence, a boy.

Monday, Nov. 26

  • Casey and Evan Freidman, Lawrence, a girl.
  • Sha’Quada L. Pettis, Lawrence, a boy.
  • Brandon and Serena Kennedy, Lawrence, a girl.

Friday, Nov. 30

  • Chase and Jillian Johnson, Lawrence, a boy.
  • John Watts and Lauren Ryan, Eudora, a boy.
  • Andrew and Brooke Murphy, Lawrence, a girl.
  • Raymond Gleason and Alexis Dreiling, Lawrence, a boy.