The Yellow Tape

Billy Self, not the KU coach Bill Self, is in Douglas County Jail

Jesse Fray

Billy Self was booked Tuesday into Douglas County Jail.No, no; this is not Kansas University’s men’s basketball coach Bill Self.The inmate does seem to be infamous to prosecutors across Kansas and in the basketball coach’s home state of Oklahoma.Billy Eugene Self, 52, was transferred to Douglas County from Greenwood County ...

Top five crime and safety stories of 2008

Jesse Fray

We're counting down the top five stories on various topics today as part of an annual recap of the top stories of the year we'll do later this month. Join the conversation by letting us know what we missed or what stories you think are important by posting a comment, ...

Sheriff recognized for child abuse prevention efforts

Jesse Fray

Douglas County Sheriff Ken McGovern was recently honored for his work with children and families.TFI Family Services recognized McGovern at the 32nd annual Governor's Conference for the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect last week in Wichita.The honor came because McGovern and the Douglas County Sheriff's Office provided more than ...

Graffiti reports at Kansas University

Jesse Fray

Kansas University police captured a bee suspected of spraying her "pollen" on a campus building.The costumed female threw yellow paint on the front of Watkins Home, 1540 Sunflower Road, a KU Public Safety Office report said.The alleged crime happened between 10:45 a.m. and 11:20 a.m. Tuesday, the report said. The ...

Web site allows you to "rate" police officers

Jesse Fray

Have you ever had a run-in with a police officer and just needed to vent?Have you ever had a run-in with an officer and wanted to offer praise?Well, there's a Web site we stumbled across that lets you do exactly that.It's called [][1]. It enables you to "rate" and provide ...

Accident numbers piling up along Sixth Street

Jesse Fray

There have been several nasty accidents in the city over the last four months, many of them along Sixth Street.This morning - another.Around 1:30 a.m. Thursday, there was a [two-vehicle rollover crash on Sixth Street][1], between Schwarz Road and Crestline Drive.On Aug. 5, [three teenagers were injured][2] after one car ...

Sentence determined in toilet seat case

Jesse Fray

The boyfriend of a woman stuck to a Kansas toilet was sentenced to probation, [according to the Associated Press][1].You probably remember the case. It made national headlines, primarily because it's just plain weird.The woman became stuck to the toilet after refusing to leave the bathroom for two years. Emergency responders ...

MySpace proves to be useful investigative technique

Jesse Fray

Law enforcement Tuesday traced a missing 15-year-old Texas girl to Lawrence using information from her MySpace account. In working with security personnel from the Web site, police were able to trace her last log-in to an IP address in Lawrence. [You can see the full story here.][1]While it's awesome the ...

Motel noise complaint turns into much more

Jesse Fray

Ever wonder what motel workers do to occupy their time in the middle of the night? I'm sure they stay busy - perhaps even worrying something unfortunate could happen.But this?Early this morning, a motel clerk was going to check out a room full of noisy guests when he got a ...

Motorcyclists race, unaware, toward accident

Jesse Fray

Last night, two motorcycles were racing east down Clinton Parkway in the lane next to me. They were headed from Clinton Lake toward Iowa Street. They were clearly out to have fun and didn't realize a fellow motorcyclist had just lost his life several hours earlier straight ahead - at ...

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