Latest Douglas County court filings for Aug. 19, 2019

photo by: Mackenzie Clark

The Douglas County Courthouse, 1100 Massachusetts St., is pictured on March 13, 2019.


Jacob Lee Holle, 28, Lawrence, and Courtney Alexandra Chacon, 27, Lawrence.

Jacob Joseph Herrmann, 30, Lawrence, and Hailey Christine Freese, 25, Lawrence.

Jeffery Leland Kueser, 55, Tecumseh, and Michelle Lee Kueser, 56, Lawrence.

Junaid Hassan Mehmand, 22, Lawrence, and Anne Rowe, 22, Lawrence.

Christopher John Morain, 33, Eudora, and Katricia Leann Clark, 39, Eudora.

Christopher A. Chamberlin, 40, Eudora, and Shannon Danielle Holloway, 39, Eudora.

Christopher Niles Enneking, 42, Lawrence, and Melody Joy Alexander, 42, Lawrence.

Christian Haynes Bradley, 27, Lawrence, and Sharon Louise Horner, 20, Lawrence.

Kyle Seth Hansen, 32, Waukesha, Wis., and Rebecca Anne Rogers, 26, Waukesha, Wis.

Wesley L. Southerland, 40, Lawrence, and Jill Pritchard, 35, Lawrence.

Scott Eric Senn, 57, Lawrence, and Ana Yamile Sagal Ghersi, 42, Lawrence.

Javier A. Rodrgiguez Narvaez, 28, Lawrence, and Jodie Sue Pogge, 40, Lawrence.


Michael Lucio, 32, Lawrence, and Bridget Lucio, 33, Lawrence.

Kevin Swain, 55, Eudora, and Julie Swain, 50, Eudora.

John E. Mcmahan, 50, Lawrence, and Susan J. Mcmahan, Lawrence.


Joseph Billy Bud Helms and Jamie Lynn Helms, 2660 Moundview Drive, Lawrence.

Kurt Edward Burkhart, 550 Stoneridge Drive, Apt. I308, Lawrence.

Danielle Leigh Laidlaw, 309 Washington St., Baldwin City.

Sandra Patt Sangster, 1239 New York St., Lawrence.

Michael Terry Cox and Amanda Edith Cox, 4008 Dayflower St., Lawrence.

Lisa Marie Rockhold, 1413 Ash Court, Eudora.

Elizabeth Carolina Grooms, 420 North St., Lot 29, Lawrence.

Victor Ervin Perry and Donna Kay Perry, 827 Crawford Drive, Lawrence.

Bobbi Lee Reid, 255 N. Michigan St., #17, Lawrence.


The Douglas County sheriff holds a public auction of foreclosed property every Thursday. The auction is at 10 a.m. in the jury assembly room of the Douglas County Courthouse. Anyone can bid, including the previous owner.

No new foreclosures in Douglas County.