Douglas County court filings for Dec. 18, 2022


Philip Hughes Bringle, 64, Lawrence, and Elizabeth Strawn Paulson, 59, Lawrence.

Mohammad Salimi, 33, Lawrence, and Zahra Mansoursharifloo, 30, Lawrence.

Scott Christopher McMahon, 39, Omaha, Nebraska, and Xizhi Jiang, 28, Lawrence.

Brandon Wayne Elvis Morris, 42, Lawrence, and Alaina Paige Olsen, 33, Lawrence.

Christopher Don Tucker, 43, Altamont, New York, and Melinda Elaine Townsend, 38, Lawrence.

Edward August Lange, 23, Baldwin City, and Fayth Ann Peterson, 24, Baldwin City.

Yoseph Park, 30, Lawrence, and Gospel Yejin Kim, 29, Lawrence.

Nicholas Adam Ward, 41, Lawrence, and Kaitlin Anne Stanley, 33, Lawrence.

Chase Landon Allen, 20, Lawrence, and Haley Lynn Jones, 23, Lawrence.

Tyler Fox Flory, 33, Eudora, and Natasha Rachelle Gonzalez, 29, Eudora.

William Eaton Fenner III, 32, Lawrence, and Candis Carol Davis, 30, Lawrence.

Dakota Alan Copeland, 18, Eudora, and Shai Lynne Nettles, 18, Eudora.


Aaron Scott Newton, 33, Lawrence, and Lacee Hanson Newton, 33, Lawrence.

Mary Jean Valberg, Arlington, Texas, and Christine Marie Musgrove, 65, Leavenworth.

Emily Mercedes Morbid, 33, Lawrence, and Frederick Vincent Morbid, 33, Lawrence.

Riley Voth, 34, Overland, and Sarah Preston-Voth, 35, Lawrence.

Adam Patrick Weigel, 35, and Aileen Gordy Berquist, 35, Lawrence.


Kristin Michelle Suter, 2357 Surrey Drive, Lawrence.

Janice D. Perry, 1515 W. Second Terrace, Lawrence.

Denise Marie Busic, 2117 Ohio, Lawrence.