Douglas County court filings for Oct. 1, 2023


Henry W. Miller, 25, Wichita, and Mia D. Franklin, 25, Lawrence.

Songlin Li, 24, Lawrence, and Kenzie N. Weber, 23, Lawrence.

Victor A. Diaz Montoya, 25, Kansas City, Missouri, and Suheydi L. Villa-Bautista, 20, Kansas City, Missouri.

Ehab Chahine, 31, Kansas City, Missouri, and Samira Toubia, 33, Kansas City, Missouri.

Samuel L. Kendrick, 24, Lawrence, and Chelsea M. King, 25, Lawrence.

Tyler J. Raley, 28, Magnolia, Arkansas, and Silver L. Michelsen, 27, Lawrence.

Marcio F. DeAraujo, 35, Lawrence, and Catherine Daniels, 36, Lawrence.

Vinh T. Tran, 41, Lawrence, and Trang Nguyen, 32, Lawrence.

Antonio Ingram, 25, Charleston, South Carolina, and Tyla J. Quick, 23, Charleston, South Carolina.

Daniel E. Beard, 24, Eudora, and Kya C. Ross, 20, Eudora.

Silvester D. Scott, 50, Goose Creek, South Carolina, and Lisa D. Bragg, 50, Goose Creek, South Carolina.

Peyton R. Reid, 22, Lawrence, and Kayla F. Savage, 21, Lawrence.

Alejandro Balderrama, 43, Grants, New Mexico, and Megan N. Montoya, 36, Grants, New Mexico.

Kevon T. Johnson, 46, Tyler, Texas, and Elon N. Clark, 41, Tyler, Texas.


Chris Huskey, 54, Ottawa, and Sabina Huskey, 35, Lecompton.

Will Dunn, 41, Ludington, Michigan, and Rebeccas Dunn, 40, Lawrence.

Dustin Crowe, 41, Lawrence, and Danielle Crowe, 36, Lawrence.

Eric Smith, 48, Eudora, and Sheryl Smith, 56.

Eunyoung Park, 48, Wichita, and Ryan Brice, 40, Lawrence.

Colby Wilks, 26, Lawrence, and Jamie Wilks, 29, Lawrence.

Tesa Green, 52, Lawrence, and Leslie Green, 54, Lawrence.