Douglas County court filings for Aug. 6, 2023


Randall L. Schaffer, 61, Auburn, and Sharla G. Cloud, 60, Overbrook.

D’Anthony S. Knight, 27, Lawrence, and Karyla N. Middlebrook, 28, Lawrence.

Juan V. Botello-Sanchez, 33, and Charity L. Laidlaw 38 Paynesville, Minnesota.

Philip C. Collison, 67, Lawrence, and Diane E. Taveggia, 60, Lawrence.

Zachary A. Cole, 23, Overland Park, and Anna J. Ferguson, 23, Lawrence.

Jacob N. Hastert, 28, Lawrence, and Tiffany A. Benedick, 27, Basehor.

Chad D. Daniel, 42, Arizona, and Terri A. Jolly, 61, Belmont, North Carolina.

Peyton L. Garvin, 23, Lawrence, and Kyla I. Etter, 22, Lawrence.

Yu Song, 28, and Feng Zhichen, 29.

Haoyang Yu, 33, and Yunru Fu, 22.

Xavier D. Wolf, 23, Lawrence, and Anna M. Siemens, 24, Lawrence.

William D. Bixler, 25, Lawrence, and Jillian E. Mitchell, 24, Lawrence.

Isac Paul, 27, Houston, and Felicity R. Moreno, 24, Houston.


Jodie Hallman, 27, Paxton, Illinois, and Chanc Mcqueen, 26, Eudora.

Shane Coffey, 36, Lawrence, and Holly Coffey, 31, Lawrence.