Latest Douglas County court filings for July 1, 2019

photo by: Mackenzie Clark

The Douglas County Courthouse, 1100 Massachusetts St., is pictured on March 13, 2019.


Daniel James Howe, 31, Lawrence, and Danielle Elizabeth Wellman, 32, Lawrence.

Ginger Kay Green, 40, Lawrence, and Dennis Thomas, 44, Lawrence.

Max Carlson, 24, Lawrence, and Jennifer Runyan, 22, Lawrence.

Brian Lee Iron-Whiteman Jr., 21, Lawrence, and Diego Jamie Mcgary-Munoz, 20, Lawrence.

Colten Bordman, 22, Lawrence, and Kristin Spencer, 20, Lawrence.

Kory Roberts, 29, Lawrence, and Cassiti Wright-Conklin, 27, Lawrence.

Joseph Kennard, 32, Overland Park, and Nicole Casey, 27, Overland Park.

Isaac Wesley Severance, 32, Lawrence, and Lisa Rene Hetrick, 28, Lawrence.

Sebastian Dailey Knight, 25, Lawrence, and Rebecca Nicole Thompson, 25, Lawrence.

Emily Ann Risner, 25, Lawrence, and Jamal Litim Barlow, 25, Lawrence.

Christian David Sayre, 41, Elkhorn, Neb., and Jessica Rene Easton, 32, Elkhorn, Neb.

Austin Konrad Fetterolf, 23, Overland Park, and Emma Cozette Jackson, 22, Lawrence.

Tyler August Hadl, 24, Lawrence, and Nadia Angelica Maria Sabalu, 22, Lawrence.

Erica Marquis, 53, Lawrence, and Eve Lane, 40, Lawrence.

Richard Brian Keene, 56, Twin Falls, Idaho, and Marivic Gacula Padilla, 39, Batac.

Barbara Lynn Grandstaff, 71, Lawrence, and Robert Joseph Mowery, 79, Lawrence.


Eleazar Maldonado Parga, 40, Topeka, and Adriana Y. Parga, 36, Lawrence.

James Venable, 51, Baldwin City, and Jill Venable, 49, Baldwin City.

Emilie Durgan, 32, Lawrence, and Kristoffer Dover, 39, Lawrence.

Sheryl Ruth Frykholm-Schmitz, 51, Lawrence, and Patrick John Schmitz, 53, Lawrence.

Robert Giggar, 43, Farmington, Mo., and Robyn Edwards, 48, Lawrence.


Jonathan William Wright, 2302 Princeton Blvd., Lawrence.

Tanya Michele Benton, PO Box 4008, Lawrence.

Pedro Ray Jacquez, 129 Ames St., Baldwin City.

Luis Melendez and Rita Lucy Melendez, 2112 Pike’s Peek Place, Lawrence.

Carlos R. Pringle and Rakeisha N. Pringle, 420 North St., Lot 77, Lawrence.

Emily Jean Shepperd, 1309 Cynthia St., Lawrence.

Carolyn Sue Lewis, 509 River Bend Court, Lawrence.

Eugene Allison Geurink Jr. and Nikol Dee Geurink, 448 S. Grandview Terrace, Apt. 1, Lawrence.

Keo Vannavongsa, 1908 E. 19th St., #86, Lawrence.


June 27, 2019

David Ditto, 618 N. 5th St., Lawrence. Judgment: $50,296.

Elizabeth McDaniel, 1927 Miller Drive, Lawrence. Judgment: $109,064.