Learning theology from an agnostic

Dick Tracy isn’t concerned that he’s learning about theology from an agnostic.Tracy is in the Adult Forum Sunday school class at Trinity Episcopal Church, 1011 Vt. The class is working its way through a 24-part video series by Bart Ehrman (at right), a noted theologian at the University of North Carolina who grew up attending Trinity.![][1]”I have heard that he is an agnostic now,” Tracy says. “Of course I’m not, so we disagree on that point. However, I don’t think that affects what he presents. Maybe it just makes his point of view less slanted in favor of one or another sect.”The video series is called “The Great Courses,” and Ehrman’s portion talks about the Apostle Paul’s letter to the Romans.”The content of the tapes is probably not much different from what you would hear in a seminary or college course on the New Testament,” Tracy says. “His teaching skill shows forth in the tapes, however. His presentations are scholarly, but also very clear and interesting.”Ehrman, who graduated from Lawrence High School in 1973, might be best-known for last year’s book, “Misquoting Jesus.” However, he had written 18 books previously. “Misquoting Jesus” describes the evolution of various translations of the Bible, and is landed him several TV appearances, including one on “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.”Tracy says the Adult Forum, which meets from 9:30 a.m.-10:10 a.m. each Sunday, appreciates the fact that Ehrman grew up in Lawrence – even if he left the Episcopal church early for a nondenominational church.”It is special only in the sense that another local Lawrence boy made good,” Tracy says. “I did not know him, but there are members of the church who do remember him as a boy. I have heard that, as a young man or teenager, he left the Episcopal Church for a more evangelical denomination.” [1]: www.unctv.org/…/ images/2004/bart_ehrman.jpg